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  1. If you like mango, and wheat bears.... I highly recomend!
  2. Overnight IR SHOT. We’ll see how we look in the am.
  3. 3k NAM has the leftover MCS rolling through around 16-20z. That’s not ideal. It does recover enough for Immediate SEPA for evening storms, but would have to think that limits the higher end potential. Always a waiting game with these set ups.
  4. From above..We can still see training storms, just reduces the stronger severe threat. That being said, we we start seeing favorable clearing, that’s the increased threat area. Pretty good directional shear. AOA 35-40KNOTS. strong trigger.
  5. Well, to ones surprise, the 12k nam is still way overdone. The other CAM models are showing issues with early crapvection polluting the airmass. You can see the limited cape on these models. things to look for. Morning frontal location. Early convection and clearing out afterwards?? If we don’t recover, there won’t be much of a threat.
  6. Ballamor is super nice and one of my favorites. . Shoregate if you wanna drive south (directly outside of Sea Isle). Tougher to play, but nice layout. Atlantic City country club if you wanna pony up $$. Then there’s always Seaview resort.
  7. Enhanced risk for Tuesday. A lot of potential, but not sure how things set up. (Warm front placement being key). I’ll touch on it by 12z runs later today.
  8. 88/50 today.. pretty awesome. (A touch warm, but can’t complain!). Let’s enjoy the next few days, we worked hard for it!! Haha
  9. Numerous water rescues ongoing throughout delaware county. Turn around, don’t drown!!
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