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  1. Yep! That was what I experienced here too, it was awesome.
  2. I just had one of the coolest wx experiences here in NE Philly. My front window of my car is out of alignment so I ran outside just before the storm was here to go inside car and start it and push it into alignment. You could literally see the wind/heavy rain move up the street like a line of snow squalls. It went through the car and shook it and knocked over some trash cans, but it was one of the coolest visuals I've ever seen. That had to be close to 60 mph at least it felt like.
  3. My guess is even the massive hits you guys are saying the 6z EPS show the storm would have BL issues. If it ends up being the perfect ULL bombing spot it is going to be another mess for NWS/forecasters like rest of this winter where only people under the CCB or Norlun would get accumes.
  4. Id be pumped if I lived in NE right now. I'm actually planning a roadtrip so if we get within 72 hours and this is a bomb for somewhere in SNE and anyone wants to tag along LMK!
  5. This might be road trip worthy into NE for me if this turns into a phased out ULL bomb like Nemo.
  6. Well, they had potential for a late winter, slow phasing ULL rain to snow type...Ukie at 144 is still diving south. Icon has rain to snow. I need something Tom.
  7. Lol....of course the pos GFS wins when it's the only flat one. 2020 for ya.
  8. UKIE looks like it might have been really fun if we sa beyond 144....
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