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  1. Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Just got home from Orlando last night and they said on TV that they just had their 95th 90+ day this season, normal is 110. All things relative... 94/95 every day this week with 74-77 dewpoint. At least the daily thunderstorms backed off in coverage since earlier in the summer. Not sure why people migrate to Florida to retire so you can spend most of your time indoors.
  2. Usually takes tropical system to finally break down a crap pattern like this.
  3. Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Will we ever shake this humidity? This is getting pretty ridiculous with the uninterrupted sogginess for weeks on end.
  4. What's to stop this thing from going cat 5 - currently 130 mph with warmer water ahead?
  5. 3.05" in NW Chesco since Friday, a relatively dry day so far with only .13" of rain and persistent drizzle with a pleasant 54 degrees.
  6. 1.35" so far today, bringing it to 2.77" since Friday near Pughtown, PA. High today an early November-like 58.1 with a morning low of 53.7. If only it hadn't rained all day...
  7. .7" for Friday, .72" for Saturday, .62" so far today, 2.04" for the latest round in NW Chesco.
  8. .7" last evening, .62" since midnight, 1.32" in NW Chesco.
  9. Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    88.7 today, 89.1 yesterday in NW Chesco. Expecting to tap 90 for the last time tomorrow ahead of CFP.
  10. Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Something to keep an eye on next week...
  11. Good thing we can temporarily break the heat with more rain this weekend
  12. Shear seems a little too strong to let this get to hurricane strength - strong trop storm seems more likely.
  13. Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Only 87.1 for a high yesterday as mid afternoon showers (.15) kept a lid on temperatures. DP was another story, Davis show a max of 78 which was likely too high, but 76 was probably for real.
  14. Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Just had a passing rain shower, my DP is 76, I see Paul is also 76, PTW at 74 - disgusting. Can't remember the last time I was able to cut dry grass...