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  1. Let's just not replay March 5th, 2001....
  2. A certain met has been mentioning that same date for a few days, but then it gets mentioned every year about this time.
  3. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Freezing drizzle and slizzle and back down to 29.4 from 30.2/DP 27. 3.0 inches for me in NW Chesco.
  4. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    There's always something that happens. It's incredible how fast the radar dried up. But to get snow at all with these heights and a crap pattern is nothing to sneeze at.
  5. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Light snow and 27.2/23 in NW Chesco. Just crossed 3 inch mark.
  6. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    1.5" and heavy snow here in NW Chesco, 26.6/22, on pace to get to 5" before changeover.
  7. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Moderate snow, evap cooled to 28.6/DP now 21. 0.2" accum in NW Chesco.
  8. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Cue a little AC/DC - Back in Black?
  9. iceman56

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    No flakes here in NW Chesco. Temp up to nearly 30, DP still at 13.
  10. Don't know if I can stand hearing the PV tied to everything from traffic accidents to the price of dog food.
  11. Seeing the 24 hour 'going down the tubes' syndrome evolving that we've come to know so well that results in more IP accum than snow followed by 33 and rain.
  12. I will not be making the same mistake I made in November.
  13. iceman56

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    Another non-event that has typified this 'winter'. .14" of 99.5% rain in NW Chesco. Never even got to freezing here. On to the next disappointment...
  14. iceman56

    2/17-2/18 Lighter Wintry Mix Observations

    Had some light rain/IP mix for a while, now nothing. 34.7 degrees.
  15. Where have all noreasters gone, long time passing...