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  1. I think you maybe underestimating the fresh cold air mass that is in place as the storm arrives. Don’t get me wrong no one should be expecting what some of those snowmaps are showing but this is a pretty darn impressive air mass and Canadian high setting up shop in a pretty ideal spot.
  2. Is this the storm Tom said he would ban himself until spring if it were to occur?? Dang I will miss him 😥
  3. Saving up the new bus for the big snows later this winter but for now this we do. ALL ABOARD!!!
  4. For now the bus stays parked in my terminal. I think December we take our first ride on it
  5. Meh. Just seems like every winter we end punting December. I like Christmas to be cold, not 55 to 70 like they have been lately. Plus if it snows it tends to stay around longer since the sun angle is as low as it can be and the daylight is shorter.
  6. I think the problem is we have seen 2002-2003 and 2009-2010 thrown around as analogs and while neither of those December’s were cold they are remembered for the snowstorms that occurred. I for one am getting tired of December’s being warm and March’s being cold. One of these winters I hope it changes.
  7. Feb for Administrator!!!!
  8. Just get it cold and wintery by Christmas.
  9. That’s it, winter is over. I have officially canceled it. You are all welcome