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  1. I associate it with being sweaty and hot...muggy is a feeling rather than a metric. When it is raining and 100% humidity I would still classify it as muggy despite lack of sun
  2. Some minor mammatus clouds...kinda hard to see in the pics but always neat to spot.
  3. The anvil blowoff is a huge relief...currently doing some major engine work on my car. This rain better stay away though, rumbles starting to get louder...
  4. some of the biggest raindrops I've seen coming down in Media now...hammering the house
  5. Got a couple soakers popping up. The Philly cell really grew quickly, and delco cell popped out in the last 10 mins. Plenty of rumbles (I assume back edge of philky storm) and indicated winds of 30+ mph on the NW edge of the philly cell.
  6. well that escalated quickly....had a few close c2g strikes already. edit: I keep having failed uploads on mobile, not sure why. Anyways this cell popped up out of nowhere here in delco.
  7. yeah these are practically stationary. The cell over baltimore is going on 2 hours (although appears to be raining itself out)
  8. Yup, that's where I am too. Literally went out a minute after I started presenting a project to one of my clients 😫 go figure. We're back now though -- surprised to see quite a bit of lingering wind behind this storm.
  9. Been pretty constant rain here in Media -- just got the flash flood warning alerts. The local creeks are already overflowing, seen a couple water rescues float by... Rumbles of thunder now with moderate rain. It's disgusting out.
  10. Slow mover and increasing as we speak edit: well, looks like my upload didn't work. oh well.
  11. Gust front moving through delco now, estimate it aroubd 25-30mph, nothing serious so far.
  12. Accuweather is currently reporting 100 right now....It's hot af but I don't think it is quite at 100 yet...at least not in town here, maybe with the asphalt in the city.
  13. We had a nice little rumbler come through last night around 9pm. No real wind, not a ton of precip but some decent lightning. Cooled the air off, even if it made it feel like we were in a swamp.
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