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  1. November 18th-19th Wind & Temp Obs

    Technically Nov. 20 Bangor Pa. Early am snow shower—first flakes of the year here. 34°
  2. Center City. Looks like all the leaves fell at once last night
  3. Red Sky at Morning.....
  4. It's not grasping unless it's hour 384 (or any hour on the JMA).
  5. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    Since when is Ackermanville used as a point of reference? (I think it's smaller than Martins Creek) ?
  6. 2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    Bangor PA 7"
  7. Not sure why but I'm getting a different map for most likely snowfall but the timestamp is 1 minute later ?
  8. 1/22/17-1/24/17 OBS: Batten down the hatches

    Woodland Park, NJ Light Rain mixed with IP. Breezy--from the NE
  9. 1/22/17-1/24/17 OBS: Batten down the hatches

    ^^consistently overcast skies can also cause a malfunction
  10. Bangor, PA. Nada.
  11. Bangor PA – – finished with 2.75 inches, about half of which still remains after two hours of light rain.
  12. Bangor, PA Moderate snow. 1.5"+ Breeze has more easterly component now.