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  1. 2.15" yesterday and 0.16" since midnight in NW Chesco. The 74 DP today is just lovely...
  2. But wait, I heard on the news that a 'summer heat dome' was going fry the country for the next couple weeks with 265M people affected. I guess that is the new buzzword to go with 'polar vortex'.
  3. Even though radar shows heavy rain over me, believe dry air is getting involved. Light rain currently and 73.3, BP down to 29.70. .96" recorded so far.
  4. Just left Paoli where it was pouring buckets with a lot of street flooding. Winds looked like sustained around 20. Back home in NW Chesco, it appears I'm too far west for the heaviest stuff which is fine with me. .61" so far with a steady, but not heavy rain. Still at 73.3. BP down to 29.78.
  5. Steady rain in NW Chesco with .09" in the bucket. 74 degrees.
  6. In my mind, the normal high in PHL for most of July is 90. 86/87 is the exception nowadays.
  7. .31" here near Pughtown, NW Chesco yesterday. Hottest so far with 93.9 for a high. I see RDG got to 99.
  8. 93 in NW Chesco, DP around 64 all day made it tolerable.
  9. 91.1 w/ 65 DP in NW Chesco and bright sun.
  10. First 90+ for me yesterday in NW Chesco - 91.3
  11. .39" in the rain shadow of the Welsh Mtn. anticline. I've measured rain on most days since I was up north (left 6/21), but only .01-.03 on any given day. Soil was still dry under the tomato plant when I weeded tonight. BTW 83.0/62.4 today
  12. Here in NH, apparently they opened up indoor dining this week, subject to constraints, not sure if it's 25 or 50 percent capacity. I haven't partaken. Mask usage is fairly rare in stores, except for the very elderly and a hardware store in town that seems to take every precaution with a sign on the door that you must wear a mask per Gov. Sununuu's orders, which isn't true. A lot of people running around saying the whole thing is a government hoax - let's hope that's the case. NH is running about 50 new cases a day statewide with an occasional few deaths now and then. I don't think VT has reported a death in quite some time with new cases less than a dozen daily. 50 degrees and delightful this morning, but most of the rain evaporated before getting here. Can't complain a bit about being able to remote work - hope it goes on for a while yet.
  13. Thanks Jon, well-reasoned post showing other angles to the issue that I hadn't thought through.
  14. I see big rises in cases in many states that the media is feasting with almost giddiness. But deaths continue to decline. As we continue to increase testing, shouldn't we expect to see otherwise undetected cases being added to the tallies? In other words, is increased counts all that alarming and be taken as a "look, look, it's spreading!".
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