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  1. Sleet pinging of the wind shield here in the upper portion of Cape May County. 36 degrees. Surprised really thought it would be rain here at the beginning with the warmer air off the ocean?
  2. Jerseyjoe00

    2/9/17 OBS : Rush Hour Crushing

    Changeover finally made it to the beaches of OCNJ. Hovering around 33. Giant flakes.
  3. Light to moderate snow in Cape May County. 18. Coating on the ground.
  4. Jerseyjoe00

    1/22-1/24/2016 Storm OBS

    Sorry thought I was in banter...just excited
  5. Jerseyjoe00

    January 22-23 winter storm banter

    Lots of Snow in Upper Cape May County...also lots of drinky drinky in Cape May County...bring on the rain and slop!!! Cut the accum...I am okay it snowed. If the rain melts it all away...it's okay!!! I won't be bitter!!!
  6. Jerseyjoe00

    January 22-23 winter storm banter

    Ray on wutv
  7. Jerseyjoe00

    2/26 obs

    28 degrees, moderate to heavy snow falling. Closing in on 2" in Marmora (Northern Cape May County). Schools in the lower part of county closed. Middle and Upper parts of county kept schools open.