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  1. Great news for you KBS lovers... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.freep.com/amp/4856661002
  2. Long trip you took there on a snowmobile/bike!!😏
  3. Well here you go then with a few highly recommended... Likely won’t find them locally but, by now, you know where I do all my brew shopping!
  4. So sad we’ve been reduced to tracking/analyzing/reading about snow hundreds of miles to our south... DESPAIR‼️
  5. SWEET... Let’s see some inside shots so we can figure out where to set up our cots for sleepover... CONGRATS‼️‼️
  6. Continuing on from my Tavour app... Here’s a special one to help drown your sorrows but only if you have a very special evening and date to share it with!! https://www.tavour.com/referral?referred_by=594325
  7. You should definitely sleep outside to really make it memorable‼️🥶
  8. Lol...I’ve always wondered about your screen name...I was at SU (Smith Hall) during the “failed” Valentine storm (‘81?) when my (then) girlfriend (now wife of 35 years) at Elizabethtown College got ~20” but on our side of the Susquehanna River got only 8”!! Needless to say, I was steamed and was when I first realized that I’m a snow jinx!
  9. That’s assuming she’ll get out of that muck before Friday!!!
  10. Since I can’t possibly “IMPLODE” any further, I’ve turned to “EXPLODING” and my wife thinks it’s best that Tom “bans” me until say, October 1, 2020... Will the PhillyWx policy/procedures handbook allow for this⁉️
  11. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about... Is that her mushing⁉️
  12. And with that... Yet another SnowWeenie has fallen‼️
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