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  1. Current state of the strat PV @30mb & 10mb: Colder/stronger than average soo far. As has been discussed, it's still decoupled from the tropopause. As you can see, late dec, Jan is peak for the vortex. If the PV does couple with the tropopause PV, we'll start seeing a more +AO regime, and given its strength, would be harder to get SSW events earlier in winter. Just something to keep an eye on.
  2. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Brush fire nearby?
  3. Is this all out by 12z?? I checked forecast the other day, and it looked like chance of sprinkles, and then a nice day.
  4. Fall Banter Thread

    Fall run for striped bass just getting started. Fished seaside heights/Ortley beach the other day. Plenty of adult bunker around, just no fish close to shore. The whale(s) put on quite a show close to the beach.
  5. Ehhh,.. I don't think that's as promising as it looks. Retreating PV into Siberia and PAC jet on roids blasting into mainland Canada. Call me skeptic I guess.
  6. Potential winter storm threats

    Probably gotta wait till afterwards , that weekend now. Too much volatility in the med range right now.
  7. From twitter : That's an UUUUUGLY look. Canada starts to torch, polar air gets pushed back out. Pray it's wrong.
  8. Neither model backing down. GFS wants to keep the pna positive, while euro/EPS crashes the coast and boots the ridge east flooding us with PAC air.
  9. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Pretty sure it is? Border goes past St. David's rd?
  10. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    This is awesome news! First the BMW championship next year, and then this: #Delco on the map!
  11. Potential winter storm threats

    EPS vs GEFS around this time frame:
  12. Potential winter storm threats

    Gefs showing the tombo turkey mauler potential:
  13. 11/13 wintry mix obs.

    39 and rain... joyous
  14. Fall Banter Thread

    Well, looks like this recent cold blast finally got the fish moving out of raritan bay and down the NNJ coast. Fall run is on! Delayed by about 1-2 weeks this year due to warmer ocean waters/air temps. I'll be hitting the surf quite a but the next few weeks, hoping to land my 50lb'er!! Lol Currently in Asbury Park.....