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  1. Ok Tom...I’ll try to hang in there just one last time before this kicks in....
  2. snowwors2

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    Looks like graupel?!
  3. ...Just clarifying for any overzealous/novice readers.
  4. snowwors2

    2/17-18 snow and ice nuisance.

    .....😴.... Huh....What..... 😴....
  5. Anything interesting from 0z euro?
  6. Oh, if only I were an 🐜...🤔 These c-1” snows would be amazing!!!
  7. snowwors2

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    Buckingham PA at 400’...From a low today of 28° at 12:35 PM...I currently sit at 28.9° with a dewpoint of 27.9°...1” of snow/sleet with this wave (after only receiving less than 1/2” from the first wave)...Very heavy sleet currently falling!!
  8. snowwors2

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    A measly 1/2” here in Buckingham PA... gotta believe tonight will be better!?
  9. snowwors2

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    “Nada” in Buckingham PA Edit: snow began @ 11:25pm
  10. snowwors2

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    Nice... For the benefit of those of us on iPhone... PLEASE all...include your location when posting obs...Thanks‼️
  11. Ok Tom... So likely THE strangest image I’ve ever seen in my nearly 60 years on this earth... Even my demented mind couldn’t have conjured that up! 🤔
  12. snowwors2

    The Below Zero club

    Did it (barely) -.2° ...coldest since we moved here (2 weeks ago)!😏
  13. snowwors2

    The Below Zero club

    With ~9 hours of cooling to go I gotta believe you’ll make it easily!! I’m at 3.4° currently in Buckingham PA @ 410’ and thinking I’ll dip to -1°!