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  1. I’d rather get the cold air in place this winter and Worry about qpf after. I can’t take anymore rain (especially on weekends). Some simple clipper type events would be perfect IMO
  2. Gfs at 168 looks much better .. take any improvements we can get .. 👍🏻
  3. I think you are looking at HEAVY snow at that time. Not worth it in my opinion.
  4. I think I predicted this earlier this evening LOL. Enjoy it .. will be gone by tomorrow morning ..
  5. Well we still have time for another snow bomb from the nam before all our weenie dreams get crushed again 🤷‍♂️
  6. Track seemed a little odd?? ..northern North Carolina to right over Philly ...
  7. Gfs slightly weaker s/w.. not seeing any crazy changes so far
  8. Quick glance at icon has it moving in wrong direction. Stronger s/w is raising heights .. hopefully not the theme tonight
  9. Your biggest challenge may be the flash freeze behind the storm traveling back from Hershey... I’d keep an eye on that also...
  10. I’m just over the bridge .. we are always in the battle zone... like I said .. 25 Miles north and south of us are gonna be completely different air masses
  11. Wow. Look at that sharp cut off also. Some will be rain while others 20 miles north getting hammered ..
  12. Further north and west will have best chances of highest snow totals (all or mostly snow).. Big Euro run about to happen.. stay tuned
  13. I know icon doesn’t have the respect of other models but it has been steady Eddie with this ... should be noted
  14. That’s what I was looking at ... looks like it’s ready to be just a southern stream and stay to our south?
  15. Looks like a decent drop off in the northern phasing IMO.. I’d like to see that trend continue.