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  1. Please no, Feb doesn’t want 6” of rain. You can have it Tony
  2. It moves Florence in every direction possible. NW. then N. Stall. S. SW. W. NW. N. And gets heavy rain up in our neck of the woods
  3. I see the GFS has taken advantage of the legalization of marijuana. Strange strange run
  4. Gfs just destroys NC. Hope it is wrong. Feel real bad for people down there
  5. But then does landfall her into NC and brings rain up this way
  6. I have been there many times. I sure hope the GFS doesn’t verify. It just sits there. Would cause catastrophic damage down there.
  7. 12z GFS levels the OBX. Brings flooding rains to our local area
  8. Please don’t tell me the new GFS has issues 😫
  9. Add the euro to slamming OBX next Friday
  10. I should have said less likely than a couple of days ago. Minus the euro which hasn’t updated yet all 12z models landfall Florence somewhere along the east coast.
  11. I have had 2 feet of rain since my ground was as dry as a bone. I think normal occurrences maybe a thing of the past
  12. 12z gfs destroys SNE while ICON, GGEM and the UKMET smash North Carolina. Recurve looking less and less likely