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  1. The 90s Club June 17th-19th. Tom Cheering It On.

    High of 90.0 in NW Chesco today - 4th 90+ day this year - 3 90's and 1 91.
  2. This whole counting waves thing that the media feasts on all summer is asinine. With the 1981-2010 average now in the upper 80's for half the summer, 90 degrees is not all that noteworthy. Even the 96-97 hype for Monday is over the top.
  3. 99 degrees here in Pasadena, CA today - dry heat though. They said we're having higher humidity due to the remants of the hurricane off coast. Dewpoints skyrocketed into the lower 40's - 15% humidity.
  4. The 40s club, you know you want in!!!

    46.9 in NW Chesco this morning.
  5. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    2.83" in the swamps of NW Chesco.
  6. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    NIce cool 58.0 in NW Chesco with moderate rain, .64" so far.
  7. I'm here in Orlando just up the road from the Convention Center and these conventions are killing me. 1-1/2 to 2 hours to get to my hotel room 7 miles away every evening. Weather is just lovely here with dewpoints constantly 75-78.
  8. Yeah, I was going by the on-air met on ABC news, my mistake.
  9. They said 5" of rain, looks like more than that to generate that kind of flows.
  10. Only .53" in NW Chesco. Guess we're officially in the 'puke' as they say - temperature dropped to 67, DP to 64 and annoying drizzle underway. Good luck dislodging that anytime soon.
  11. Memorial Day weekend weather

    We'll burn through it for ten minutes of sun before sunset as is typical of closing out a weekend, then we dry it out to go back to work on Tuesday.
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Anybody go see JB last night with Katie Fehlinger at the FUGE in Bucks Co? His new book Climate Chronicles was included with the ticket. Hosted by WPHT 1210 Talk Radio. Nice nearly two hour discussion with a lot of audience Q & A. Fairly balanced discussion with reasonable viewpoints - nothing whacky.
  13. There's my woods right before the Limerick plume. As they say, bucolic East Nantmeal township. Sounds like we have a disease...
  14. Almost time for the thread detailing the less than stellar Memorial Day weekend weather?