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  1. Not really. Its peak severe season, its gonna happen.
  2. You could just get the infinity stones, snap your fingers and make it permanently 75/55 with low dews May to September.
  3. Estimated wind damage for Delco tonight.
  4. Best way to avoid bad weather is to have everyone drink enough bud light so that they don’t feel the weather at all. But seriously, congrats bro! Good luck as you begin the next chapter in your life.
  5. 30 Days until our first 90 degree day 😏
  6. Just give me the 1-4" of snow I'm destined to get every storm the rest of the winter and I'll be happy.
  7. Looks like watches expanded to the coast for everyone asking
  8. Big fan of the hole just across the river from the city.
  9. Thinking snow map will look like this one from last year. Not quite the high totals but the same area being uncertain. Again this is from last year.
  10. Expecting this to be the most snow I get in the next 4 days. 3.6" IMBY
  11. You do realize 10 years from now the luxury tax threshold is going to be much higher than it is now right? You can’t base the future on what happened with one player in the past. Howard was already on the decline when he signed his deal. If he didn’t blow out his achilles he would have been fine for his contract. He absolutely rips up CBP. If he gives those numbers for only 8 years, I can live with average/dedicated DH in the last couple of years. Again if you’re just focusing on 13 years 330 million, you’re not looking at it the right way.
  12. Anyone not onboard with the Harper deal is a communist. But seriously if your only looking at the $$$ you’re looking at it the wrong way for reasons stated above. Add that with the possibility of the DH coming to the NL. Great signing. Middleton is commited to being a top 5 salary team. You don’t get there without a couple perennial all stars in your lineup.
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