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  1. Whoopy, something different, on the edge of a N/S gradient instead of W/E.
  2. Going just from memory, but didn't last year's March sleetfest show south of us several days before, as I remember folks remarking that they were suprised to see suppression so late in the season, and then in reality, we got slammed pretty well.
  3. And the sleet takes forever to melt. Case in point was last year's March sleet fest where patches were still around 2 weeks after the event.
  4. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Time to put 1915 in second place for the heaviest snow so late.
  5. 1.0" at 352' in NW Chesco, looks like maybe a half inch more in my woods at 610'.
  6. 34.7 fresh coating on non-paved surfaces, will take 0.1". Still steady light snow in NW Chesco.
  7. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    More Jersery & New England love - bring on spring... Another 1-2" Chesco special...
  8. Mixed lt rain/wet snow temp down to 36.1 (down from 39 in the last hour and a quarter) in NW Chesco.
  9. Yeah, the 10% chance weenie map showing 9" average over Chesco.
  10. Spring Banter Thread, Smarch Is Busting Out All Over

    What happened to next weekend's big warmup - my P&C for next Saturday went from 57 to 45?
  11. Oh well, taking the plow off the truck today.
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Where there is snow left, it's very resilient. I got 6.5" and there is still a solid 3" in the yard. With the mid 20's at night to harden it up and only low 40's in the daytime, it's hanging in nicely. Maybe some snow on snow in mid March coming...
  13. Euro LR seems to keep us chilly through early April with the chill fading by mid-month.
  14. 3 miles, 300' and 5 inches difference...
  15. Looks like 6.5" is probably gonna do it here in NW Chesco. Eastward shift did us in. Got 4" from the first round and only 2.5" from the 2nd as the heavy stuff never really got here. Seems like more is melting than accumulating now and temperature up to 34.5. Maybe Monday has one more for us before we close the book on 17-18