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  1. Wildlife

    Yeah that's definitely it. Thanks for finding this we had no idea what it was. That said I did terminate it, I figured it was people friendly much less kid friendly.
  2. Wildlife

    Anybody have any idea what this thing is or is suffering from?
  3. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    I prefer the stronger pumpkin taste as well. Pumpking is awesome but pretty pricey. The Blue Moon pumpkin is excellent as well and much more affordable for quantities more than singles.
  4. Sorry wasn't trying to shout you down. Actually now that I look back I'm not sure what I was trying to say there. Sorry!
  5. Medium - long range tropics

    Wasn't this tomorrow's forecast for Irma as of last Saturday?
  6. Major Hurricane Irma

    Courtesy of @JoelNihlean -Hurricane Andrew, one of the costliest storms in Florida's history, superimposed in front of Hurricane Irma...incredible the size and scope of this storm...
  7. Summer Banter Thread

    Sometimes it's overlapping the page numbers but it's back and works so thanks guys!
  8. Summer Banter Thread

    No idea where to put this but it's still Summer so I'm going with it. Any idea how to get the "update" buttons back on the threads on the mobile view so you can snap to only the unread posts? Thanks in advance!
  9. Disturbing images from downtown Houston are increasing in number as well
  10. Interesting page with all the local tide gauges https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/quicklook/view.html?name=HARVEY
  11. We just had one of those here. My daughter is now curled up in our bedroom and I'm waiting for the boys to come scampering in at any moment...
  12. Great American Eclipse

    Some cool shots from a friend of mine in Des Moines, IA outside the capital building.
  13. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    You have to play the wind and the additional gravitational pull...
  14. Sunset pictures

    Just got home but crazy sunset behind the incoming storm in Turbotville tonight.
  15. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Threat imminent in Turbotville...mad scramble to bring in the grills and lawn chairs!