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  1. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Absolutely. Seems like every round has been rained out this year
  2. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    Any thoughts tomorrow on widespread rain in southeastern pa? Playing in a golf tournament
  3. Well there’s a river in my street.... never seen this before in the years my family has lived here
  4. Easter Monday Snow/White Rain/Rain?

    It wouldn’t be a snow threat without a heisy panic post 6 hours before start time
  5. Poor after noon. We didn’t have any additional accums after noon. Most reports between 5-6” around me
  6. 7.2” back home in Newtown pa
  7. Really lightened up in Baltimore the past few hours... probably done. Solid storm for March!
  8. I can confirm mod/heavy snow in Baltimore. We are finally cashing in down here
  9. Are you serious? We’re about to get a pretty significant winter storm in late March a little shift in banding right before the storm always happens
  10. Really not a bad thing to have this south for now. I believe the tendency is for things to shift north this late in the year especially?
  11. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    This threat will crash and burn im not in Florida for this one
  12. GFS shifted north at 18z pretty good for southern area