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  1. Absolutely ripping fatties. I'm not sure I have ever seen it snow this hard with theses size flakes. 6.5 now in Edison
  2. Biggest flakes I have ever seen fall in my area
  3. Huge flakes falling. Easily 1 per hr rates if we can keep it up
  4. Sorry guys. I'm in Edison Nj in middlesex county. Been flipping between sleet and snow here since 6am currently snow again
  5. Ripping big flakes now. Been between sleet snow the last hour
  6. Snow sleet mix 5 inches
  7. Sleet line stalled just south of me around the Driscoll bridge
  8. 4.5 Edison Nj still mostly snow. Sleet line got beaten back a bit
  9. I agree it has happen way to many times in the last few years. January 2015, Labor Day weekend hurricane bust, and now the great march blizzard that wasn't. Plus social media has given people such a podium to post snow maps.
  10. Nam ftw on this one. Not even safe inside 24 hrs on incoming storms. The public will be upset when they wake up in the morning
  11. Allsnow

    Potential Winter Storm Threats

    Close to a foot for Phl lol
  12. Allsnow

    Potential Winter Storm Threats

    Amazing how bad the euro schooled the gfs with respects to the block!
  13. Allsnow

    3/3 Snow Showers/Flurries

    Solid coating here in Edison after a intense squall for about 15 min. Crazy how it was 70 last Friday and now I'm in the 20's with salt trucks out on the roads
  14. Why has the pv been parked over the pole the last two winter? It was weaker this year but another failed attempt to split it
  15. Amazing how warm the last two winters have been. Since February 14 sustained artic cold has been hard to come by.