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  1. Hearing of possible visible aurora this far south tonight!!... (Or was it last night?)
  2. Hurricane Schwartz called it hail and I told my wife it looked more like “spikey” grauple... thanks for the confirmation!
  3. Nah.... he apparently saw the 6z long range gfs sniffing out a Blizzard for Thanksgiving weekend 2019 but is now worried it’ll be shunted south and might not pan-out. 😏
  4. Great info on seeding Jec6...Thank you for taking the time to relay this to those of us committed to growing better looking lawns!! I have also heard that best results are achieved by using “certified” seed aka “golf course” seed!
  5. Thoughts Tom?? ....Trade secrets from the golf course management handbook?!
  6. Now that we’re in a lull between anymore snow and thunderstorm season... Still seeking thoughts!?
  7. Buckingham PA 3/4/19 @ 11am (reported 6”@ 1am)
  8. Buckingham PA 3/4/19 @ 11am (reported 6”@ 1am)
  9. For those on this forum who are now approaching/met or exceeded their annual snowfall average.... Well, I guess it goes to show that an “average” winter is “just OK”, as the TV commercial goes, and we all know that we must do better than “just ok” !! 😉
  10. 1:00am update: SN+ past 2 hours up to 6”! Shots from around 11am:
  11. Buckingham PA - 11:30pm Only ~15min of rain at very beginning of storm...nothing but light to heavy- snow since 4pm! Looking like ~4”...another reason to be happy we moved “Up North”, a couple months ago, from Ambler (Three Tuns) PA!!
  12. Hit the Philly Beerfest yesterday at the Navy Yard, always Great events down there!!! ...Going dry today...😬
  13. Any valid concerns about some of the warmer trends tonight (0z)?
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