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  1. wwa dropped for chesco. makes sense, just fyi.
  2. Still hanging at 32. Some IP crusting up in spots...
  3. I can't make it work with the hour commute each way. Maybe next year...
  4. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=DIX-N0Q-1-200
  5. My property can now be called "A River Runs Through It"...
  6. ^^^ looks like someone dropped a full blast firehose to the ground on radar. hopefully the training lets up soon, could get dangerous in spots...
  7. P much same here. Crazy. Had to scramble to get car windows up lol.
  8. What's the latest on KDIX? it's down for daaaays yet again (at least on radarscope)
  9. The referee clearly should have shown that guy the yellow card...
  10. The Mother of All Moving Days tomorrow...
  11. The last few outings kids fall sports have made it a non-starter for me, and it's a lot more travel time each way since I moved to chesco. That said, if I can thread the needle this year, I'd like to make it...
  12. This thread made me think that a TopGolf meetup might not be a bad idea at some point. Even the "non golfers" can hack away and have some fun while 19th holing the entire time...
  13. crazy night of gusts here. some had to be 40+ (mqs below) 23 00:35 NW 26 10.00 Fair and Windy CLR 34 23 65% 21 NA 29.71 NA 23 00:15 W 22 G 37 10.00 Fair and Breezy CLR 36 25 65% 25 NA 29.71 NA 22 23:55 W 31 G 43 10.00 Partly Cloudy and Windy SCT046 36 25 65% 23 NA 29.71 NA
  14. Super decent action with this line rolling through...
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