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  1. Hey Salem my grandmother lives in a trailer in Trevose PA near Bensalem... hoping it’s okay out there
  2. NE airport, that was intense man... the lead edge wind was awesome...
  3. knew it’d die once I came back....cya next year fellas. Let this brutal winter die
  4. Jeez, let me pretend for a few hours at least lol....I do think thermals would work if yougot the phase & ull at the perfect spot....severe long shot
  5. Out of no where after looking like everything was over the 00z euro almost showed a bomb... without thermals and precip maps idk if it’s cold enough, but even the 6z gfs came close to showing a full phase.... Hope was nearly dead, but here we are...
  6. It looks like some of the models have a wave around the Gulf Coast around Day 6-7...what some of them do is have this wave head NE, but too fast thus not phasing with the canadian shortwave. My guess is we'd want to see a trend for this energy to slow down. The CMC phases this energy. The EURO doesnt phase the energy, but the shortwave from Canada really dives deep and a low explodes but just way too far OTS. That is another possibility, but probably unlikely because by that time the western ridge is too far East. The threat is still there IMO. This is an non-scientific BS observation, but I always felt like models had a tougher time in March just because of the wave lengths changing etc. WEATHER GODS I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE HAVE THIS IDENTICAL LOOKING MAP, BUT STICK THE LOW RIGHT OFF THE NJ COAST PLEASE. K THANKS BYE
  7. Man, that euro phase is so close to a 1888 mega storm lol. If only that ridge was farther West... man oh man
  8. Looking At the UKIE it looks to me like the ULL in SE Canada would force the main wave to dig south. Ridge also seems to be far enough West. Well see
  9. Quiet around here. Sadly around this time every year it comes a ghost town around here. I get it. however hope is still alive. The cmc once again showed a hit across a narrow strip in the region. The euro trended with a better look. IMO though the best look of the day runs was the 12z ukie at 144. I haven’t looked at the FV3 runs yet though so good chance they top it lol well, onto the 00z runs. If this storm ends up happening and becomes a major snowstorm I better have this one named after me!
  10. The 6z FV3 was also a close call at this range as well. Hope is not dead!
  11. I could still see something pop up here but no exciting OP runs last night. On the eps you can see some kinks in the isobars off the coast at 240... Any ensemble members have anything exciting Tom?
  12. Yeah, I obviously completely understand the caveats here. March is oddly my favorite winter month just because of how funky the pattern can get sometimes. Like you said if that ridge axis sets up right and we get a decently timed and strong shortwave to ride over it and into the CONUS, who knows. Regardless, if we are to get one final winter storm it will be during this time frame.
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