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  1. NE Philly to doylestown was an EF2 and tracked 20 miles... Dolyestown folks are “fortunate” in that it appears to have remained mostly at tree height reducing direct wind damage to structures (exception that I saw being the daycare center at the hospital)‼️
  2. Sump pump Water back up systems are the greatest invention since sliced bread!
  3. WHAT.... After what I drove through today, the twisted mess I saw sure looked like tornado damage to my novice eyes, with the exception of the bleachers which did look like straight line wind damage⁉️ If it was microbursts they created a very nice pathway of at least a mile with trees in various directions.
  4. Incredible tree destruction in the neighborhoods just west of Doylestown Hospital (across Rt 611)‼️ Thinking the tornado stayed mostly at tree-top height as no wind damage to homes with the exception of the childcare center at the hospital.
  5. LOLOL... Hope those are beech tree leaves and not poison ivy‼️⁉️
  6. Going on 36 hrs without electric... We’re in the 7% of Bucks without (down from nearly 50% yesterday)! For us this means NO water and NO septic 💩... 🧐🤔 Ergo...we have relocated to daughter’s home!
  7. Saw it live on NBC10 radar... Steve Sasna missed it too as he was focusing on the one headed for skippack! Told my wife it would be bad (we live in Buckingham)....passed through with very strong gusts and hit Doylestown with that tornado‼️
  8. Did you all watch that incredible video from Adam Joseph’s home... Just amazing power of water⁉️
  9. With all the severity of this tropical storm, why little to no lightning⁉️
  10. That Doylestown complex passed over my house in Buckingham before dropping that tornado...we lost power from it but only minor tree damage.... those radar precipitation depictions are low...we ended up with nearly 6” here!
  11. 🧐🤔... Whereas I’m TOTALLY with you on cool summers & frigid winters and snowstorms out the wazoo... After these past several days of absolutely beautiful late sunlit evenings, I just can’t be with you on your “decreasing daylight” compulsion thang (tho I’m wise enough to realize that the latter leads to the former)‼️
  12. What date (time) is the latest sunset in our area?
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