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  1. Nice squall here in West Chester boro. Cars got covered very quickly - temp 30F. Swirly snow like being on the inside of a snowglobe.
  2. 1.76" in downtown West Chester, so a little bit of an overperformer. Haven't seen the advertised strong winds yet but 10-min averages are climbing slowly.
  3. For what it's worth, my Vantage Vue had a station-record heat index of 119F today at 5:04pm. Max temp of 97 soon after. The un-airconditioned spaces of my 123-yr old house are 90F right now 😟
  4. Just tried to get home from Malvern into west side of West Chester. 202 was down to one lane just south of Rt. 29 as fire crew were shoveling debris out of drains. Road closures all over the place in downtown WC creating havoc - the creek near Henderson HS and the one parallel to the train tracks in SE quadrant has way overflowed their banks and there is standing water where I've never seen it! Only 1.49" here at the house but it came down in a hurry about 3:30pm.
  5. West Chester has stayed out of the action the last couple of days - Thursday saw heavy rain just to east and just to west, lots of thunder but just a couple drops. Last night the big line developed just north in Downingtown/Exton/Paoli but nothing for us. Already seeing lots of popups this morning so hopefully we'll give the plants a chance to recover from the heat. Dewpoint right now is 78F on my VantageVue 🤮 This is what it was like for most of last summer, and why we invested $15k in central air this spring!
  6. Power out in downtown West Chester first time all year. Wind of 37mph and extremely heavy rain. We’re right under the core of 55-60dbz. Sky was very green as it approached. Edit: 1.41” of rain
  7. 0.31" for downtown West Chester. Interestingly enough, high wind was 31mph.
  8. Continuous thunder here in West Chester with a freshening breeze. Almost every storm that has formed has turned severe.
  9. 3.43" overnight in downtown West Chester. Looks like more on the way with a developing line in Lancaster Co.
  10. 0.31" in the bucket for downtown West Chester today
  11. Now pouring in West Chester. Been continuous thunder for the last 20 minutes. One cell passed to the south but a new one popped up just to the southwest and exploded in just 10 minutes. @westchesterweather on IG
  12. Whew! Had a couplet come right over West Chester and I was able to get this video. Definite rotation in the clouds, although hard to see in the video. And that eerie green color.
  13. Was woken up around 12:30am with really heavy rain which popped out of nowhere as the front was moving through (I thought the evening activity to the northeast was gonna be it). 1.07" in the bucket with a very high rain rate on my Davis.
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