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  1. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    I'm surprised you're still that warm. Mby is 32 and surrounding stations are 31-34. You'll get there soon I would think...
  2. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    The snow grains were rolling off of the corner of the roof like sugar for a bit there... Light snow now and just got to 32 here
  3. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    It's somewhat comforting to know it's not just me. My backyard lawn was lush most of the growing season and now it looks like we hosted a music festival back there... 37 here, and dreary
  4. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    I. Must. Have. This. (lol)
  5. Weather App recommendations for Mac iPad/iPhone

    Spend the $10/year on radar scope. You won't regret it.
  6. Consecutive Days Below 32 - Chester County Pa

    While I complained a bit at times (usually when walking the dogs in the evening), I really loved this stretch as well. Its felt like an *actual* winter; snow on the ground more often than not, and some truly cold days...
  7. 1/8 Snow/Ice Obs.

    we are fully glazed over here in dtown (the pavement, I mean)
  8. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Snow on snow, bookended by bitter cold (and no familiar hand wringing needed over Temps for anyone), crazy winds with some legit gusts, all the model drama for like a solid week, heisenberg coming of age and not flipping tables over when he doesn't jackpot, many, many bus-related posts... This storm had it all! (lol)
  9. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Wow, we're canceling winter while it's still snowing now. I'll stay glass half full until PD, personally...
  10. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    It must have been pretty awesome to walk through Manhattan under that band...
  11. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    The winds are definitely starting to make themselves known here now. Some semi-violent bursts...
  12. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    yeah, you can see from the last hour or so radar loop that things have really begun to dry up in PA and SW jerz
  13. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Hard to state it with confidence, but just took several consistent measurements of 3.5" here in West Bradford Twp (Dtown)