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  1. Memorial Day weekend weather

    check the radar...nothing ...15 minutes later and there are rumbles and 40k foot clouds overhead.
  2. They also got slammed yesterday with a ton of storms so the ground is already pretty soppy and water high. 1-2 pinch down there.
  3. best porta potty pic I've ever taken....just had 2 very close bolts near us in delco
  4. This is the best I could get, still plenty of lightning but it's all over the sky. wish I had the time to stand outside and keep shooting but need to get back to work
  5. This back end lightning is incredible! Scrambling to get out with my camera...
  6. Check out the windspeed...
  7. Pretty strong MSI up just East of Towanda. edit: looks like this cell just got warned and updated with TVS out of binghampton
  8. DC is getting clobbered right now -- see some rotation in the cell even though it's practically on top of the radar. Believe this cell has been tor warned
  9. Rockchops

  10. Mother's Day weekend Enhanced risk and Heavy rainfall

    Not expecting much in delco...weve had clouds all day and it's chilly. Great day for working under the car, but that's about it...bringing my umbrella tonight.
  11. oooo boy this one looking half decent now. 21z soundings http://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=gfs&p=sfcwind_mslp&rh=2018051118&fh=27&r=conus&lat=39.9556&lon=-75.5437&metar=
  12. 5/10 Slight Risk Of Thunderstorms Obs

    We might get clipped by this in delco as well, I'm surprised these have lasted so long (albeit not svr) at this rate.
  13. 5/10 Slight Risk Of Thunderstorms Obs

    Well, just got a good rumble of thunder here in Media. I'll be damned.
  14. 5/10 Slight Risk Of Thunderstorms Obs

    Saw it hit 79.5 in the last refresh but didn't get a screenshot of it. Updraft core is collapsing pretty quickly, wouldn't be surprised to see some microburst action here. edit: never mind!
  15. 5/10 Slight Risk Of Thunderstorms Obs

    Not looking too great for today...virtually no CAPE. I was hoping for some more sun early this afternoon and this morning. Bummer!