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  1. SO....are we done now and nothing hotter than mid70’s here out til we revisit snow tracking next November⁉️🤞
  2. "Get ready snow, Mitch is coming!!" (sorry Tombo)
  3. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Road trip for Heisy!
  4. Easter Monday Snow/White Rain/Rain?

    LOLOL....like clockwork!!!😰
  5. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    LOL... between this threat and the one tonight, my family is ready to slice me up instead of the ham!
  6. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    The exclusive access “HEIS” model.
  7. Easter Monday Snow/White Rain/Rain?

    .....But Tombo wants to know how much on the roads 😏
  8. snowwors2

  9. FINAL (1am) Three Tuns PA: 11” (I am certain I was closer to 13”+ if I were to consider entire storm compaction at ~32°!)
  10. This has been way too awesome...these storms normally leave earlier than modeled...this guy’s just hangin’ around and we’re all lovin’ it...Thank god for skyward aimed patio table snow-lights!!! Three Tuns PA: 9” at 6pm and I’m sure I’ve added at least 3” since then....will measure again when/IF this moves out‼️ 😉
  11. Sleet w/flakes mixing in @ 34.2° 63%
  12. Don't tell Heisy/Icey!!😏😉
  13. And, if by chance it doesn't... remain calm!