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  1. What’s the deal with this thing the GFS is trying to spin up day 7. 12z looks like it is about to show a Miller B at 168 hours
  2. Huh? In what way? Didn’t see a good model run today at all personally.
  3. I know wrong thread, but how about this Great Lakes bomb that the models are showing Day 8-10....Could be a major snow event for parts of Canada lol...anyone have a passport and want to storm chase?
  4. 00z CMC thru 66 looks worst, more confluence and the main vort looks slightly less sharp....meh...I’m off the bus feb
  5. That confluence over NE is just a pain in the arse.
  6. Yep I believe it was that one On 2nd thought after looking at the 500mb from that one I dont think it was....I gotta figure this out...All I know is from what I recall the models had an event in the day 9-10 range, took it away and then the CMC showed a hit on one of its 00z runs. It was the only one and eventually models agreed. Not like it matters, has nothing to do with this event. What matters is we need some more support asap
  7. DOes anyone remember the storm last year (I’m almost positive it was last year) where the GGEM was the only model showing a hit for like a few days and then the other models jumped on board. It’s not impossible, just dont get your hopes up.
  8. Since the 76ers have a huge game tonight and the 18z GFS is crap....Im going with this
  9. Well, Ill say this, the 18z NAM @ 84 has a really nice looking main vort....confluence would probably be an issue, but it does look CMCish fwiw, which is a bout 0.
  10. Yeah, not the run we were looking for :(....Feb I’m jumping off....
  11. EURO is south, but also way slower when comparing to GEM
  12. Feb, in a way it has been locked in to a southern solution, of course we can expect the GFS to bounce around run to run, but so has every other model...who cares, lets move on to the 12z EURO
  13. Really hope the EURO/EPS trends towards CMC/N of 00z or I might start my process of jumping off the bus
  14. Heisenberg

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Flurries here in NE PHL