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  1. I don't have a anemometer but I believe these are the highest gusts we've seen this year in delco -- outages all over the place.
  2. Sun's back out in Delco...that was fast
  3. Not going to be enough heating I'm afraid, but might spin up something. We have the sun poking through but still plenty of thin clouds hanging around. It is clearing pretty quickly, so NJ might see some fireworks.
  4. Got a blob of light precip moving through at the moment (moving fast). We did have some decent clearing early in the day and I can still see sky to my west. If this sticks around we are going to have a snoozefest. That said, can see some clearing ahead of the convection on vis
  5. Hey I do what I can here I really do miss baseball though. I work from home and one of the nicest things during the summer months is to put on the midday Phillies games or previous night's game and have that as some nice background noise when I'm not on calls. It's slow enough not to be distracting but engaging enough to enjoy. Typing this, I realized I haven't actually watched any television since February, maybe even earlier. Biggest drag for me is the lack of racing though (I am a big F1, endurance racing fan), the season would have just started but of course everything is canceled worldwide...procrastination really paid off this year with tickets to everything.
  6. The Marlins have been ahead of the curve for years https://www.si.com/mlb/2017/06/01/miami-marlins-marlins-park-attendance-no-fans
  7. Still sitting in heavy rain here. I am guessing that once this shower garbage clears out (to what is SW of us), this will be the best potential for tornadic storms? Hardly any wind so far throughout the day, those shoreline numbers haven't reached us yet.
  8. Pretty much a snoozefest here in Media. Few gust maybe 25mph max? Spit rain for a few minutes and that was it.
  9. Clearing nicely now, quite lovely outside too, enjoying it while it lasts...
  10. Just tapered off in Media, though the side roads still haven't been treated.
  11. Last night was pretty interesting. We're only a few miles east of the suspected tornado in Thornbury. By the time we got the warning, the circulation (which seemed pretty clear on radarscope) was already northeast of us. That said, I estimate some of the gusts easily over 50mph which made a mess of the neighborhood. We saw at least 6 transformers blow (and then the eerie green glow as they burn), but we only lost power for a few minutes in the thick of it. Coworkers and commuters are reporting some pretty bad delays between roads and SEPTA dealing with trees down and power issues.
  12. That cell got SVR warned...I missed it but mt holly references wind. Nothing but rain as it rolled through here. We just had another heavy shower swing through.
  13. Good call, I am still stuck on the old Fujita, one of these days I'll remember before posting. The power is still insane, and considering the eye size (I'm having a horrible time googling the actual size and obs right now), the scale is staggering.
  14. Holy CRAP. That kind of speed and power of wind is completely inconceivable to me. That's equivalent to a SUSTAINED F3 tornado with F4 gusts 😨 just for reference. Edit: Btw Tombo I'm in Dewey right now and it's absolutely perfect (really heavy surf today though)
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