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  1. Tonight. I heard visible as far south as Iowa and Colorado, so that would seem to mean we’re good. The news report said you can check NOAA website for tracking updated arrival time and areas where it will be visible, but I haven't checked that yet.
  2. Have never watched it. Waiting until this final season comes out and then going to watch it all from the beginning.
  3. Hope it‘s White_Mtn_Wx’s Mac and cheese with venison bologna! (See the Official What Are You Drinking thread from last night!)
  4. P.S. I do have some Seltzer’s in the fridge, but I imagine your venison variation would be a wonderful improvement. Thank you again.
  5. Wow, thank you for the details! This winter may have just gone up a grade level, lol.
  6. Well, I won't be able to sleep tonight at all. This will be going through my mind relentlessly. Where do you get the bologna and what kind of cheese do you prefer?
  7. Cool. I do recall references to that book here and there and I've seen Paul Kocin's name quite a few times. Thanks!
  8. Thanks. I knew that once upon a time. I should start making a list.
  9. Could you remind me what WAR stands for? I seem to recall that WAA is warm-air advection, but I can't figure this one out.
  10. Hearing from a family member just outside Boston that temps plummeted into the teens while it was still raining. Her door was frozen shut.
  11. Thank you; very grateful for all your work on this. I took screenshots to study during the course of the upcoming week. I plan on using this post as a basis for comparison as new model info gets posted. Should be a great learning experience.
  12. Moderate rain and frequent rumbles of approaching thunder here in Media.
  13. I'm on the other side of the road in the neighborhood behind the Walden school, probably not even a quarter mile. All in the lull now, ready for a nice show tomorrow. I gotta say, if I lose power and all my client meetings are cancelled tomorrow I'm not going to complain... 1st & Maple, right between Walden & Rose Tree Elementary. Power rarely goes out for longer than 30 seconds. Have often wondered if things are hardened a bit better in this immediate neighborhood due to proximity to both schools plus the police station and courthouse around the corner. So nice to discover a fellow weather enthusiast practically imby.
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