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  1. That site is awesome. Cant tell you how many times Ive nostalgia'd up on there hah....wish he had time to update recent years. There is no source quite like it.
  2. Hey guys. Noobish question but I dont see it mentioned a lot anymore and it has been a while since I read up on different ENSO strengths and how they impact our winters....So, which type of ENSO conditions should we want for a hopeful good winter?
  3. Hey guys I dont use twitter that often, give me some good follow suggestions for this one (besides phillywx of course).....I followed Josh Morgerman. Any other storm chasers etc. Appreciate it.
  4. Can someone create an image with this picture and Susq's last image posted side by side? This is going to be catastrophic for those places. Damn
  5. Hypothetically, are there any analogs where a cane did this? I guess the speed or how fast it transitions the coast would determine how much damage there would be...but would this be a way where Florida could escape an otherwise bad scenario?
  6. We have a family friend who lives at Vero Beach. Her husband is supposed to arrive from overseas on Monday. Wonder if hell be able to make it before landfall. Models suggesting Tuesday?
  7. I was painting a house in Yardley and drove home right as a storm hit. Because I was working I had no clue a storm was on the way and probably would have worked another hour so I didnt have to drive thru it because it was one helluva drive. There was one gust where I briefly thought there might be a tornado nearby because visibility got extremely low with the wind. There were down branches everywhere and saw a small downed tree as well. Just my 2 cents
  8. Rob, this is OT bit are you the same poster as Rob22 or Rib from Americanwx/eastern/wright wx days? If not, does anyone know or talk to him? I actually attended met. School at Cal U of PA with him. I heard a rumor he had some issues going on but completely in the dark here would appreciate it. If someone does know him please let him know Brett or icez wants to catch up! Just had some deck furniture blowing around winds right now from this mini line. Not bad.
  9. Missed that band here in ne phl but you can see tge black clouds to the N....they actually have an orange glow to them
  10. After that first cell passed just N of NE airport I am almost positive I saw a scud like cloud. Was pretty cool. The main line that came through after had the epic green tint to it.
  11. Live near the NE airport. We just missed those initial cells to the N. It was cool being able to see how dark the skies were with that one. However, can also report this was the most "green" Ive seen in a storm once the main line got to us.
  12. Yep, blew my grill across my deck. Its on wheels but still. Im on maxwell street. The wind between the homes was nasty. Getting some flooding in the basement rn
  13. Wow at the duration of the winds with this one
  14. Really dark clouds with a greenish tint to them on horizon here near ne airport
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