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  1. I wasn't able to get my own measurement, but it looks like someone else in Cherry Hill was able to. Looks like they had exactly 5". I'd say we were around there ourselves.
  2. Flurries are becoming gradually steadier in Cherry Hill, NJ.
  3. Article is paywalled.
  4. Great American Eclipse

    Even without totality, interesting experience. Clouds were broken enough to see the peak.
  5. 4/29 Marginal Risk For Severe & A Run At 90 OBS.

    ACY currently at 91.
  6. Our power surprisingly came back about 30 minutes ago. They were estimating 3:15pm.
  7. Big wind gust took another branch down
  8. As for what it's doing here right now... I have no clue. A mixture of just about everything it seems, and I'm not going outside.
  9. Things are not good either here in Cherry Hill. We lost power about 45 minutes ago and tree branches are down and apparently there are wires down at a major intersection.
  10. They ended up dropping Ocean and changing them to WSW.
  11. That was actually the 13th, I was thinking of it a little earlier. I think we got just over 14" before sleeting a little. Difference there was the ptypes changed when the intensity lessened.
  12. PD2 had some sleet and we did fine in the end.
  13. There's almost always going to be some sort of issue in a major storm. Very few have really truly reached their full potential.