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  1. Perfect timing for my trip to Lake Winnipesaukee next week!
  2. That one ne/sw lobe over bucks has been on me since the get go...maybe 1/2”+ on lawn but driveway only dusting covered.
  3. I’m still in the NWS 5-8” range here in Buckingham PA with mod snow currently.
  4. Buckingham PA (near intersection of 202 and York Rds...5 min from the Wawa) Moderate snow now @ 32°...ground coated!
  5. From EPAWA Central Bucks: Mixed precip Sunday evening transitions to snow late at night, then snow at varying rates, ending 9pm-midnight. Snow: 3-5 inches, locally higher.
  6. Thank you both for your comments but they cut my area from 2-4”yesterday to less than 1” today at their 10am update!?
  7. Knowing we don’t like to challenge the NWS... BUT... What are they NOT seeing/seeing that the models/“we” are. They have measly accumulations on their 10am updated map.
  8. Schlafly is #1 in my pumpkin beer book....They have a very cool taproom in St. Louis if in the area!!
  9. JB’s #1 fan vs. his #1 foe have commenced round one for the 2019-2020 winter season!
  10. Speaking of pests... Up here in Bucks County, it’s Japanese stilt grass...coming your way next spring if it hasn’t already invaded your lawn! Looking for best battery powered weedwacker to prepare for heavy combat next year⁉️
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