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  1. My daughter just sent me this from Citrus County FL late this afternoon (sorry, out of area post)
  2. Seems like the best that I see in midsummer is some mid/upper 50's after storms/cold fronts. That is welcomed relief. This morning's 48 (here) likely the last 40's for a while.
  3. Pretty remarkable 13.62" rain for the month of May
  4. Showers with some heavier downpours with lightning and some loud rumbles of thunder here just before 6AM, .44". Will be interesting to see if this first round will either enhance/lessen/have no impact on storms later today.
  5. morning low of 36F, 8' above the ground. Grass did look like some light frost on it.
  6. 1.77" Fri PM-Mon AM 7.33" for the Month
  7. KDIX radar has been out for a while. Hopefully whatever fix they are doing will last a long while
  8. 1.13" and 48F. Must double-check, but closing in on 7" for the month.
  9. some decent lightning, thunder, and brief heavy rain.
  10. another .45" since 7AM; 4.23" total so far. Showers persistent all day. (Not including .36" Friday night/Sat.AM)
  11. Yes it is Tony. Rarely see the Cocorahs gauge so full! Looks like about another .25" since 7AM, so likely over 4" now. The Martins Creek is running high, but unlikely it will get close to flooding. Have not yet ventured out to see extent of any flooding. Can't imagine what the Delaware R. will look like by tomorrow, its been running fairly high all Spring.
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