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  1. 9/5 Slight Risk Of Severe Storms Obs

    Yep 34mph gust here in West Chester.
  2. A whopping 0.17" in the bucket here in downtown WC. Really having trouble cashing in on precip this year - all around us but not here. Thinnest part of line hit us tonight. Weird! Nice lightning show, although this was a good test of our new rescue dog, and he didn't pass :-(
  3. 8/18 Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain Obs

    Same here. West Chester with pitiful 0.23" total. Sun now out.
  4. FYI (for those of you who read my forecasts)

    Thank you Tom for your dedication and efforts. I really appreciated your take on the weather and enjoyed reading your posts. They were so easily understandable to the layperson and helped me learn a lot. Best wishes to whatever's next!
  5. That makes 2.02" for today in downtown West Chester, adding to yesterday's 1.53" for total of 3.55". Nice!
  6. Some how some way we didn't even get a drop from this! WTH??
  7. 7/11 Marginal Risk Of Severe Storms Obs

    What on the world is going on here? IMG_7474.mov
  8. On the way home from the U2 concert in Philly last night, we were traveling up Rt. 202 in Chadds Ford about 12:30am, right around Rt 1 to Rt 926. Twice we saw lightning wayyyy off in the distance. It did not look like typical lightning - extremely brief flash, yellowish in color - kind of like a strobe. If I hadn't seen it twice I would have thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I got home, I looked on Radarscope and saw that they only electric storms in that direction were 107 miles away northwest of Scranton/WB! Would it be possible to see lightning from that far away, or was what I see "sprites" coming out of the tops of the clouds? I don't know if sprites are only visible in space or from the ground. Or could it have been upward lightning? Thanks for any comments.
  9. Far away thunderstorm - lightning or sprites?

    Thanks Jim! Mine were definitely not red, and I definitely knew that I had seen them - the sprites in the video seem to be there only because you know they will be! LOL
  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Just had a downpour here in Malvern with some of the biggest raindrops I've ever seen. Tiny blob on radar moving due east just north of Rt. 202. Had lots of folks running to put up their car windows.
  11. 5/1 Severe Thunderstorm Threat Discussion & OBS

    82F in West Chester with a delicious 68F dewpoint. I'm entertaining myself by watching the PA Turnpike cameras as the front rolls through and the images turn from sunny dry concrete to ominous dark clouds to 0.1 mile visibility in rain. Don't judge me!
  12. Inlan'easter Observations April 24th-26th

    0.39" today in West Chester. So far.
  13. 25° with winds gusting to 27mph here in West Chester. Heavy sleet.
  14. 4" of snow in downtown West Chester and has been sleeting since 3am. I know because it has kept me up most of the night! Battleground looks to be right along turnpike now. @JimCaruso here's what the correlation coefficient looks like.
  15. 2/25/17 Line Of Showers and Thunderstorms Observations

    31mph gust here in West Chester at 4:44pm. Temp has dropped from high of 71F at 2:48pm to 48F now. Back to reality for February! It was great while it lasted.
  16. 11/19-11/21 Wind & Snow Showers Obs

    At 5 o'clock on the dot, winds shot up to 33mph here in WC
  17. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Well wasn't expecting that! Got alerted to Svr Warning about 15 minutes ago - looked at radar and was like oh crap! Just got hit - 36mph gust and very heavy rain. A blizzard of leaves. Moderate lightning. Temp dropping quickly from mid-70s to mid-60s.
  18. 9/18-9/20 A drought scratcher, rainfall obs

    2.14" in the Vantage Vue in West Chester boro. Interesting watching the swirl down in the VA capes. These systems are really long-lived this year.
  19. Heat/Humidity Busting CFP observations on the 21st

    1.33" today. Currently 72F - noticeably cooler outside and it feels wonderful.
  20. Summer Banter Thread

    0.45" so far tonight from this downpour. As Chesco mentioned, not a single bolt of lightning and max wind speed of 19 just as the rain started. I hadn't looked at the HRRR since this morning, but activity looked much lighter and more scattered. Oh well, I'll take it!
  21. Jackpot of rain here in West Chester - 1.25" so far (0.14" from earlier downpour) today. Lots of lightning and thunder preceded the storm but has fizzled out as the storm pulses back down. 78F temp now (from 87F before storm) I think it's time to clean or replace my Vantage Vue as it reported a rain rate of 36.00" per hour at 5:34p as the storm came through. I have seen it up around 7-8"/hour previously this summer, but that is just impossible(?). I hope this rain drowns the cicada killer nests in my yard that I found yesterday after returning from 9 days of vacation.
  22. 7/28-8/1 Heavy rain obs

    1.41" so far here in West Chester. My son has been sitting in a plane on the taxiway at JFK for 3 hours now.
  23. July 22-27 Possible Record Heat, Thunderstorm, Rock OBS

    1.07" total for the day in downtown West Chester. 0.52" with tonight's storms (max rain rate of 7.20). Max wind was only 23mph just before 7pm. I saw heat-related warnings on my Vantage Vue that I have NEVER seen before - like about the extreme heat index. Fun!
  24. July 22-27 Possible Record Heat, Thunderstorm, Rock OBS

    Woke up to see 0.55" in the rain bucket and see all you talking about a storm that I just slept right through! Didn't realize my window-unit AC was THAT loud...
  25. July 22-27 Possible Record Heat, Thunderstorm, Rock OBS

    I have to say it is very pleasant outside right now. 79/70, but the breeze feels sort of refreshing and I actually got an hour of work done outside and I didn't break a sweat! Temps plummeted after big storm missed just to the south and west of West Chester and have stayed below 80 since then. A great ending to the day!