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  1. While I am not a pumpkin spice fan and find very few pumpkin ales to actually be drinkable (like Southern Tier's offerings), I'll be glad when craft brewers start focusing on cold weather brews. I'm pretty sick of summer beers.
  2. One year, we unwittingly bought a Christmas tree with a nest in it. By Christmas morning, we had infant mantises crawling all over the family room carpet. My wife was really creeped out.
  3. But here's the problem. Now that I've seen all the blues, Snowlurker's law mandates that future forecasts will flip the blues to oranges, salmons and reds. Maybe I should avoid this thread until 11/30 as a favor to the entire forum...🤔
  4. 92.7 and 74.1 = HI of 103 in Newark, DE. I have the reverse Tombo problem in that my office is extra chilly, so stepping outside for a couple minutes felt pretty awesome!
  5. Given how recent Septembers have transpired, don't you mean "get you in the mood for fail"?
  6. I bought two tons of dry ice for Paul but told him to hold off on application of it until September. I predict that 4 will be final number.
  7. With Tony's guaranteed long-duration heat wave next week in mind, looks like the leader board will change drastically. If we get another typical September, we might just hit the mid 30s!
  8. Please - I just wanna hang on to summer a little longer before pumpkin spice season 😭
  9. Your posts sound smarter already 😎
  10. Surprising NOAA ups odds above average hurricane season: this season could produce quite a bit of activity
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