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  1. Finally tapering off here...lucky this happened overnight, woulda been an hours long traffic nightmare during the day..
  2. Radar estimates of over 5 inches of precipitation in parts of Gloucester and Camden counties...picking up again now in National Park NW Gloucester county
  3. Just had to dig a trench to draw water away from my garage...last time we had this much we had a lot of street flooding
  4. Always fun to be in a multiple hour flash flood warning...my sump pump is about to get a workout
  5. Thought about setting an alarm to check on radar and warnings but opted to rely on the phone alerts as I just finished an 80 hour week. Was hoping not to get an alert and sleep but the alert worked...hustled wife and dog into the basement. At its peak it was bad enough that my wife got over being awakened at this hour. Surprised and pleased we have power.
  6. Very nasty for 2-3 minutes here in National Park NJ...sheltered in basement during the worst
  7. Millburn to National Park commute: 2:35 (extra 50 minutes) Getting to Parkway: Sketchy Parkway to Turnpike: Extra sketchy, heavy snow Turnpike exit 11 to 8: very heavy snow very slow Exit 8 to 6...icy mix, slow, good number of vehicles on shoulder 6 to 3...gradual improvement, wet pavement by 3...still some vehicles on side though Remnant slush here on my driveway...safe at home base National Park NJ ...raining 33....I think I’ve set a record this winter for miles traveled at 29-32f with non-snow precipitation
  8. Wife reports snow mixing in now in National Park NJ Flurries here in Millburn NJ I get to start my ride home around 930😯
  9. It's been like giving power tools to toddlers....they get the idea what it's for...but really don't know how to use it.
  10. Not gonna lie....I'm 43 and I still get happy every time I'm barely in the warning instead of the advisory
  11. two solid moderate batches of dry snow have steadily accumulated here in National Park NJ...per radar looks like it’s ripping in parts of Burlington county right now
  12. Light snow, looks like an inch in National Park NJ
  13. First flurries occurred at 9:12 am, steadier snow and visibility dropping now here in National Park NJ across the river from PHL
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