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  1. 10/29 major coastal low

    I get why strongest winds will be on the east side...but why does so much guidance show practically calm the entire west flank of the storm?
  2. 10/29 major coastal low

    Hybrid-ish storms rarely follow the forecast script to the letter...I hate the term "nowcast" but it will surely apply at some point
  3. Medium - long range tropics

    Don't mean to drag this OT but anyone else who subscribes having trouble with weatherbell?
  4. Disco lightning and heavy rain in Woodbine NJ
  5. Drought Demolisher III Rain/Thunderstorms Observations

    Strong winds with line in Gloucester county nj
  6. Drought Demolisher III Rain/Thunderstorms Observations

    Couple strikes here in National Park NJ
  7. Upton disco points out no modeled elevated warm layer therefore they think either rain or snow...maybe my recent ice experience is shading my perceptions but seems like that first WAA event after a fresh snow/ice pack often has surface too warm and and several times this winter warm nose underestimated...can't help but feel some ice potential may develop sometime between Friday night and Sunday
  8. What model products do any of you prefer when monitoring the potential for freezing rain.
  9. It was a similar scene by me in National Park...what amazed me was the near steady 50/50 mix of sleet and freezing rain combined with a stiff wind hour after hour...the sleet mingling with the freezing rain and wind may have counteracted the latent heat from the freezing process that sometimes makes accretion such a slow process...having lived in North Jersey where it was a bit more common I was taken aback at how quickly it built up on the trees...like in the space of a couple hours we had what I would associate with 4-5 hours of build up of ice... pines at the Red Bank Battlefield monument here in National Park had a rough day.
  10. National Park NJ in dry slot ( but still freezing drizzle) skies brightening trees suffering in park...every pine within my view has lost some branches sun threatening to break through
  11. Freezing drizzle and occasional wind gusts combining to scenes like this in National Park NJ....from our FB community group
  12. Heavy sleet, light freezing drizzle,and occasional flake...treetops accruing ice from the drizzle again, very disconcerting here in National Park NJ
  13. My GOD the sleet...I can see why even models that are supposed to account for it were fooled
  14. I'll be curious to see PHL...I don't use a snowboard but in my driveway I'll bet I've cleared over 3 inches of sleet so far
  15. Super slick water logged sleet covered roads wind gusts top heavy iced branches downed trees when I would read accounts of crippling storms of the 1800's but then see amounts of less than a foot I would think...how is that "crippling"? starting to get it now? (picture of downed tree from friend in Westville NJ)