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  1. IMO I think the euro weeklies are struggling with the overall pattern for December.
  2. But even so it has going into the null phase.
  3. Pretty interesting tho that the euro mjo forecast has it weakly going into phase 3. Not sure if it means anything tho.
  4. Ya that one. The one that looks like scribble lol.
  5. Hey tombo would you happen to have a link to that RMM plot that you sometimes post on this board?
  6. But donyoy think the mjo will collape after phase 3? The RMM plots do show this happening.
  7. That forcing gets back to the dateline pretty fast.
  8. Interesting how the VP still remains in the WPAC through Mid-Dec.
  9. Interesting how quickly the forcing wants to go back to the dateline by mid Jan
  10. That's the empirical wave propagation.
  11. The MJO site hasn't updated in a few days. How do you know it's still forecasted to go into the warm phases in early Jan?
  12. I suppose that it could be from the MJO wave. Do you think this will mean some cutters in the pattern?
  13. it would be too weak to have any major effect on sensible wx over the CONUS
  14. Tombo I don't think those MJO maps are very accurate right now. I believe the 200mb plots are a lot better to use