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  1. 4.4" includes .2" yesterday between 7-10AM ish 30F
  2. Measured 3.6" since last night, 3.8" total. I'd say moderate snow. 30F
  3. quite the spread. I guess it's the 2 waves?
  4. Mt Holly ups snowfall forecast for northern areas
  5. Just to clarify, right now Lehigh Valley looks like 1-3" type from first wave, and pretty much nada from 2nd? Afternoon into PM rush appears to be the greatest impact time? Thanks!
  6. Winter Banter Thread

    My TV almost ended up in the front yard during the first half
  7. about 1.80" (storm total) in the Davis, 36F, nothing frozen (yet)
  8. Winter Banter Thread

    Mitch dominating!
  9. Winter Banter Thread

    Weather Underground acknowledges problem:
  10. 1.00" rain, hi temp of 62F
  11. Winter Banter Thread

    Looks as if Wunderground and Intellicast are back to normal
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Great Hydrology write-up in this afternoon's AFD by Mt. Holly's Ray Kruzdlo. Fully explains the impact of the upcoming rain and ice on area rivers and streams. (Hydrology is near the end of the discussion) https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=PHI&issuedby=PHI&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off