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  1. Boch23

    That 30s club

    39 IMBY
  2. Boch23

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Looks like more fuel to add to the model panic during major snowstorms. Think this has already been occurring but looks like it’s being made available to everyone.
  3. Different products update at different times of the day. Don’t really think it’s a discrepancy but more updated products are still adjusting to update info. They aren’t going to release a new precip map every model run. Also, still quite a bit of uncertainty as to what happens after the stall and drift. Based on the changes we’ve seen in the last 24 hours it’s entirely possible your forecast could change for the weekend.
  4. Boch23

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Annnnnnnnnd it’s gone.
  5. Boch23

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    BREAKING: The sun is kind of out......but not really.
  6. 5.47” Friday through this morning.
  7. Think the ICON is the only one that gets anything significant up here. The rest seem to keep it south of the area.
  8. Supporting any model that doesn't stall Florence over an area for an extended period of time.
  9. I’d have to rent a sub to get down the beach today if the HRDPS was right haha
  10. Hey guys just popping in to let you know that it appears to be hot out the next couple of days.
  11. Boch23

    6/1-6/4 Heavy rain, flash flooding threat

    In a startling turn of events.....its uh, raining again.
  12. Boch23

    6/1-6/4 Heavy rain, flash flooding threat

    I guess like in the winter....the News covers Penn Dot Salt trucks getting ready, 6ABC decided they were going to cover PennDot clearing storm drains for the widespread vicious floods area wide tomorrow.
  13. I’m not sure what this is.
  14. Idk man.....not looking good [emoji57]