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  1. Sleet has arrived near Mercer county college .. close to 3 inches
  2. Same here across river ^^
  3. Update ***. Heavy snow now ... maybe because I smell the rain
  4. Holding on to all snow in Mercer county.. almost an inch .. getting a beer ready for the sleet soon
  5. I personally think it was much better when NWS didn’t try to put up snow totals on a watch.. a watch used to mean potential for certain criteria.. when a warning/advisory issued then you can put some expected snow totals in.. the general public doesn’t know differncen between a watch and a warning to begin with .. anyways like I said .. just happy to have a shot with this storm and thanks for everyone’s time and effort all season !!
  6. Yea ... I’m just making my own forecast .. going 4-8 with possible mixing. Sounds mush easier
  7. All this respectfully submitted. Just get confusing looking lower bucks across river going 6-8 and then 2-4 a stone throw away... but I understand we are always on the rain /snow line here .. I liked the olden days for potential of 4 or more inches...
  8. Yea IDK. Winter storm watch for 2-4 inches of snow for Mercer county ?? Doesn’t even meet criteria. Must be a typo?? I really don’t get it
  9. Speaking of Mercer county. Shoulda been included in the Watch earlier. I’m sure will be added shortly
  10. Bingo!! So everyone should be thankful it’s snow (if it’s snow) and take your 3-6 and call it a winter.
  11. Everyone needs to keep expectations in check. I’m just happy we have a shot at something... a few days ago this was a rainstorm for most.
  12. Timing on this looks pretty good also for sun angle now that we are into march..
  13. There would be some weenies complaining not in the 44 inch swath lol
  14. Obviously better shot N & W but I95 not off the table yet. Gonna be a close call
  15. Excellent Point .. hopefully the end result is where GFS is right now... anyways.. we landed Harper so maybe our luck is changing for better??
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