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  1. That close is way more of a kick in the arse than if the northern extent was on the NC border.
  2. With the exception of the Christmas miracle in 2002 which brought snow in the middle a warm stretch, Nino seasons favor warmth for Christmas to New Years. 1969 and 1976 were also cold exceptions. Will we have sunny and warm or rainy and warm for Christmas?
  3. iceman56

    12/5 Norlun Trof Obs

    Always finds a way to snow on 12/5.
  4. iceman56

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    .44" today in NW Chesco, putting me over 63.5" for the year. And NWS has 40% POP Saturday and 60% Sunday...
  5. iceman56

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    We have cloudy skies, a noticeable southerly wind, yet temperature is at -2. My kind of place... Snow>sleet>IP and then rain even up here.
  6. iceman56

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    --10 here in Bretton Woods this morning with 16" of snow on the ground. Nearest NWS site, Whitefield is at -11. Good day for a hike - wall to wall sun.
  7. iceman56

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    Happy Thanksgiving - negative 6 here in Bretton Woods with ice fog. High today a blistering +5.
  8. iceman56

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Picked up about 4 more inches today with the frontal passage in Bretton Woods bringing the snow pack to about 16". 8 degrees right now with light snow continuing. Wind chill is around -15. Gotta love this stuff...
  9. iceman56

    Frozengiving This Year

    High of 7, low of -3 forecasted here in Bretton Woods, NH for Thanksgiving. 2.5" of snow today.
  10. Hiking & snowshoeing. They do have a few slopes and a couple lifts open. They are blowing snow big time. Forecast now 10/-2 for Thursday.
  11. I'm in Bretton Woods, NH this week and NWS has us high 12, low 0 for Thanksgiving Day. Solid foot of snow on the ground here.
  12. Having spent 4 hours yesterday getting from K of P to NW Chesco on main thorofares generally, rte 23 thru VF park, 422, Gulph Road, rte 100, I saw zero Penndot trucks and one contractor truck. Just wondering where all the Penndot trucks that were supposedly deployed were. And why are so many 18 wheelers on roads they have no business being on, knowing they are going to cause nothing but problems? They are getting paid by the mile, not by the hour, you may as well park it and wait it out. Instead they jackknife and block the road......
  13. 34.1 and drizzling, 6.4" inches of snow, made some nice plow piles. This is awesome.
  14. Yup, I could see the thunderheads out the window as I was flying up from Orlando this morning as we crossed over Wilmington, NC. That was the bumpiest part of flight.
  15. Winter storm watches already up for western VA, eastern WVA. 1/4" of ice or more, several inches of snow.