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  1. 18z GEFS the snowiest run of the winter
  2. Nice look on the GEFS. Nice to see high pressure across southern Canada , just like the gfs has
  3. Apparently the GFS is at the bar for happy hour already
  4. Big time improvements on the GEFS
  5. The 12z and 18z runs seemed to have stopped the bad trends of the 0z and 6z runs.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/antmasiello/status/973887035701366785
  7. GEFS way north too. Mostly all rainers
  8. 6z gfs just followed the euro and ggem and makes this mainly a rainstorm for us and another New England snowstorm. At least this threat is ending early
  9. If Gilly gets more than lancaster he bans himself. 👍
  10. I plan on road tripping to gilly for this one