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  1. Let's just permanently cancel winter, but then still track all the potential snow events.
  2. dryslotted

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    I had left the sleds, shovel and blower out front, and they were all just decently encrusted in ice right now. All surfaces getting really slick.
  3. Yeah, this winter has to pay out more before moving on
  4. dryslotted

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    3.75" here in West Bradford/Dtown
  5. dryslotted

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    They might try to sneak an early dismissal in and get credit for a day? I agree though, seems pointless. We were spared the 5am call this round, thankfully. Even when you know it's coming, eesh...
  6. Yes, it looks like we will repeat the near-annual ritual with events timed like these... Let's all go to work and school, nothing's happening yet! Holy crap, looks bad! We better get back home!
  7. dryslotted

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    We're going to get smarched hard, methinks. Delayed but not denied...
  8. dryslotted

    Phillies and 76ers are getting busy

    more eeyore crap itt
  9. dryslotted

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    It was a pretty awesome winter day, I thought. Really cold temps, flakes flying all day but not paralyzing (for the most part). It felt very seasonal, and you got the full experience of bitter cold and snow throughout the week. good times, the squall was the highlight...
  10. dryslotted

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    We had a gust around 9:02pm that literally got the kids out of bed. Held my breath for a minute during it myself. Pretty violent.
  11. what a gift for skiers this long weekend in NE...
  12. can confirm the radar here now in central chesco, just flipped to sleet/ip
  13. Paul can literally see the back of the, I mean the eastern edge of the purple fence...
  14. was it 2015-16 when the epo was so neg all winter it overrode most other teleconnectors?
  15. ^^^ what's another 2"+ rainstorm among friends, eh?
  16. It's just a shorthand way of saying "it's partly cloudy over me and I'm missing out while others are frantically posting about 2-3"/hr snowfall rates". something like that...
  17. yeah, nam is a largely a frozen shutout (accum) for most of chesco save for Paul's area and the very northern areas of the county.
  18. wonky run, but it flashed a pretty big ice signal, I think...
  19. Yep, it was WSI. He showed us some of the data that night.
  20. dryslotted

    1/12-1/13 OBS, congrats south. Will Tom be banned?

    Don't worry, he'll come up snake eyes eventually betting against nam shenanigans