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  1. Verbatim it’s a another congrats southeast as the trough is too positive. The parade of storms kills the ridge out west. In February 1990 the southeast got two snowstorms with the AO uber +
  2. This winter can not end soon enough! What a horrific nightmare of a winter. I never want to hear about warm pools, Aleutian lows, modki, or weak ninos ever again. It’s pretty clear it’s all about the mjo and Pv. With the how warm the waters are I think the mjo will continue to be in the crap phases. rant over!
  3. Just can’t shake that trough out west. Still can’t believe we will be putting up a 0 for February snowfall. Lol.
  4. Euro was definitely snowier at 06z for that area. Its safe to say the euro isn’t king anymore inside 3 days.
  5. Now they are going to get crushed south of us. Parts of North Carolina will have more then Phl and DCA combined. I love how the models won’t wavier from a NC hit 5 days out lol
  6. For the last 5 years winter has been largely absent in January and February. Crazy
  7. Does anyone remember when it use to snow in February? During my childhood I remember some of our best snowstorms happen around this weekend. Now it’s just another warm month lol
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