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  1. I dont even remember this event. With all the tracking and different events in March etc. So strange how literally just about all the models had a fairly large QPF event for Saturday & Sunday and then just lost it. Oh well. It would have been cool to have an April snow event. It has been a fun winter even though we missed out on 2 MECS/HECS that NE got. Ill cya guys in November!
  2. Wow i did not see the S shift coming at all.
  3. Nam took big step structurally towards other models. Pretty interesting how it looks like where it does snow there will be a narrow band of accumulation.
  4. 00z NAM looks improved here the main shortwave is farther SW (more separation from the front) & looks like cold front will be faster here. Fwiw
  5. You might be right. The cold push looked pretty solid
  6. I actually like the fact that this is where it's at currently. It will likely shift N and the Icon is generally conservative and for it to have fairly high numbers inside the snowfall axis bodes well. FWIW
  7. Snowfall map from the ICON by chance? Also anyone have the UKIE precip panels beyond 72 hrs? Took a closer look at the free maps on meteo site and it looks real nice. Looks like it had a solid cold push and a great SLP track so curious how it played out. The JMA seemed like a real good hit but hard to tell how temps looked.
  8. Agree with Feb. The 12z UKiE looks like best case scenario based on the 500mb maps. Good cold push and separation/timing between the SLP and the front
  9. Plus just about every model run since 00z last night continues to deepen the trough. Feb is in the far burbs right? Id be excited if I were him.
  10. I also wasnt a fan of last nights EURO. The true accumulating snow was over NW VA. In most of our region the precip was fairly light over a long period which at this time of the year probably wouldnt work out in terms of accumulation. Temps were also borderline.
  11. Im still concerned that as models continue to strengthen the associated short wave that the cold push wont be as strong. Not to take the 12z NAM at face value at all, but it shows an example of what could be an issue in terms of snow. This could potentially mean that the burbs poconos could eventually get hit again, but well see. Long way to go either way.
  12. Not fretting the NAM at all. Im just saying it opened my eyes to the possibility where cold air could actually be an issue. Funny Im even saying that in April lol. The overall structure of this event really resembles an Anafront. Im not entirely sure if thats the case, but it looks similar at the surface and H5 to an anafront storm we had in March few years back to a degree.
  13. The UKIE looks improved tonight. It has a better looking trough and more SLP development.
  14. No my post probably came off wrong...Im still excited about the first event's chances. I am just seeing a potential caveat with it after reviewing tonights runs. Something that could hurt our chances thats all. If you take a look at what happens prior to this event a cold front pushes through the region and kind of stalls across the lower Mid Atlantic and then a SLP rides the boundary. I started to notice something in the CMC & NAM for example where its possible the front clears but doesnt get far enough S. The 2nd event is a much longer shot at this point obviously. I just like that it could it has a shot at being a more robust event thats all.
  15. Im starting to get really interested in the 2nd event. The 12z Euro was real close to a beast. The 00z CMC almost showed a major event as well. This one woud have less cold air to work with but could be much more dynamic with a possible closed off ULL