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  1. 1.45” total for the storm.
  2. 63 degrees. Rainfall so far .91”.
  3. Yea looks like that will move west of here and the Susquehanna River later this evening. Fine by me. Keep the gentle rain falling here.
  4. Closing in on .50”. No downpours just a nice steady rain. With the ground as dry and parched as it is, downpours would just run off. This is perfect
  5. About a quarter of an inch so far which is almost the total for the first 20 days of July
  6. Liquid sunshine. Just what the dr, my lawn and garden needed.
  7. Yea last Sunday areas got hit and we got nothing here. Then Tuesday just .14” fell. I live in willow street, just south of the city of Lancaster
  8. I will take it. I know the grass and garden will take it.
  9. Dry begets dry. So far this month I have had .3”. Need rain badly.
  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    0.00” today. 0.16” for the month
  11. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Lol rain somehow misses me. Dry as a bone here.
  12. Grass is brown and going dormant. Not sure I ever saw it look this bad so early in the summer.
  13. I agree. Can’t wait to cancel winter in November. 😉