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  1. I was looking at NAM/hrrr and obviously they’re a little out of range but it looks like morning showers tomorrow possibly? Will that effect heating/sun potential for afternoon storms?
  2. Yeah... I’m not optimistic. See what it looks like in the morning but it looks like SEPA is the bullseye
  3. What’s expected start time tomorrow? Will a 1 o’clock golf round in Montco be in jeopardy?
  4. Giant flood in front of my house happened last year also 76BFA360-11C4-4119-B56F-F1A5A48A92D5.MOV
  5. I’m taking the brunt of this in Newtown right now under a tornado warning the sky was black a few minutes ago really scary stuff
  6. I was out of town for the January storm last year, 2 of the March ones and I leave for Florida tomorrow morning... I’m sure this one will pan out then too. Enjoy the storm!
  7. I don’t have a ruler but it seems reasonable that we have 4-5” in Baltimore
  8. Yeah it’s really shutting down here in Maryland. Radar very dry to the west
  9. Mod/heavy snow in Baltimore, university closed today
  10. Surprised “deep thunder” hasn’t been posted yet lol. Looking forward to a few inches tomorrow, in a decent spot down here
  11. Gfs looks a touch colder for the Wednesday system, solid front end thump for just about everyone.
  12. I was back in bucks county visiting family for our only good snowstorm here lol
  13. Very light sleet/freezing rain in Baltimore very painful watching 10 miles to my north get 3-4” of snow today. In my 3 years here I’ve learned to appreciate how tough it is to get it to snow in a city especially on the I-95 corridor
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