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  1. NE Philly has been getting hanmered the past 30 mins or so. Severe warning and flood warning. Tons of lightning and thunder with some small hail here at my house. Rain has tapered off some but its still booming out there. Nice little storm! Popped up and developed right over me pretty much.
  2. Here in far NE philly it got real nasty about 30 mins ago. I could see the rotation in the clouds and i swear i saw a small funnel cloud that lasted about 30 secs and then spun itself out. Once the line hit we got some of the hardest rain ive seen and a wind gust that took my basketball net down with 100lbs of sand at the base, so pretty strong, id estimate 50-60 mph. Still raining hard but the worst is over now.
  3. Looks like some more storms popping up on radar behind the front. Ill take a round 2 lol
  4. Had some graupel mixed in with the heavy rain maybe 45 mins ago or so. Started and stopped on a dime! Looking dark over head again right now in NE philly.
  5. 70 right now in NE philly. 71 should be the high as it now came down a degree. Feels soo freakin nice outside! I was hoping for a late March miracle snow but after today im good with the warmth coming back and striper season starting up
  6. Sleeting hard now in NE philly. A few flakes still mixing in but mostly sleet probly 80% or better.
  7. Sleet now mixing in here in NE philly too. Is this the end of the all snow? Those radar returns look nice just SW of here, could heavy rates overcome the sleet?
  8. Moderate snow continues in NE philly. Everything coated now including blacktop. Maybe 1/4" on cars and grass. Temp down to 34.
  9. All snow and moderate here in NE philly. Cars and grass convered. Streets and sidealks wet. 36F currently. Temp dropped pretty fast considering it was 45 around 3 pm when the rain started.
  10. As I typed that last post it switched to pretty much all snow and moderate. Maybe a few rain drops still mixed in but not much. Heavy wet flakes but flakes nonetheless.
  11. Snow now mixing in in NE philly. Probly 70/30 rain/snow. Rates picking up with the mixing. Hopefully we go to all snow and heavy soon!
  12. In NE philly Moderate rain and I swear I hear a ping every now and again. 39F DP33
  13. Measured 2.5 inches in NE philly. That stripe of snow by warminster doesnt wanna die lol. Still snowing lightly but accumulation is probly done unless that stripe comes south and hangs in a little. Nice little storm with fluffy snow.
  14. Rippin out there in NE philly. Im at work but eyeballing it looks close to an inch already and its only been snowing for around and hour or so. I think 2-3 to maybe even 4 inches is definitely doable here. Especially if these rates keep up for any amount of time. And im with ya Heisy, i enjoy night time snow better.
  15. That Mt. Washington post is crazy!! What doesnt make sense on that though is a temp of 9F with wind 101mph only equates to a wind chill of -26F? I thought itd be twice that with that kind of wind. Anyway in NE philly its getting pretty darn blustery out there. Sustained probly 25-30 with gusts that are probly around 40. Today is trash pickup on my block and its not a pretty sight out there.
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