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  1. NAM & GFS snow maps look slightly better for city. Could the city break and inch? I gotta wonder how much can accumulate after rain in November
  2. The difference though IMO is you obviously cant take a model in the +5 day range at face value, but I have learned since I started this hobby that regardless if the specifics are right the models tend to give you a sense of a time frame where a certain shortwave has the space to deliver. Like from 9-10 days out I assumed there was a chance with this event.
  3. 12z GFS goes with a flatter look, no 2nd low really, just some light-mod snow on the initial front.
  4. EURO has an elongated low, kind of anafrontal....gets some frozen on the backside, especially SE of the city.
  5. Looks like NOAA is having some issues. Ncep won't load and NAM isn't out on any site. Guessing GFS will be delayed as well?
  6. If the L can cut the corner after 168 hrs here it is gonna be a doozy.
  7. 00z GFS much better position with the ULL, might spin up something on the day 6-9 event.
  8. EURO makes sense, systems like this are usually NYC N types.
  9. EURO looks like it is about to be a hit @ 168 for S portions
  10. 12z CMC has a quick hitting Miller B, crushes the burbs
  11. Yep, was gonna post about that period being probably the first legit time for something to spin up.
  12. more frozen into the city or just weaker in general?
  13. Haha GFS started to pick up on that Day 9-10 wave too.
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