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  1. Tacked on another 0.2” in the evening yesterday for a storm total of 0.3”
  2. Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County - Had 0.1" of snow on the ground earlier this morning, but it has since melted away. Temp is at 34 with a constant light snow that isn't accumulating with the marginal temps and the sun occasionally trying to break through the clouds. Going to be interesting to watch what unfolds later this afternoon and evening for those folks that get into the heavy banding.
  3. 31 degrees with freezing drizzle.
  4. Have transitioned to all snow in Zionsville, PA. Large wet flakes
  5. 35 degrees with some flurries falling in Zionsville, PA Lehigh County
  6. First flakes of the season from a snow shower currently here in Zionsville, PA. Temp is 33 👍
  7. I wasn’t home when the tornado warned cell hit my area around 3:30 p.m. but here are a couple hail photos from the emmaus, pa that friends took. Lots of flooding in the area from the heavy rain that fell from 5:30 to 6:30.
  8. Had some pea sized hail mixed in with the heavy rain with this first cell that moved through here in Zionsville, PA. Wind wasn’t too bad. Lots of lightning.
  9. My wife just drove through this heavy thunderstorm in Macungie and reports quarter sized hail falling in Macungie, PA. I’m a little south in Zionsville, PA and confirm dime sized hail.
  10. Nov 15: 5.8" / Nov 16: 1.5" Dec 16: 0.2" Jan 18: 0.4" / Jan 19: 1.4" / Jan 29: 3.7" / Jan 30: 0.8" Feb 11: 0.7" / Feb 12: 2.0" / Feb 20: 2.8" / Feb 28: 0.2" Mar 01: 1.4" / Mar 02: 3.6" / Mar 04: 6.6" Total Snowfall to Date: 31.1"
  11. 6.6" total snow accumulation - Zionsville, PA
  12. 3.9” in Zionsville, PA at 9 p.m.
  13. 33 with snow. 0.9” accumulation
  14. Light snow has begun in Zionsville, PA
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