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  1. I have no idea exactly how much rain we received, but a lightning bolt definitely struck within a small radius of my house. My god that thunder was loud.
  2. Absolutely torrential rain in Cherry Hill
  3. We were under that tornado warning (I didn’t know at the time), we had some very intense rain and wind around 3:45. It was legit.
  4. Stray flurries for the second day in a row.
  5. I’ll go with a C+ or maybe a generous B- here. I’m not a HECS hunter but a decent storm would be nice.
  6. Sleet and wet snow here. Driveway is a mess.
  7. Mod to heavy snow everything but pavement caving
  8. Thanks for the explanation and sorry for that rare whine from me.
  9. Definitely mixing now
  10. Of course right after I made that post I think it’s starting to mix in my part of Cherry Hill.
  11. Soo why hasn’t it changed over here yet? It should be cold enough, the critical layers seem to be cold enough. So what is going on?
  12. Pretty sure the tidbits maps are the ones that are unreliable. And I don’t think that map matches up with the hour 26 in the SV map. Regardless, there looks to be a decent thump before anything changes over.
  13. Not quite SE enough for my liking. Still time to trend better.
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