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  1. And now back to snowing heavily. Temp at 28F.
  2. Sleeting heavily now in West Chester.
  3. Light flakes just started in downtown West Chester.
  4. walkersc

    9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    Downtown WC boro: 2.32" total for the day. 2.92" last 7 days. 6.54" for month.
  5. My Vue also reports outrageous rain rates occasionally, although never as high as you saw! Wonder if that's a weak area in their software. Not a drop of rain here in the Boro tonight.
  6. walkersc

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Nice way to end the heat wave with a bang here in West Chester. 0.35" of rain, now down to 73F. Several very close lightning strikes.
  7. walkersc

    8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    Update from downtown West Chester - 3.02" total. Starting early this morning, rain just blossomed over us and pretty much just kept doing that the entire day. I guess we were in just the right place for today. 10.79" for the month.
  8. walkersc

    8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    Jackpot here in West Chester boro - 2.01" this morning; only beginning to let up now. Cool 67F
  9. walkersc

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    All within the hour here in WC, we got sun, a 30mph gust, about an inch of rain, and then sun now again. Hope the Iron Hill Criterium gets to do its thing tonight - cycling under the lights! Oh and temp down to 71F ahhhhhhhhhh
  10. HRRR saying this is the last of it for us. 1.38" today, total 5.59" for last 7 days.
  11. 1.86" for the day here in WC, with 4.21" in last 7 days
  12. walkersc

    7/17 Thunderstorms & Pcpn Observations

    Vantage Vue says 1.45" here in Dub C. Very high rainfall rates. 24mph max.
  13. walkersc

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    0.48" of welcome rain
  14. Downtown West Chester reporting in. 0.85" in the bucket. Dew hi of 81, current 72. Temp hi of 99, current 74. Max wind of 24mph. All combined enough to turn off the AC and throw open the windows until a little later when that high dew starts affecting me again.
  15. walkersc

    Mother's Day weekend Enhanced risk and Heavy rainfall

    It had gotten pretty warm earlier this afternoon - 76° at 5:07pm, but now down to 69 with east wind picking up in last 30 mins. Guess that means the warm front headed south again.