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  1. Nice downpour in Media with a little thunder. Seems to be a pop-up just south of us that’s spreading as opposed to moving in any particular direction.
  2. Power’s out in Media, Rose Tree area. Not typical for this neighborhood. No flickering, just went. Steady rumbling a little way off for the past 20–25 mins with moderate rain and a little gust at the beginning. No lightning.
  3. Correction: BIG ol’ prolonged downpour, now with thunder as I type this. Sadly, I have no weather station to document anything.
  4. Heaviest and longest sustained summer storm winds I've seen here in Media for a long time. House is shaking worse than Sandy. Power has gone out and come back on a few times in the past 10 mins. Lightning and thunder are distant but seem to be moving closer. Oh, and it's raining just a bit…
  5. Sinclair Media is particularly offensive. They are the organization that sends down “must read” text to the (many) local stations they own. These pieces are biased opinion deliberately designed to masquerade as news. I’m not surprised that Mr. Crain was fired, and I admire him for speaking up. As you referenced, I deeply resent it when this kind of malarky affects things like weather (which should be treated as objective science) and smears organizations like the NWS, without which we would all be so much worse off in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Tonight. I heard visible as far south as Iowa and Colorado, so that would seem to mean we’re good. The news report said you can check NOAA website for tracking updated arrival time and areas where it will be visible, but I haven't checked that yet.
  7. Have never watched it. Waiting until this final season comes out and then going to watch it all from the beginning.
  8. Hope it‘s White_Mtn_Wx’s Mac and cheese with venison bologna! (See the Official What Are You Drinking thread from last night!)
  9. P.S. I do have some Seltzer’s in the fridge, but I imagine your venison variation would be a wonderful improvement. Thank you again.
  10. Wow, thank you for the details! This winter may have just gone up a grade level, lol.
  11. Well, I won't be able to sleep tonight at all. This will be going through my mind relentlessly. Where do you get the bologna and what kind of cheese do you prefer?
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