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  1. Looking like our standard C-1", maybe closer to the 1" this time and more IP than SN. At least the ground will be white for a while. Question will be how long can the CAD hold to extend the ZR which should happen at night, helping accrual. Still looks like the biggest event of the season, which is a pretty low bar.
  2. Squall slid by just to my north, dusting and now the sun is out. 0.7" from last night, more than double my YTD.
  3. Light snow here in NW Chesco. I might be a 100 feet too far south to get into the good stuff. Edit: just picked up to moderate snow.
  4. Now there is a name I haven't heard in a while...
  5. Not only is this pattern about as lousy as one can envision, similar to last winter where we averaged one sunny day a week at best, we are in cycle where the day after day dreary crap straddles the weekend. Looks like we're gearing up for next weekend already: Friday A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 51. Chance of precipitation is 30%. Friday Night A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 44. Chance of precipitation is 50%. Saturday Rain likely. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 56.
  6. Working to close a deal on a house in Colebrook, NH - about 10 mi. from the Canadian border. I've had it with having to have seventeen indices in alignment for an inch of snow or sub-freezing day.
  7. Pretty bad when the only remarkable thing these days is the unusually large diurnal temperature range at a time of the of year when they are normally at their least. Been averaging 20-25 degrees and as much as 30 here and there.
  8. Good snow squalls between VF and D-town on turnpike adding to the already stopped/crawling traffic. Looks like about 1/4". Rte 100 north of Eagle like skating rink in spots. Ripped off at home with just a coating near Pughtown. Just a T in the books. 2 hours from VF to home.
  9. Yup, my house is at 352' with no ice. I drove south on rte 100 1/2 a mile and could see the line on the trees marking approximately 450' elevation.
  10. 33.3 in NW Chesco @ 352'. Very little evidence of ice. Light rain - .33" so far today and .38" yesterday.
  11. Down to 33.1 in NW Chesco, .03" for the day, light rain, just a touch of ice on railings, so I guess my Davis is a degree too warm.
  12. 34.4 and light rain in NW Chesco. How many 12 hour busts can we have in one month?
  13. 32.5 tomorrow night creeping up to 35 by Tuesday morning the most likely outcome. Slushy coating at the outset - that's what we see 90% of the time in these setups.
  14. I took what Mitch meant is that .75" blob over NW Chesco would translate to .25" ice accrual.
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