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  1. I think Smyrna may wind up being categorized as a tornado.
  2. damage to house in Bear, DE just north of the C&D Canal
  3. I think the center may have passed over. The sun tried peeking out for about 10 minutes.
  4. I don't have a weather station, but Middletown is experiencing its highests gusts now.
  5. Our lull/showers just ended as well. Back to wind-driven rain.
  6. Major destruction just north of me. Entire roof torn off a few miles north. Tons of trees down.
  7. Any way to tell where the center of the storm is?
  8. Another house in the area had multiple trees downed.
  9. My daughter just showed me a video showing what appears to be tornado damage a few miles north of me. One outer wall separated from another and the ceiling to leave a decent gap.
  10. Nevermind, it looks like it went over my house already.
  11. Hey, what's going on near me? I heard something was spotted in Middletown.
  12. Brian, do you know if/where these maps can be generated from NWS model guidance? I didn't see the WRF (ARW) 5km anywhere. I'm interested to start looking at over the course of the day/evening.
  13. For assessing potential winds, which model output does everyone think is most relevant at this time frame? If there's a possibility of big gusts in my neck of the woods, I'll need to take some time to pack stuff from my yard/deck into my garage.
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