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  1. One 2.5" snowfall (Feb 16, 1993) and two Traces. The other six were Blurtarskys. I'm very interested to see what pops up tomorrow.
  2. The D+11 list of analog dates centered on March 4th do not recite any KU dates. However, the D+8 list spits out a date one day prior to the 1993 Superstorm and one day prior to the March, 1960 nor'easter.
  3. Hmmmm.... As you all know, I have continued to check the D+8 and D+11 lists of composite analog dates and have been bummed to see a general lack of KU dates being spit out. The D+11 list of analog dates centered on March 3rd only spit out one KU date: 19930313. (cue angels signing on from high)
  4. snowlurker

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Busy morning/afternoon, so just reporting now. In Newark, we had ~2.5" OTG when I left at 12:30. We had less in Middletown. Precip in Middletown shut off around 2:00. The secondary road leading to my neighborhood was very slippery...had to keep it down to around 20 mph.
  5. snowlurker

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Just flurries here and there in Middletown, DE. Two minutes, boom, changed to light snow.
  6. I don't suppose anyone in a position to recite the PHL changeover time for the various models? I've put in at least 20 minutes on my own looking at model output available to me, but I simply don't have enough info to understand the earliest/latest time we might expect a change in p-type.
  7. Although it's not within 24 hours yet, FWIW the 6z NAM FSU banding tool shows banding fizzling out a bit after traversing over DC. I will be interested to see the 12z and especially 18z.
  8. snowlurker

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    As an indication of how far north the warmth later reached, it was sleeting just south of Syracuse this morning and ZR around Binghamton.
  9. snowlurker

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    Isn't it surprising that it is non-frozen this early? I checked p-types over time for a variety of locations between Syracuse and Northern Philly suburbs and wasn't expecting non-frozen until much later.
  10. snowlurker

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    Any reports of ZR north of the city up through the pokes?
  11. I've been out of town and have not had the chance to look at any model output yet. Can somebody please tell me when this is projected to start?
  12. After many, many days of showing well AN temps and our region mostly being on the a normal to dry side of the precipitation gradient, the D+11 CPC-made analog composite maps shows the AN temps being significantly beaten down and a 70% chance of AN precipitation. FINALLY...
  13. Really??? Wow, I guess I was only paying attention to times when the PNA was negative. Thanks for letting me know.