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  1. cdog127

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    dreaded pings have started in Burlington Twp, NJ
  2. cdog127

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    snow finally mixing in now....Burlington Twp, NJ
  3. cdog127

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Officially underway as light rain in Burlington Twp, NJ
  4. we are about 90% snow, 10% sleet (can just hear some icing in the trees) roads are getting covered now. 32.7F and a dewpoint of 29
  5. multiple thundersnow events here over the past 20 mins
  6. I am just east of you in Burlington Twp, NJ anxiously awaiting these big bands pushing in......hope to flip over soon
  7. awaiting these heavy bands pushing in to see if we make the switch. Rain right now, only spotty coverage on grass now....... hold your breath time to see if we make the flip.
  8. Finally starting to transition to some snow here. 37.6F
  9. cdog127

    March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    pretty much all snow 35.2F
  10. cdog127

    March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    .53" 45.5F Burlington, NJ
  11. ah, ok...... just thought it to be weird at 46 degrees.....waiting till early am to hear the pinging...wasnt expecting it at 10pm
  12. cdog127

    02/05/2016 OBS : bringing back the snow cover

    already have some pingers mixed in in Burlington, NJ....46 degrees
  13. Not sure if it has been posted or not, but Mark Sudduth @hurricanetrack has set up a surge cam on the sea wall in Brigantine, NJ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hurricanetrack-com-storm-surge-cam?utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=ustre.am%2F12GAR&utm_medium=social&utm_content=20160122110214
  14. cdog127

    Rain to Sleet to Snow Obs - 3/4 to 3/5 (Part 2)

    SPC: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/2015/md0124.html
  15. cdog127

    25th-27th "I'm out of town" storm

    light snow falling in Robbinsville, NJ (Mercer Co)....encouraged by the radar