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  1. Labor Day heat doesn't pack the punch the way sun directly overhead heat does in mid-July.
  2. 92.7 for the high today in East Nantmeal, NW Chesco. Max HX showed 117 which is overdone as the max DP was 81- now down to 77. My DP is usually within a degree of PTW, just wondering if the excessive water in the ground here in the valley is elevating the DP.
  3. Anyone else have an 80 DP? 80.3/80 right now after 1.56" of rain so far today, .62" yesterday, .08" Tuesday.
  4. Paul's house is heavily wooded. I think his sensor is aspirated. I'm 3 miles away, 300+ feet lower, my Davis is not aspirated and sits in partial sun 2m above ground and I hit 93.5 yesterday.
  5. .61" thru midnight, another .06" thereafter. 73F with 76HX this morning. NW Chesco glaciers taking a beating these days...
  6. 91.9 yesterday in the bottoms of NW Chesco. 72.1 overnight low. .03" from evening rumbles.
  7. Yup, that day was brutal. I remember heat indices near 130 in the corn belt of the midwest with widespread low 80''s and even mid 80's DP's. Appleton, WI sticks out in my memory - tied the 2nd highest ever DP in US at 90 on the 13th before the air mass got here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appleton,_Wisconsin A dew point of 90 °F (32 °C) was observed at Appleton at 5 p.m. on July 13, 1995. This is tied for the second highest dew point ever observed in the United States. Edit - BTW the air temperature was 101 along with the 90 DP to give a HI of 148.
  8. Don't see how the Phillies are even a .500 team at the end of the season with lack of pitching and the scattershot offense. I got sucked into predicting mid 90's wins at the beginning of the season.
  9. It's hard to imagine hitting 100 in PHL after a likely drenching Wednesday & Thursday. Most 100's in my memory came after extended dry spells (when we used to have them). Not to say the HI won't be through the roof.
  10. Looked at thread title and was reminded of the Traveling Wilburys. My inferior elevation has yielded me 4 90's so far - 3 90.x's and one 91.2. Edit - just read the other thread - duh....
  11. 2.16" in NW Chesco - 1 mile SW of Pughtown.
  12. I'll take 92 with a 65 DP over 88 with a 76 DP any day. The last few days have been atrocious.
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