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  1. Hopefully just a shovel but throw in the ice pick just in case. I will supply the food and beverages!
  2. If the euro went past 240 hours it would show one heck of a storm somewhere in the east
  3. Everyone knew the pig of a se ridge was bull crap so no one should be surprised the models are beginning to correct themselves. Still think we have a cutter or two this week but come Christmas and beyond it looks good for snow and cold chances. Since I probably won't need to caddie for Tony maybe he can come and shovel my driveway????
  4. I will throw a ice scraper in Tony's bag.
  5. I would be a valuable asset to you as a caddie if you spend a lot of times behind or under trees. I have years of experience dealing with that fine dilemma 🙁
  6. Oh I know you were! I just have trouble trusting the GFS 6 hours out, let alone 276 hours out. No doubt one heck of a gradient is going to be set up near us. Hopefully we all end up on the north side of it. If the se ridge is being overplayed by the models we should be ok. If not I guess I will carry Tony's golf clubs Christmas week
  7. GEFS for the same time frame. If you want to wear shorts at temps just above freezing, go for it.
  8. GFS 2m 276 hour temp maps???? 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. That's a good time for it
  10. Ended up with 6" out here in Lancaster. Terrific band set up and just dumped for awhile.
  11. Any snow chances leading up to Christmas?
  12. Even the best winters I have ever remembered in my 53 years all had cutters in them. No big deal really.
  13. A southeast ridge at times can be good, depending on the strength of it. Nothing seen today or tonight is awful. I will take my chances with a south ridge over a dry boring NW flow any day of the week and twice on Sunday's