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  1. irishbri74

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Sooo painfully close!!!
  2. irishbri74

    Eagles adding players for Non - playoff push?

    It’s not even a question. You saw it in the 2nd half his potential. He is the franchise Qb. He’s been terribly coached and had poor game plans. Still has decent numbers, even with poor play at times.
  3. irishbri74

    Eagles adding players for Non - playoff push?

    Those refs stole a game from us. Convinced- 100% they absolutely homered the Cowboys and screwed us. That kickoff fumble ought to get all of them fired. The phantom OPI against Goedert hosed us and the clock. Then gave Dallas a Phantom TO when they picked up the flag late in the game and called no penalty . There’s questionable calls, and there are those. That being said, this team just isn’t good enough. I truly believe Groh has to be let go. This first half offense is inexcusable, on a historically bad level. They’ve shot themselves sooo many times in the foot by starting games slow. Gotta get Wentz in a rythym. He’s been slow to start, and some of that is his fault. But the game plan is uninsipring. And for the people calling on a Foles, that’s just dumb. Carson is your franchise qb, through thick and thin. We saw flashes of his greatness in the 2nd half. Just gotta get more consistent. Groh has regressed his progress more than they give him credit for. Doug needs someone coaching this offense and helping with the play calling. Doug gave up on the run early again, even after Adams started 3-30. Bad recipe to get the offense in that rythym. This defense is just decimated. Lost starting DE, DT, both Corners, SS, MLB, and slot CB. ThAts 8 outta 11 starters. That’s just tough. Played a helluva game, and kept us in it until the end. Schwartz has a tough time adjusting his game plan. Still averaging the same amounts of points given up with all these back ups as the starters gave up. What’s that say? He’s not getting the most out of his players. I’m all for moving on from him. But hard to replace both OC& Dc in one off-season. The offense needs the most help. Time to re-tool for next year. Biggest need will be O-line, d-Line and secondary. I like Adams/Clement backfield. Would like to see agholor again, but that could be a cap casualty.
  4. The bigger picture here is we can still benefit from the weaker PV and other favorable tropospheric forcings.
  5. Here’s the big time attack on the PV: Day 10: check out the warmer anomalies towards Eurasia Day 12: rapidly strengthening And by day 16, we get close to a wind reversal @10hPa. Meanwhile, 30mb & 50mb have a solid punch to the lower strat. Not quite sure if we’ll see a true SSW, but even if we don’t, should see some decent responses in the Troposphere. This looks like it would be a strat displacement, and not a strat split? But long way to go. Nice seeing the signal manifesting at day 10, instead of day 15-16. expect day 8-16 op and Ens guidance to be a bit more fluent in their pattern depictions. You can see how the op GFS @18 and 0z started showing more blocking .
  6. Agreed. Pac jet extension looks pretty wild in the 7-12 days range: That storm signal around the day 8-10 range looks cutter’ish to me. And our source region in Canada looks fairly stale by that point. Would imagine we’d need to see some higher heights in the PNA/EPO domain to reload.
  7. EPS siding with that useless GFS... counted 3 members (maybe?) with snow above Baltimore.
  8. 😂😂 But seriously.. i think we’ve all been more than patient. This storm was being tracked from 240-260+ Hours out. Still think there’s a chance for some shift north, but it’s gonna have to be because of that TPV sitting over SE Canada moving out. It’s just squashing any height response from any attempt to make the trough stronger. At this stage, it’s A LOT to ask for, even at 120 hours. It’s sitting over a well sampled area. The changes for that, at this range, usually get smaller and smaller, run by run.
  9. irishbri74

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Could be the last of snow we see till after the 20th or so.
  10. Shift south of the 0z run. We’re running out of time. Seems like models really have the TPV over SE Canadian maritimes locked in. Even with the stronger looks in the trough, the press from that system is the real deal and killing the precip shield’s northward extent.
  11. I’m sure you’d feel different if it showed a hit...
  12. Through 96, heights are the same on the EC, less phasing on the backside trough (couldnjust be a timing thing). Confluence a touch stronger here.
  13. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but this isn’t too shabby for 100+ hours out.
  14. End result is the same. The key is the confluence. Even with a sharper looking trough, that nw flow kills the precip shield. GFS & GEFS really locking in.