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  1. GFS ticked a little east again at 12z
  2. I'd love to come I'm a golfing fanatic but I'll be at school unfortunately.
  3. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I've played there a few times really really nice course
  4. Yeah I never really know what to expect on days where there is a threat of thunderstorms there's so many factors that the models can't seem to handle at all which can make any day a complete bust or a huge hit must be very hard to forecast
  5. Great job by NWS calling the watch with this way before the models were fully on board on it making it here.
  6. Good luck at school! At least you'll get some good snows up there at Cuse! I go back to Loyola in Baltimore in a few weeks I think we got 2 inches last year total lol
  7. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Nothing beats an overnight storm watching the lightning flashes outside the window that was awesome!
  8. Surprised only marginal risk issued today... I guess just shows the elusiveness of how convective activity sprouts.
  9. Coming right towards me hope it holds
  10. Looks like that line is starting to form a bit of a bow
  11. Pouring with tons of thunder in richboro
  12. 7/6-7/7 Heavy Rain/ embedded T-storms OBS

    Haha I golfed today and it didn't rain a bit I'm a golf nut so I always go no matter what the weather
  13. It seems like this will be through the area by early morning now so the day can be salvaged
  14. I live in newtown too and me and my fam jokingly say there's a bubble around here when it comes to severe weather lol