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  1. As in shoot it in the head? That summer was absolutely miserable.
  2. So....when are Tony and Tom going to go golfing to make all snow weenies' dreams come true for 2018-2019?
  3. snowlurker

    That 30s club

    I keep a knockin' but I can't come in. But I did make it well down into the 40s. Feels glorious.
  4. Yes, I totally agree with your optimism (just need NAO and AO to fall in line), but retain (as any sane person might) a healthy dose of realism.
  5. Given the odds that we'll FINALLY have el nino conditions this is very hopeful. Apart from ENSO, do you know which teleconnections to use in distinguishing between these two very outcomes?
  6. While I like to see long-term forecast "consensus" (if you can call it that) on BN temperatures and AN precip, that can lead to two perhaps equally likely outcomes. In the first one, we get AN snow and almost everyone on this forum is filled with joy. In the second one, we get longer periods of dry and cold interrupted by brief periods of (very) wet and warm such that the temperatures overall average out to BN.
  7. OMG that video is so darn funny!
  8. There must be a whole lot of people missing if the reports were true that only half of the residents of Mexico Beach evacuated. From the drone footage, it looked like wide swaths had 90% of the structures just scoured away. While I'm still fascinated by extreme weather, the zeal with which I tracked hurricanes has been really affected by this. So sad for those poor people.
  9. I guess I'll have to put my fancy camera away until someone can say it more bluntly 😔
  10. Mitch, I don't suppose you know if has this been stable over the weeks/months? Some of these are awfully flip-floppy.
  11. snowlurker

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I think my point and click is broken. I don't see any rain forecast in it ?!?!
  12. snowlurker

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Yeah, so many games cancelled