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  1. I live on Twinbrook Road. Last time the twin brooks crossed the road was Sandy.
  2. A friend of mine was a medic up there this weekend and said a majority of the tent sites were virtually destroyed or badly damaged and he treated numerous injuries of varying degree. Nothing life threatening but some were sent to local hospitals for further treatment.
  3. Moving from other topic sorry... In Dixon City west of Lake Wallenpaupack around 5:00 - hail only pea sized but it sounded like golf balls hitting our roof F0831B22-AE0C-4A05-B6C2-BAED6910E543.MOV
  4. A zoomed out view of the same timeframe...
  5. View about 20 minutes ago approaching North Wales on 309 right before driving through the monsoon...
  6. I’m going low and optimistic with 25 - doubt I’ll tie with anyone down here in the puddles of my back yard but I’ll throw a 2 out for the tie breaker.
  7. Just drove through quite the flizzard in Tobyhanna and Wallenpaupack. Temp hit 38 approaching the lake.
  8. We brought down 6 or 7 just like it in the Fall to prevent this from happening. If it comes down the other way my house is obliterated.
  9. We didn’t get much wind but this came down after the heavy downpour. When your core is rotted out and your roots are completely saturated you won’t last long...
  10. We had a great horned owl take over a hawk’s nest in our woods. I was able to get some drone pics of the “baby” owlet but momma flew off before we got there. Either way baby takes up most of the nest as it is...
  11. I’ve only got season 7 to go before 8 starts. Haven’t watched the trailer yet but it’s been some pretty amazing television.
  12. Does anyone know if a WWA automatically triggers a travel advisory? We’re supposed to fly the family to FL on Tuesday evening and the airline said we can change/cancel our flight if a travel advisory is issued. I see the WWA for tonight is out for Philly but I don’t see a travel advisory at all. If they issue the travel advisory for Tuesday we’re going to drive down so 30 hours of my life hangs in the balance...
  13. Not sure how widespread the outage is but power just went out in the greater Perkasie area.
  14. Might be a real early morning blow before it turns to concrete or gets washed away right?
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