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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    No idea where to put this but I have to share as a graduate of Virginia Tech my shame over last nights loss has been overwhelmingly forgotten as I watch UVA make history in the most stunning incredible way. To watch a team quit like that and become the answer to the trivia question awaiting an answer since the very first tournament tip-off...I don’t even care if it snows next week now 🤗👏
  2. Real nasty slushy base put down. It’s all snow coming down but very wet and messy - nothing fluffy about this storm. About 2in total atm.
  3. March Heisy Madness 2.0 Storm Banter Thread

    Just threw some toy trucks in the yard. Let my kids burn off some energy finding and digging them out in the 10 minutes between the flakes landing and melting.
  4. Ok good - I was late getting home tonight and realized I failed to get my tie breaker up before the deadline.
  5. Going for the par 5 18th in 2 (don’t worry I always come up short) - Wayne Monroe & Pike
  6. Winter Banter Thread

    The launch yesterday was absolutely incredible. To see the two boosters land vertically simultaneously was a thing of beauty...and history! http://www.spacex.com/webcast
  7. SB LII - predictions

    If anyone wins on a last second field goal it’s NE. That said they come up just short of that and I’m going Eagles win 30-28!
  8. Sunset pictures

    I’m now doubting he was the one that took this but either way Go Eagles!
  9. Sunset pictures

    From Facebook, a friend of mine who lives in Limerick evidently took this last night on 422. Go Eagles!
  10. Have to drive to Bloomsburg area shortly - any idea how road conditions are?
  11. Eagles-Falcons 1/13

    Big V. I’m still convinced Pederson isn’t going to run the ball enough and if the left side of the O line goes turn style it’s all over...
  12. Potential winter storm threats

    Maybe this is what forces Pederson to run the ball more...
  13. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Photo by a friend of a friend taken yesterday in Hummarock, MA. Powerful storm, powerful picture!
  14. I was starting to think the NW burbs were prepping the bus to drive away and leave us behind but maybe I can keep hitting refresh on this thread for another run or two...