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  1. Camels don’t mind a visit from Barney. They seem quite comfortable actually...
  2. We’re just outside Dublin. No lightning or thunder but that was the most intense wind we’ve had since Sandy. Heard all kinds of things coming down in the darkness out there.
  3. Could roast marshmallows on the breaker that just exploded in front of my house. Tree down on the wires - oh the joys of living in the woods on a windy night
  4. Saw the blue flash on the horizon and then drove up 152 through Chalfont with no traffic lights. Trying to cross 202 was the hardest I’ve leaned on the horn in a while. I’d say someday people will understand an intersection with a dead light is a four way stop but I’d never believe it.
  5. We may not win a sleeve of balls but that qualifies Frank and me for a tee or something right?
  6. This was posted Friday morning by a farm right down the street from us. Anyone ever heard of a fog bow?
  7. Anybody know when the Weather channel came back to Fios? Just noticed it today but no idea how long it’s been back....
  8. They do brew their own stuff. You should check out their restaurant up on the north side of the lake if you get the chance!
  9. Up at the lake this weekend with some his and hers beverages...
  10. Saw my first pumpkin beers out today...Fall is coming!
  11. I was just being optimistic and trying to shoot low but I’ll take my 15 minutes...
  12. I live on Twinbrook Road. Last time the twin brooks crossed the road was Sandy.
  13. A friend of mine was a medic up there this weekend and said a majority of the tent sites were virtually destroyed or badly damaged and he treated numerous injuries of varying degree. Nothing life threatening but some were sent to local hospitals for further treatment.
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