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  1. That's 2 storms in a row that you Southerners fared better. (congrats!) .5" in Bangor, PA
  2. Point taken, and it is something all should (and here probably will) monitor as this unfolds Saturday PM. I think the low placement and strength (farther North and stronger on the EURO compared to the NAM) though at that particular forecast hour, is a factor in as to where the inverted trough sets up on those two maps.
  3. 1/2" of ice would certainly qualify as nasty. I'd prefer snow, but it looks less likely that any part of the forecast area remains all snow. Agree -- can't imagine imagine Wantage suface cold scouring out. Here in northern Northampton County, it can be a little easier to do so. Sometimes that stubborn NNE breeze though won't quit. We'll see.
  4. Greetings -- from a long ago resident of Green Hills
  5. Boreal

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Bangor Pa. -SN
  6. Boreal

    Christmas Eve Day White or Wet Obs

    Bangor Pa — received 1/2”-3/4” (now substantially melted) Photo below is about 1300’ up on the Blue Ridge
  7. Boreal

    Christmas Eve Day White or Wet Obs

    Bangor Pa 36° flurries
  8. Boreal

    Dec 13th lgt snow potential

    New Map out of Mt Holly
  9. Boreal

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    Bangor PA just prior to midnight, 13° for Thanksgiving low.
  10. Boreal

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    Bangor PA 16° at 7:30 AM
  11. And that all fell through the 14th!! (With 69+ inches on the ground on the 15th). And that’s in Coatesville—a relatively low elevation for that part of Chester County. I can only imagine what areas like yours’ Paul we’re experiencing snowfall-wise. Great find. Thanks for posting.
  12. Boreal

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    Bangor Pa 11/15-11/6 8.5”-9.0”
  13. Home at last! Bangor Pa: 28° , snizzle, breezy, 8”-8.5” on the ground.
  14. I left ‘Elizabeth New Jersey at 4 PM. Just getting to Easton on my way to Bangor PA. I knew it would be an adventure when I start in the morning in Atlantic City.