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  1. It went down last evening but our hard working techs got it back online and it was good all night. Not so good now. There may be a software problem.
  2. Yesterday's high there was adjusted down to 79 (which could still be a degree or two to high).
  3. It is to warm! Although, it is quite a bit cooler at the coast given the southerly wind off the chilly ocean.
  4. You will be sleeping a very long time as there are no "see text" anymore.
  5. All sleet now at PHL.
  6. Doesn’t really matter now given NWS snow maps that are issued out to 72 hours. And, very sad that people still don’t know the difference between a watch and warning.
  7. Yeah it is at times. Thanks for taking the time to learn. This forum is good for those also wanting to learn.
  8. True, but I think it has gotten worse since so much model data now is shared publicly especially thanks to social media. People see it then ask why they are not under a watch or warning or advisory. Same crap, another storm. Lol
  9. Yeah it gets interesting on social media as well. Not sure why some people get all worked up over it. Although, at least some decisions are tied to NWS watches, warnings and advisories.
  10. Yeah but now we wait for the 102 age restricted homes to be built there. Last we heard though is the developer has not gotten a builder on board.
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