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  1. Sun poking out in NE Philly. May get just enough instability for something other than cold rain. Better shot in NJ I would think but there does seem to be some intensification with that line by Reading.
  2. I also want to thank you all for the kinds words. Its very appreciated. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  3. So its tough to say what the right answer is. In general, we have had to escalate the amount of oxygen as well as the amount of pressure in the lungs on most of these patients once they start to go bad. You dont really have much of a choice because you need to get more oxygen to the blood, and if higher o2 wont get it done, then you need to increase the force with which you deliver the o2 for better absorption. Problem with that is, if you do that for a long period of time the lungs start to get damaged, and most people on ventilators are on them for over a week. Its a double edged sword in that you need to do it to keep them alive but in the end the amount of damage occurring after over a week or more is usually permanent and leaves them with reduced lung function if they make it through. Another intervention that can be effective is proning the patient, which is just laying them on their stomach for 8-12 hrs a day. That allows the heart to fall off the lungs and gives more room for lung expansion. That has seemed to help somewhat for patients who are doing really poorly.
  4. So I think you're definitely right about chloroquine and it only helping some people. Im a RN in an ICU and in my experience so far with these COVID patients, it doesnt help everyone. It seems the earlier the better as far as any affect on the outcome. Patients who are already on ventilators before starting that treatment, do not seem to respond as well, if at all. Again this is only in my small sample of bedside experience with these patients in an ICU setting. So, generally they are already on the ventilator when they reach my unit. Patients not on a ventilator with milder symptoms seem to respond better from what I've heard from other nurses taking care of those patients. They've also been trying Tamiflu and other antivirals. I do not know whether or not those make any difference in outcomes yet. I will say that it seems like we're hitting a plateau in the number of patients requiring ventilators, at least in my hospital in NE Philly. We are just about maxed out on our ventilator usage though, so any kind of surge is going to get ugly in a hurry. Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to add some real world experience to the conversation and what I have personally observed.
  5. Take a Pabst Hard Coffee and mix a shot or two of that Skrewball in there. Its like drinking a reeses cup. Or you can mix Skrewball with a little grape juice and you have yourself a PB&J shot.
  6. Makes sense, seems like March is the new February around here the past few years. Maybe we'll get lucky and have 3 nor'Easters in March like a few years ago. Honestly i just want one half decent snowfall (>3 in) and then it can torch and bring on Spring and fishing.
  7. Gfs doesnt love this storm, but the one on 2/8, WOOF!! Classic Miller A crushes Phl metro to the coast with over a foot. Sure itll change, but still nice to look at.
  8. 6z NAM with a big shift NW. Best snows now look like the city and west. Nice Fgen bands move thru the area and doesnt look like we get robbed of qpf with the energy transfer anymore. Lets see if we're just being NAM'd or if the other models keep the NW trend going.
  9. Snow has lightened up some and the flakes are less icy and larger. Looks like were gonna do well in N Bucks if the HRRR is right
  10. Dumpin snow in Plumsteadville. In my tree stand gettin accumulated on. Probly an inch on the ground. Im sitting right under that blob on radar in upper bucks.
  11. Don't look at the 6z NAM suite. Everything shifted more NE. All Mesos are at this point. Looks like itll be tough to squeak out an inch in the city if true.
  12. Wow 10 inch gradient between philly and trenton on the RDPS. That would suck for the city. Im in the NE so I'd fall somewhere between. Going hunting in Plumsteadville upper Bucks co tomorrow. Should be an awesome hunt in the snow!!
  13. Yea im in NE Philly too Heisy these flakes are gigantic!!
  14. NE Philly has been getting hanmered the past 30 mins or so. Severe warning and flood warning. Tons of lightning and thunder with some small hail here at my house. Rain has tapered off some but its still booming out there. Nice little storm! Popped up and developed right over me pretty much.
  15. Here in far NE philly it got real nasty about 30 mins ago. I could see the rotation in the clouds and i swear i saw a small funnel cloud that lasted about 30 secs and then spun itself out. Once the line hit we got some of the hardest rain ive seen and a wind gust that took my basketball net down with 100lbs of sand at the base, so pretty strong, id estimate 50-60 mph. Still raining hard but the worst is over now.
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