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  1. Apparently the lightening detection system malfunctioned. He ran out on the course to warn people of the storm and was pulling into the cart shed when the tree fell. Just awful
  2. Tree fell down on cart shack at Philmont. My buddies are onsite and one of the pros is trapped and not conscious. Just awful https://www.facebook.com/JeffChirico6/videos/2605246133073310/
  3. I played Sat and was still sore when I played 9 holes yesterday after work. I prob should have taken a cart my first round back as I haven't stood on my feet for 4+ hours in a long time!
  4. The restrictions he put in place are ridiculous. 2somes only with 16 minute tee time intervals, which equates to 6-8 golfers per hour. I can see one or the other, but both is way beyond what other states are allowing. Golf courses won't generate enough income with 6 golfers an hour to pay their staff.
  5. These were posted on the Wildwood Boardwalk FB page
  6. I was over at Philmont CC tonight. I've never seen the sky so dark as it was around 6pm. One of the workers swore she saw a funnel cloud. There were a few tree limbs in the parking lot. The intersection at Pine Rd/Tomlinson/Philmont was about a foot underwater. A tree was blocking the Pine Rd towards Red Lion, and there was an accident or tree on a car on Red Lion just east of Pine Rd.
  7. I like Eflin and Pivetta more than most. Both have great power arms, just need time to learn how to pitch at this level. They got hurt quite a few times last year when ahead in the count on poorly executed off-speed pitches when the batter couldn't sniff at their 97-mph heater. Hopefully having a veteran catcher accelerates their learning process.
  8. I had to get out and push a minivan in front of me that was stuck on the hill at Old Welsh and Bustleton (headed towards Welsh). It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home from picking my kid up in school in Abington (after an 1hour 45 min ride from KoP to Abington). Huntington Pike as an absolute parking lot. Anything that wasn't 4 wheel drive was getting stuck going up hills.
  9. Ironically Tiger is responsible for the level of talent on tour today. When I was in high school golf in the early 90's was an image killer. Tiger made golf cool (and lucrative). Many of these guys likely would be playing other sports if it weren't for Tiger!
  10. I played at Medford Village for 4 years or so and that course is the same way. After heavy rain the pro shop always sent golfers off the back 9 to allow the front 9 time to drain a little bit (plus there weren't really cart paths on many of the holes on the front 9).
  11. Tee times were moved up due to expected weather in the afternoon. Before the event used to be shown on tape delay but I believe that CBS switched their policy after some backlash earlier this year.
  12. There really is no comparison between the two course, although I struggle on the South with its narrow driving areas and smaller greens. Right now the South is in terrible shape, as the plan is to sell of some of the land for housing (I assume the land on the other side of the street). Concert Golf (the company that bought Philmont 15 months ago) has focused its efforts on the North Course and clubhouse (and rightful so).
  13. The new 18 is a huge upgrade. I birdied 7 last Friday. Great hole. The greens on the north are phenomenal, much better than my previous club. It will be interesting to see what happens once ClubCorp takes over and part of the South course is sold.
  14. #9 north at Philmont is a hard dogleg right. So even if you blast a 300 yd drive, you have a 260 yd 2nd shot up hill with numerous trees in your way. Its one of the harder par 5's to even lay up on.
  15. I just joined Philmont. The rough is brutal and pretty much forces you to wedge out.
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