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  1. I'm glad to see that you're specially marking a glorious 30 days of maximum sun!
  2. There's good representation for both BB and soccer down here. Although soccer is pretty terrific, there's more variety to BB, speaking as a fan of course. But then again I'm somewhat long in the tooth myself.
  3. you ain't kiddin. I just looked at the radar loop. good luck!
  4. Good points, Paul. While I agree with your points and absolutely crave baseball, at the same time they need to do something about the HR/K couplet that they're currently burdened with.
  5. The language policeman in me would say that Andy only has power in between storms.
  6. Oh, okay it's a point. That was really dumb of me. Thanks Tony!
  7. My wife turns 50 tomorrow and would like to celebrate it at the beach on Assateague Island. The only close-by restaurant that is milestone birthday-worthy is the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD. We obtained a 5:30pm reservation for outdoor dining...the only type they offer right now. All my celebration plans would pan out except that there's a 15% chance of precipitation in the afternoon there, climbing to 35% by 8:00pm. I've googled how to interpret the PoP, but the problem is that I don't know the square mileage of the grid point upon which they assign the PoP. If there was a 20% chance over the entirety of Delaware that's one thing, but if the 20% is only over my local neighborhood, that's another. Can anyone please help? I don't want to be rained on during dinner, yet plan B isn't as good as plan A.
  8. This is great weather right now for sure, but we definitely paid for it during the month of Nodecanuaryarchpril.
  9. Incredible day out for yard work and flying a kite
  10. I fully intend to follow the CDC's guidelines on masks, that's for sure. That being said, I wonder if it's a difference in the audience receiving the message? The CDC issues guidelines for Americans, one of the wealthiest nations and who ideally have excellent opportunities to provide masks to everyone. In contrast, the WHO issues guidelines for ALL countries, both well-developed countries with money to purchase masks and countries having far fewer resources for the purchase of masks. I wonder if the WHO's guidance was calibrated with this in mind so as to avoid a run on masks in countries where there aren't as many to go around.
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