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  1. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    NAM looks like about 1-1.5” for a lot of the area
  2. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    18z NAM way further north and west with the snow for tomorrow.
  3. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    Quickly sticking to everything even coming down lightly
  4. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    Flakes flying in Baltimore
  5. 12/14 & 12/15 Clipper Mania

    Winter weather advisories hoisted for I-95 northwest makes sense given it’ll stick to everything
  6. Coming down heavy in Baltimore
  7. They’re always so tentative, they have to be though or they can look awfully foolish
  8. Yeah think this one is on life support
  9. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this site is our area is very difficult to forecast for and a lot has to go right for a storm to pan out (especially this time of year) no sense giving credence to the one of the worst models more than a day out from the event
  10. To quote Tom “just give me qpf”
  11. Fly frontier, it’ll be less than half of that
  12. GFS ticked a little east again at 12z
  13. I'd love to come I'm a golfing fanatic but I'll be at school unfortunately.
  14. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I've played there a few times really really nice course