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  1. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    OCNJ doth becon me for snow blitz #2 ‼️‼️
  2. Sorry OT but Am I the only one getting this (spam/phishing) message here?
  3. Lol...never mind but know it’s not one to look at at this time frame!
  4. ...So you left us hanging once again 🤔
  5. So call me and likely others confused but this was posted 10 minutes ago by NWS.... snow has been “done” here for about an hour⁉️
  6. Three Tuns PA 9” = (1”+ 8”) however, I did not measure until just now so I’m guesstimating I lost at least 1”+ from compaction... So let’s call it 10” final 🤔 From webcam looks like 1 or 2” in OCNJ
  7. Think I bought in a good spot 10 years ago for this deformation zone setting up 😉
  8. So, how would one go about saving this to one's profile?!!
  9. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

  10. Three Tuns PA 1" overnight up to 3" w/ mod to mod+ SN