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  1. Place all medium/general outlook talk in here. Doesn't look like June will produce: Tapatalk
  2. Hurricane Florence a hit or a punt?

    Some Hot towers going up in the northern eyewall. Even saw a few pixels ina few frames of -80° cloud tops there. Her most impressive burst on IR in terms of colder cloud top coverage today.
  3. Hurricane Florence a hit or a punt?

    Florence probably peaked back a few days ago, and since then has been affected by some shear, drier air and a few ERC’s. The bad news is that her wind field is fairly impressive the 12z euro has Florence’s remnants (maybe TS?) traversing the region Tuesday afternoon/Wed Am. This is a wee bit faster than the 0z run 0z euro valid 6z wed : vs the 12z plenty of time to to figure out what’s gonna happen up here.
  4. Hurricane Florence a hit or a punt?

    Anyone know if flo’s precip makes it into pa on the 12 Run?
  5. Medium - long range tropics

    For illustrative purposes only here, not a forecast map: because id the blocking ridge over top of Florence, **if she does end up ** onna similar track, it’s likely she retains purely tropical characteristics. Don’t see a reason for extra tropical/hybrid look. No trough, jet phasing at our latitude.
  6. Medium - long range tropics

    The euro isn’t budging, while the gfs is doing this last 6 runs
  7. Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Hooray sucktember
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    BMW championship officially starts tomorrow at Aronomink. Anyone plan on going?
  9. I am unfortunately leaving for the poconos that day. Hope you all have a great time. I actually found my golden pheasant ball marker and hat clip the other day. Back in service in the bag!
  10. There is no end in sight to this heat/humidity ok the 6z GEFS outside a random day or 2. At this rate, setemember will end up at +10 lol
  11. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Absolutely epic day today!!
  12. Might depend on how the ridging over the CONUS behaves, and essentially, the pacific. . If it retrogrades enough, we can slide a trough in. If it anchors in over central CONUS, it’ll advect EML’s and warmer air over us...
  13. Looks like we end August and begin september in a torchy look. The high dews just don’t want to leave on the op GFS.
  14. I believe the models were increasing TT’s towards 49-50 by 0z. Not the best timing for us.
  15. As far as thunderstorms / severe threat tomorrow, best chance looks like N&W towards Lehigh valley. Just a bit better with timing. 3k NAM showing bulk gets here into metro around 0z-3z. Not or a whole lot of shear, but there will be juicy cape profiles and some decent low level lapse rates. Suspect we’ll see our typical thunderstorm day tomorrow. Handful of warnings with most not living up to severe criteria. Nevertheless, stay alert out there. PWAT’s AOA 2”+ with a theta-E values high, prolific rainmakers should be expected.
  16. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Some photos of upper Darby today. Very fast buildup of flood waters and the usual spots succeptable to flooding did just that. Some areas just pond, while other areas are rapids. Roughly 5-10 people needed to be rescued. Things got dicey for a couple mins. Goes without saying, but Turn around and don’t drown!
  17. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Numerous water rescues ongoing in Delaware county and up towards the KOP/lower Montco regions. The usual places flooding. Mostly people driving into areas where they shouldn’t be.
  18. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Damn you brooks.!
  19. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Multicellular at its best yesterday. View from Brookside Cc up by Pottstown yesterday. Managed to sneak in our 18 hole tournament. Only had about 3-10 min downpours.
  20. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Let’s go Tiger! Probably gonna need to shoot 64-65, dare I say 63 to even have a chance today. Early birdies are out there. Fun to see see him compete on a Sunday, in a major , again..... (back to back majors!)
  21. 86/78 here in WW Crest. Thanks baby Jesus for the seabreeze. It is gross out there.