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  1. OverTheRainbow

    Winter Storm Threats (Beyond Day 5).

    Thanks. I knew that once upon a time. I should start making a list.
  2. OverTheRainbow

    Winter Storm Threats (Beyond Day 5).

    Could you remind me what WAR stands for? I seem to recall that WAA is warm-air advection, but I can't figure this one out.
  3. Hearing from a family member just outside Boston that temps plummeted into the teens while it was still raining. Her door was frozen shut.
  4. OverTheRainbow

    Winter Storm Threats (Beyond Day 5).

    Thank you; very grateful for all your work on this. I took screenshots to study during the course of the upcoming week. I plan on using this post as a basis for comparison as new model info gets posted. Should be a great learning experience.
  5. OverTheRainbow

    December 20th-22nd Rainy Days Obs.

    Moderate rain and frequent rumbles of approaching thunder here in Media.
  6. I'm on the other side of the road in the neighborhood behind the Walden school, probably not even a quarter mile. All in the lull now, ready for a nice show tomorrow. I gotta say, if I lose power and all my client meetings are cancelled tomorrow I'm not going to complain... 1st & Maple, right between Walden & Rose Tree Elementary. Power rarely goes out for longer than 30 seconds. Have often wondered if things are hardened a bit better in this immediate neighborhood due to proximity to both schools plus the police station and courthouse around the corner. So nice to discover a fellow weather enthusiast practically imby.
  7. I was thinking the same thing! I'm near the Swiss Farms on Providence Road.
  8. OverTheRainbow

    The Vernal Equinox Coastal Storm

    Did anyone answer your question? I skimmed through and didn't see a return post. I am very much a novice, but I think CCB stands for Cold Conveyor Belt. I recall seeing some easy-to-understand online descriptions a couple of winters back. If you search for the phrase, something should come up (probably in Wikipedia or on the NOAA/NWS web sites).
  9. Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Barbarino… (Horshack laughing)
  10. Greg Heavener (Heaven with an “er”) was on tonight’s PBS News Hour! They interviewed him about conditions in Houston. (I wasn’t sure where to post this, so moderators should feel free to move this where it will reach folks who best know him.)
  11. OverTheRainbow

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    No lightening so far and only a couple rolls of thunder about 30 minutes ago. Was gusty for about 15 minutes but that has passed. Still raining hard though.
  12. OverTheRainbow

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Thunder and raining hard in Media.
  13. Yes, a “Yuck” or a “Blech” button to satisfy that involuntary urge one often feels.
  14. OverTheRainbow

    8/10-8/16 Prolonged high dews, heat, and thunderstorm obs.

    A couple of sudden booms here in Media. Wait—make that three.
  15. OverTheRainbow

    Winter Banter Thread

    I think WorN makes some valid points in there. I would guess that his life has been affected by cold weather in ways others' lives have not. The "fear" to which he alludes is something I can identify with somewhat, but ironically, on the opposite end of the spectrum. I've lived without utilities, having had only running water, in both the heat of summer and the dead of winter, while living in an end brick row house with the exposed side to the southwest. And I'm not talking about going without for a few days; I'm talking about weeks on end with no relief in sight. I've always found it easier to handle the physical and mental challenges of keeping me and mine (and even the pipes and caving-in roof) warm because I could stay alert and always had a more positive state of mind in extreme cold compared to extreme heat. Normal hot, muggy weather just drains me to the point of lethargic misery; if my life is going to go off into a ditch, it's much, much more likely to happen in an extended heat wave than during a renegade polar vortex winter. Forecasted extremes of 100° heat strike the kind of deep-seated fear in me that I think WorN must experience when he hears forecasts of impending ice storms, so I do sympathize. Many of my family and friends are just the opposite from me. I believe that it all "boils" down to how each person's brain and body is hard-wired and what neurotransmitters are plentiful and well-utilized by that brain. And that's a subject for a different forum, or several. Despite my personal preferences, I'd like to put forth this debating point: extremes of heat occur closer to the equator and extremes of cold closer to the poles; it seems that there there are far more people living close to the equator than there are living close to the poles. So maybe there's a kind of collective survival instinct that says tells us that the species in general will survive extremes of heat better than extremes of cold, otherwise we'd have populated this earth according to very different patterns than we have.