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  1. 18z NAM also north... I’ll remain hopeful for some flakes in Baltimore
  2. Hard to believe this is still 5-6 days away feels like this has been tracked for over a week already
  3. Yes my brother said a couple inches roads covered
  4. Dumping in Baltimore still all snow what a nice surprise
  5. Steadiest snow of the day just north of Baltimore no sleet mixing right now
  6. Snow/sleet mix in Baltimore streets are slush covered
  7. Looks like it’s right on my door step. Saw reports of snow in Alexandria VA. That’s a good sign
  8. 35 currently on the north side of Baltimore. I’ll be up early tomorrow let everyone know what’s going on down this way... should be a good indicator.
  9. Seanvolz98

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Absolutely. Seems like every round has been rained out this year
  10. Seanvolz98

    Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Any thoughts tomorrow on widespread rain in southeastern pa? Playing in a golf tournament
  11. Well there’s a river in my street.... never seen this before in the years my family has lived here
  12. Seanvolz98

    Easter Monday Snow/White Rain/Rain?

    It wouldn’t be a snow threat without a heisy panic post 6 hours before start time
  13. Poor after noon. We didn’t have any additional accums after noon. Most reports between 5-6” around me