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  1. So when does Tony's new avatar get rolled out? I think I have to switch my Snowtoro avatar to Totoro in recognition of what a travesty this winter has been.
  2. Can a Moderator please close this thread? I say good riddance to tracking a trace of snow all winter long!
  3. The CPC D+11 analog list includes March 4, 2009 which is one day after this KU.
  4. FWIW, the 0Z Euro has some wintry fun at D11 for areas well to the northwest of the fall line. Hopefully, it'll remain tomorrow, disappear on Friday, and reappear on Saturday to avoid Tony's D9 KOD.
  5. Is that when water vapor inexplicably condenses into a solid instead of a liquid as per conventional Mid Atlantic thermodynamics? That sounds wondrous but hard to imagine.
  6. The CPC D+8 (centered on March 1) analog dates include February 12, 2006. The CPC D+8 and D+6 (centered on February 27) include March 14 & 15, 1956 (~four days before March 18-19, 1956).
  7. I'll try to avoid the cynicism of a C-2" forecast. Am looking forward to a better showing by the GEPS.
  8. In case you didn't know, KBS = Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
  9. Better hide this thread from Tom. I think he said he would go ballistic if it snowed in the Carolinas.
  10. Tom, do any of the teleconnections give you an idea of whether it'll be dry or not during this period? So far this Yawnter, each cold period has been dry, so a forecast based upon persistence would lead to no snow.
  11. While the festive December mood ordinarily dulls the blahs associated with the lack of sun, this season has had so little sun it seems. I truly cannot wait for the huge amount of evening sunlight that we'll accumulate in the next 30 days. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this year I'd take abundant sunshine over any late season snow storm (snow weenies gasp).
  12. Tom, when was the jan 21st system? Maybe before I moved here in the summer of 2006?
  13. My favorite one has to be the 2009 December 18 storm. I was first introduced to the weather community and amateur forecasting by lurking on the Eastern web site. Although I understood only every third word of what they were saying, I was captivated and lost many hours of sleep refreshing the browser on my BlackBerry. It was thrilling to hear the confidence coming from forecasters such as Wes Junker. His thoughts helped me win the snowfall projection contest we had at work with a guess of 12-18". At the same time, I became more interested in the chase and the height of the storm itself instead of the snow on the ground itself. I became strangely disinterested in enjoying the snow once the storm stopped. But I still enjoy shoveling snow for some strange reason.
  14. I think you give me far too much credit for an ability to interpret these maps. But since you posted a snowman emoji, I'm all in...
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