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  1. It's game-on here. Gust front came thru, first drops were the size of olives! Can't see the horizon ~1 mile to the SW as the storm moves in. Winds now picking up, sheeting rain. Edit to add: Chesco EMS dispatch board showing double-digit calls for trees down / wires/ roads blocked in central and southern parts of the county.
  2. Just caught the edge of it here; decent rain for 15 min or so, now just trickles. Helluva light show to the southeast right now. Somebody's getting pasted.
  3. >>I found a paper written in 1996 that concluded wind speeds in excess of 115 mph were needed to upset a car. ... -- Obviously, the conclusion was wrong. So much depends not on wind speed but vehicle weight, relative aerodynamics (position relative to the wind) and a hundred other variables. I'm not sure it would be possible to find the ONE wind speed at which parked vehicles roll over. In the video above, the wind first lifts the RR corner of the small car. Whether that's due to straight force or aero lift over the bodywork I can't tell, but regardless -- there's nothing in the rear of the car to hold it down. Once the body is up a bit, the mostly-flat underside is partially exposed, exactly like hoisting a sail. More lifting force, and very soon the game is over. But since other cars didn't go over, many other factors were clearly in play as well.
  4. Some good intensity on radar in the Central & Northern Chester/Montco area but not one drop here. Cells seem to have minds of their own.
  5. Just went from "scary dark skies" to "can't see across the street" in about 15 seconds. Huge initial gusts and blinding rain. Some flashes and rumbles. Wind is now down but very heavy rain continues.
  6. Pretty much another Nuthin'Burger here. Two or three 10-minute showers, the last accompanied by 2 rolls of distant thunder. Radar shows much more activity north and south of here. The lower Schuylkill valley is in the split ... again.
  7. Excellent info, and thanks. I'll guess that 6-ABC is selling data from their new toy to others as a revenue stream. And I also wonder what our friends in Mt. Holly think of the deal. As a side note, back in the day I had a Scoutmaster that worked at Johnsville Naval Research. He once got a low-G check-out ride in the centrifuge and we toured the site (later) as his guests. Very cool place!
  8. Hi and thanks ... Yeah, my Kindle does that too. No worries. Diving deep into Ch 6's website I found this which answers my question but not the larger ones. The necessary explanation video was not linked or available so the where and why still eludes us. On 6th May, their drone or helicopter shots showed the familiar "golf ball on a tee" radar. I'm pretty sure they mentioned Warminster or Warrington -- could it be on the old Naval Air Station/ Johnsville site? Or NAS Willow Grove? StormTracker 6 Live Radar: Most advanced technology in Delaware Valley By Cecily Tynan Monday, May 6, 2019 PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We do a lot of talking about the weather. This week, we're taking you inside weather forecasting, and you will see that it has become very sophisticated science. We begin with an in-depth look at StormTracker 6 Live Radar. Channel 6 is the only local TV station to actually own a radar. The technology is the most advanced and fastest in the region, bringing you crucial information when minutes, even seconds, count. Meteorologist Cecily Tynan explains how it all works. * * * * * * * <ends> * * * * * * *
  9. CameronCat

    New Radar?

    Didn't know where else to ask this so ... WPVI/ Channel 6 is making a big deal tonight of "their" new WX radar tower in Warminster (?) or environs. Do they really own it or have they bought into service from a larger company, possibly Accu-weather or similar? Just wondering but it strikes me as unusual that a broadcast outlet would make the major investment in this kind of gear. Anybody here got the true skinny on the new unit? Thanks in advance.
  10. Phoenixville PA, Chester Co. (Just south of the Boro, Schuylkill Twp.) 22.95 in
  11. Heh! "A law was made a distant moon ago hereJuly and August cannot be too hotAnd there's a legal limit to the snow here in Camelot!" Also, I can report with authority that "severe" doesn't begin to describe the storm I drove thru Friday afternoon on the way to Maryland. Just after the I-95 bridge over the Susquehanna, I was in 30 minutes of the most intense rain I think I've ever driven in. I'm confident of my driving skills and my vehicle but this one was a challenge. "White out" is a fair approximation -- I'm guessing there was wind too but the volume of water and its duration was remarkable. Naturally, traffic sucked and a few folks managed to run into things and each other all along the route. The normal 3+ hour drive took 5-1/2 hours. *Sigh*
  12. The view here is a firm C-, for slightly below average. My season total of 22.95 inches (so far) is right on the area average, but the "artistic presentation" category is reduced by all the nuisance storms under an inch. I'm no longer the snow weenie I used to be but I do hope for the One Big One every year. This season was disappointing.
  13. Late to the party but final storm total: 3.25 inches. Biggest hazard during clearing and shoveling is all the snow blowing out of the trees. Otherwise, a very pretty morning with heavy tree coatings and slate-grey skies.
  14. 2.0 inches, falling at moderate rate. Temp 32, wind light to nil. A very pretty evening.
  15. Went through a period of "white rain" but now changed to all snow at a moderate rate. Minimal accum on grass; most hard surfaces are still wet and warm. Although small, the flakes seem heavy and wet. Temp 34 deg; wind calm.
  16. And so it begins again ... light rain for the last 20 min or so, now with an occasional small flake mixed in. 38 degrees, no wind.
  17. Hard to believe 40 degrees will turn into 6" of snow but I'm along for the ride ... bring it!
  18. 3.25" here. Some last-ditch flurries hanging on but no further accum. expected.
  19. Mostly stopped now with very fine bits still falling. 2.5 inches here; more of a nuisance than a snowstorm but it was pretty for a while earlier.
  20. It's Game On here -- just started snowing lightly. Small flakes, no wind; a nice "movie set" snow
  21. How quickly things change. I went out to get the paper earlier in mostly rain and a small bit of icing. Later I go out on some errands and get a couple choruses of "fun with the traction control" due to sleet and freezing rain. A little rain is mixing in now.
  22. 29 deg, 1.0 inch of new snow + light glaze of ice on top. Changing slowly to rain and a bit of frz rain.
  23. 1.5 inches final here; no sleet and only a brief dose of rain before it stopped. Sun has been slightly visible at times.
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