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  1. At some point we are going to pay for all this chilly weather. Could it be a flip to heat for the summer or come next winter it just is mild, trust me, the tide will turn sometime
  2. Just give a freakin 75 sunny day for once. Haven’t had that since February 😳
  3. I have November 30 th penciled in on my calendar to cancel it.
  4. Give me the miller a’s of an El Niño. 2009/10 and January 2016 style. No screw jobs. Everyone gets pounded.
  5. I still prefer it over la Nina’s northern stream crap/ Miller B screw job junk.
  6. Probably will happen. While getting the blocking was great and led to a good march I would sooner see it happen earlier in winter. Come next December it will probably be a +NAO on steroids
  7. Looks like the euro has a nice surge of warmth around day 8 and 9 before it cools down after
  8. At least with tracking in April we only have 6 months until we start checking out 384 hr gfs runs
  9. Hopefully we get blocking earlier next winter
  10. The Nam didn’t give quakertown his snow 😥
  11. Hopefully we get this type of blocking say around December 5 of this year
  12. Hey look what happened when I canceled winter.
  13. Stick a fork in it. Ever since Tom told Mitch it was coming to him and instead it shifted 400 miles the other direction, it was over