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  1. So far everyone has remained healthy in my camp. Let’s keep flattening that curve as the worst winter ever has turned into the worst year ever
  2. Look like lots of rainy coastal systems as the best year continues to march on. @tombo82685 will get his spring -nao
  3. Sne going to get crushed. This never got the @tombo82685 north trend
  4. Yeah, Tom and I were talking early this week about the warm waters in the Wpac. If we see that same warm water stacking up by Australia we are going to need to keep expectations low for winter 20-21. Our last amplitude cold mjo pass in DJF was in 2017 lol. @tombo82685
  5. Morch continues on the ensembles with the mjo getting amplitude in p5/6. Pattern of persistence
  6. @tombo82685 @Rainshadow The wefs!
  7. Amen! Thanks for tracking this winter. I looked forwarded to your posts every morning
  8. Great post. I enjoy @susqushawn posts and enthusiasm. I was following along with this threat as well. The best thing I have learned from @tombo82685 is certain things to look for when it comes to snow here. It’s all about pattern recognization. Their is a reason why we only avg 25-30 inches a snow per winter.
  9. Starting March off warm and it feels great.
  10. Euro Weeklies banging the same drum today. Warm all the way into April.
  11. Eps continues the torchy look after the 8th. We enjoy! We warm! We move on from this disaster
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