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  1. Oh I hear ya and it’s definitely a possibly however when looking at things on a broader scale we have a lot of warm water in the WPAC and HM (antmasiello) was talking about this yesterday on this forum and another forum how that may affect a lot of those “torch” forecasts for December. Should be interesting to watch this unfold.
  2. Everyone thinks the MJO is going to the warm phases next month. I still don’t see that happening. Call me stubborn but the +IOD is really going to hamper that wave staying in those warm phases assuming it even goes there.
  3. It’s not that strong tbh. All the models kill off the wave and go into the COD. Plus the strong +IOD is forecast to continue and they will inhibit the wave to go not much past phase 2-3.
  4. I don’t understand why everyone thinks the MJO is going into the torch phases for December. The gefs is the o it guidance showing it possibly going there but the subsistence over the eastern Indian Ocean may really hamper the torch phases. JMHO
  5. Pretty interesting tho that the euro mjo forecast has it weakly going into phase 3. Not sure if it means anything tho.
  6. Hey tombo would you happen to have a link to that RMM plot that you sometimes post on this board?
  7. But donyoy think the mjo will collape after phase 3? The RMM plots do show this happening.
  8. Interesting how the VP still remains in the WPAC through Mid-Dec.
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