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  1. Yeah pretty sure NWS for Raleigh area is saying maybe 2” in the higher elevations
  2. 00z GFS shifted a bit north also... not saying there’s much of a chance but something to watch maybe
  3. This place is a ghost town😂 gotta think of how we’ve been spoiled the last 10-15 or so winters makes me feel a little better
  4. Lol whiff again for Sunday. Worst winter of my lifetime
  5. Exactly with this garbage airmass can’t really expect much down my way y’all getting a few inches is a huge win
  6. The models really struggling up until game time with these last two “snows”
  7. Very interesting set up. We have to live in the toughest forecast areas in the country for snow (really weird set ups and always on the rain snow line and millions of people that complain when a forecast is wrong) Always gotta keep the expectations in check. I’ll take any measurable snow this time of year.
  8. 10-11 days, models starting to hint at a potential period to watch
  9. I was looking at NAM/hrrr and obviously they’re a little out of range but it looks like morning showers tomorrow possibly? Will that effect heating/sun potential for afternoon storms?
  10. Yeah... I’m not optimistic. See what it looks like in the morning but it looks like SEPA is the bullseye
  11. What’s expected start time tomorrow? Will a 1 o’clock golf round in Montco be in jeopardy?
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