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  1. Gotta remember, Phl /urban areas forecasted to get to 62 on Tuesday. That should limit /minimize accums on roadways unless you get under the heaviest bands.
  2. Yea. Gotta be careful with snow maps as well. Gonna lose some accums with the initial changeover due to ground temps and border line 32-34° in the urban areas.
  3. From the 0z gfs.. this is solid and would work IF* this plays out how the Gfs shows it.
  4. One of these days, they’ll actually let the public get their hands on the euro soundings !
  5. GEFS showing the 10-13th time frame that bears watching eps showing potential as well :
  6. Consolation prize for missing out the other day lol. Nice dendrites falling here in Delco. Should be over next 20-30 minutes.
  7. Looks icy to me. That huge lp south of Greenland would act as a pseudo 50/50 low. Look at the surface map, huge 1042hp anchored over NE. Got redeveloping lp look. Not a pure cutter, but not an obvious HECS Verbatim, of course* Look at that HP train out of the arctic with more than ample cold air to tap into.
  8. Great disco in here, but let’s keep this strictly for the storms/storm windows on modeling. otherwise we’re diluting from our December thread. Moved those last few posts into there. Thanks! Management 😂
  9. Here’s the CWB process in play. Key here is what HM alludes to: If it gets blocked off, it sustains itself longer, and becomes a primary wave 2 hit on the pv. If it doesn’t, which is what the gfs op is showing, we may have to wait a little longer till the next Scandinavian ridge develops and retrogrades.
  10. Since I had a hard time quoting my post the first time. big changes in the GEFS/ops/eps/EURO OP. why? Well , everyone thought we’d see el-nino type Pac set up for December with a trough out west. @tombo82685 posted this a while back. He had the right feature highlited, just off the west coast. A minor ridge, which would cause a trough along the west coast. He Even highlighted it for us. Right feature, but models starting to show that feature being on roids, and going straight poleward. the result? Big time piece of the PV being able to drop south into the conus. Atlantic trying to be stubborn and reestablish the -NAO look. Notice how it’s not from the classic Scandinavian ridging retrograding. It’s From CWB’s (cyclonic wave breaks) over the 50/50 domain. let me make another post on it. Can’t get the gif to load.
  11. Some big flakes Coming down here. interesting to see reader filling in a littlE bit down here.
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