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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! (I know, a true Irishman would never mix their Guinness)
  2. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Anyone able to get into their gardens yet? Just not able to here yet. Plus too dang cold to be out doing that kind of work! I may force myself this weekend to get out and maybe plant onions and a few seeds?
  3. Mt Holly (below average confidence) forecast:
  4. 3" very wet snow. Tough to measure, a lot of melting. #embarrassed
  5. So, what happens to that heavy band? Does it just snow itself out, or will it move?
  6. Update map from Mt Holly (I would assume this is additional snowfall from 10 AM
  7. Steady light snow 34/32 just starting to coat. had rain earlier overnight .09"
  8. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I was trying to catch the melt pattern on that far hill. After I took the picture I noticed to the left of the road a handful of power company trucks doing repairs on some pretty tall power lines on a hill. Winds were pretty brisk, that could not have been easy. Thanks to all those guys!
  9. 3" on the board. That board was wet when snow started, so who knows how much melted before "stickage" happened! (plus had fair amount of sleet mixing for most of the afternoon). 32/31 still snowin' and blowin'
  10. measured 1.5" wet snow and sleet at 1:30. Currently 32.5F with wind driven snow and sleet
  11. A bit of snow just started mixing in 37/36
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    5.83" Liquid MTD
  13. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Like other gardeners, I am starting to feel the itch to get out and dig around. Thinking of when I can throw down some cool weather plant seeds (snow peas, spinach, lettuce, and some other greens), but waiting for the soil temps to warm a bit. Has anyone used plastic covers to warm the soil, or should I just wait for good ol' Ma Nature to do her thing?