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  1. Whenever you get trees that break high like that you’re in for a lengthy repair
  2. Somehow I didn’t loose power today but I will not complain about that. Impressive storm. The wind really was more then I thought it would be.
  3. From Don S on another forum. impressive for the coast. @tombo82685 Parts of the region experienced wind gusts past 70 mph. Sites reporting wind gusts of 70 mph or above included: Berkeley Twp, NJ: 75 mph Blue Point, NY: 71 mph Cape May NOS, NJ: 75 mph Grasonville, MD: 71 mph Great Gull Island, NY: 73 mph Great South Bay, NY: 75 mph Farmingdale, NY: 78 mph Jackson Heights, NY: 73 mph New York City-JFK Airport: 70 mph Ocean City, NJ: 72 mph Rutgers, NJ: 70 mph Smyrna Landing (2 NW), DE: 96 mph Stony Brook, NY: 75 mph Toms River, NJ: 70 mph
  4. It was definitely a bit drier then I expected along the coast. I would have thought feeder band would have produced better rains. The tor threat was largely a bust around the metro as it never materialized. That being said, the rain was impressive in eastern Pa and the wind did not disappoint us. (Unless you took those wind maps as gospel)
  5. Same. This thing is moving should be over by 1pm
  6. Still not much going on here currently. Winds are calm with no rain
  7. Very calm morning currently...people walking around town
  8. Just had a crazy lightning strike hit something near by
  9. Numerous trees and wires down around Edison. Winds were incredible
  10. Absolutely insane outside! Winds were incredible
  11. Euro very wet for the area tonight. @tombo82685
  12. Loving the heat and storms! It’s the only thing we do well at in these parts. I want no part of winter rains and cold springs
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