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  1. Rockchops

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    Somehow I slept through the whole thing aside from groggily shutting the bedroom window when it was rumbling closer. Checked my phone this morning to see a TOR warning at 3:45. Oops. Thanks for posting that radar loop, very impressive!
  2. Rockchops

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    beat me to it...def seem to be coming earlier than we all thought, sounds about right to me. Thinking 3-4 in the city and delco?
  3. Rockchops

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    That is beautiful! They're headed pretty N...NNE though so by the time they are in our area its the far southern tip...thinking 3-4am in delco?
  4. Finally got my power back in Media/Upper Providence. From the Peco map, looks like I am one of the lucky few. At one point there were 4k without power, which is about this entire town (UP is about 4k households). Lots of trees and poles down.
  5. Rockchops

    Spring and Summer 2018

    Weekend hiking in Shenandoah. We got caught in a heavy thunderstorm out on the trail but the low clouds in late afternoon were such a wonderful treat! Last pic was a 6am hike to the summit of the highest point in the park. About as good as it gets on the east coast.
  6. Rockchops

    8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    We were also stuck in that here in delco. Rained all day into the evening. Pretty gross weekend, at least there was a little bit of Saturday that was salvageable.
  7. Rockchops

    8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    Next June? Long as you're okay with hibernation.
  8. Rockchops

    8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    Gusting to about 40 and torrential rain. Nice summer soaker, not looking forward to the steam on the other side though. Rumbles but nothing close yet.
  9. edit: sorry thought this was obs/banter thread
  10. Since it's now late August and we have yet to get a decent storm here in delco, I drove up to quakertown to see these. Lots of precip so no good lightning pictures, but plenty of close strikes.
  11. Rockchops

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Was there ever any detail on Adam's post?
  12. Rockchops

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Noob questions....Severe warning is issued on winds over 50kts (58mph-ish) or hail an inch or higher, quarter size or so as far as I know. Is that correct? Just looking at radar signatures, the svr warned storms today didn't appear even close to that, radar indicated winds were strong but not 60mph even in dense locality. No hail, clouds were like 35k tops. Perhaps a ground obs caught a gust?
  13. Rockchops

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    SVR out near rising sun. Looks like wind? A tiny super res square of 48mph wind but otherwise pretty unimpressive?
  14. Rockchops

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Never seen this much water coming into my basement, luckily the sump pump is pretty much keeping up, but what a mess.