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  1. CameronCat

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    The view here is a firm C-, for slightly below average. My season total of 22.95 inches (so far) is right on the area average, but the "artistic presentation" category is reduced by all the nuisance storms under an inch. I'm no longer the snow weenie I used to be but I do hope for the One Big One every year. This season was disappointing.
  2. CameronCat

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Flash, boom, splash, gone!
  3. CameronCat

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Late to the party but final storm total: 3.25 inches. Biggest hazard during clearing and shoveling is all the snow blowing out of the trees. Otherwise, a very pretty morning with heavy tree coatings and slate-grey skies.
  4. CameronCat

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    2.0 inches, falling at moderate rate. Temp 32, wind light to nil. A very pretty evening.
  5. CameronCat

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Went through a period of "white rain" but now changed to all snow at a moderate rate. Minimal accum on grass; most hard surfaces are still wet and warm. Although small, the flakes seem heavy and wet. Temp 34 deg; wind calm.
  6. CameronCat

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    And so it begins again ... light rain for the last 20 min or so, now with an occasional small flake mixed in. 38 degrees, no wind.
  7. CameronCat

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Hard to believe 40 degrees will turn into 6" of snow but I'm along for the ride ... bring it!
  8. CameronCat

    March 1st-2nd a fluff delight to mud season again

    3.25" here. Some last-ditch flurries hanging on but no further accum. expected.
  9. CameronCat

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    Mostly stopped now with very fine bits still falling. 2.5 inches here; more of a nuisance than a snowstorm but it was pretty for a while earlier.
  10. CameronCat

    2/20-2/21 Obs , The Deja Vu Event

    It's Game On here -- just started snowing lightly. Small flakes, no wind; a nice "movie set" snow
  11. CameronCat

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    How quickly things change. I went out to get the paper earlier in mostly rain and a small bit of icing. Later I go out on some errands and get a couple choruses of "fun with the traction control" due to sleet and freezing rain. A little rain is mixing in now.
  12. CameronCat

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    29 deg, 1.0 inch of new snow + light glaze of ice on top. Changing slowly to rain and a bit of frz rain.
  13. CameronCat

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    1.5 inches final here; no sleet and only a brief dose of rain before it stopped. Sun has been slightly visible at times.
  14. CameronCat

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    My Nuthin' Burger is turning into a small serving, done rare; we're now a little over 1/2 inch and still snowing, lightly but continuously. It's cold enough that I was able to have a little fun with the traction control before the twp. came by and salted the roads.
  15. CameronCat

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    Very light snow here for the last couple hours. Just a coating all over ... so far, looks like we're being served another Nuthin' Burger.