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  1. Really is mute point since ensembles at this point are useless. They just follow the op and the euro bumped north a bit. Maybe DC will sneak in an inch or so but I wouldn’t be expecting anything north of there.
  2. This will be more right than the EPS. Typical Euro garbage of dumping cold into the west. It’s a well known bias.
  3. Our next threat will be right before Christmas. Love the look after our brief relaxation. And more threats will follow. This storm can kiss my you know what. Better times are coming. The Bus is coming for you
  4. I will take the under week two and three. Week two is +2. Week Three +1.
  5. I am about ready to cancel winter, just like I did last February
  6. After the teasing the GGEM did this week I hate Canada. Hope it rains up there!!!☺️
  7. The only thing I got right about this storm, when some were fearing a cutter, was I said the day was coming when we would need a north trend. Sure isn’t a cutter
  8. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=PHI&product=AFD&format=txt&version=1&glossary=0&highlight=off excellent discussion today from Mt Holly
  9. I traded the bus in for a boat today. I sure hope I make it to Saturday
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