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  1. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Lol, it is nice as far as golf courses go. But I’m no fan of that Heat/humidity. 85 temp/70-72 dews all week... yuck!
  2. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Just got back from Myrtle beach. Lucky to have the weather cooperate for 4 outta the 5 days. Played arrowhead Sunday, Prestwick Mon, tidewater tues, and Caledonia on Wed. Beautiful courses, highly recommend them if you play down there. Par 3 at Arrowhead , big island Green. (I dunked it in the water 🤣) Prestwick was a nice little gem I never heard of down there. Stunning 9th & 18th hole. Water all the way down the left side and right side (pictured is the 9th). Tidewater (believe this was the 15th hole) intercoastal waterway and basin on your left. And finally, Caledonia GC The drive into the course. The Spanish moss makes for a very scenic drive in. View of the 18th green 18th tee
  3. I knew they would weaken a bit coming towards us, just didn’t think the cores would collapse like they are. Even the lightning sucks.
  4. Cloud tops not all that high.
  5. Yea, nice flare up there. Maybe it’s just the radAr been being fAr out. Let’s see how it plays out
  6. Has that look of “meh” right now. No defined front, and a gust front kicking out ahead of it.
  7. Impressive aloft, but remember, the beam is hitting @11k ft up. So not indicative of what’s at the surface. Good mixing with DCAPE and steep lapse rates, so we probably see a percentage of that mixing down.
  8. Tor warning on that line entering Allentown. Qlcs spin ups I imagine? Decent gust front with it as well
  9. Latest meso disco: Concerning...Severe Thunderstorm Watch 95... Valid 151933Z - 152130Z The severe weather threat for Severe Thunderstorm Watch 95 continues. SUMMARY...Damaging wind and hail are likely to progress into eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and southern New York over the next several hours. DISCUSSION...A line of severe storms currently stretches from northeastern PA into south-central PA along a cold front, and eastward near the old outflow boundary across southern NY into western MA and CT. A very warm and moist air mass has developed ahead of the cold front, with temperatures approaching 90 F and dewpoints in the 68-70 F range across PA and NJ. This high theta-e air mass combined with 7.0+ C/km midlevel lapse rates is creating a strongly unstable environment which will support severe storms as they continue eastward. ..Jewell.. 05/15/2018 ...Please see www.spc.noaa.gov for graphic product... ATTN...WFO...BOX...OKX...ALY...PHI...BGM...
  10. Latest HRRR shows some weakening and pulsing back up towards the area:
  11. Mod risk warranted . Wow, what a complex
  12. Living up to the “hype” up north. Multiple super cells ahead of the main show with tor warnings. Still remains in’s to be seen how thing play out down this way. Remember, still only slight risk for rEasons stated above. That being said, cape values are FAT and healthy. Shear is sufficient, if they stay together, could be quite a show. I’m heading to work around 630, so hoping it’s not too bad.