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  1. Late to the party as I was away taking care of a loved one for 36 hours. Storm total here: 3.06 in (3-1/16"). I didn't believe the measurement 'till I saw other nearby reports with similar numbers.
  2. Fasten yer' seat belts ... looks like one of 'em coming through shortly.
  3. Umm, isn't "heavy drizzle" also known as ... rain? <wink>
  4. For what it's worth, looks like a lesser, second round coming thru about midnight. Probably won't be as long or as violent but could still bring some downpours.
  5. I'm not set up to measure the rainfall but the line just hit here with a blinding downpour and stiff winds. Pretty spectacular! Quieter now but looks like more coming.
  6. Yeah, what Parsley said! Just take it as a gift (although maybe not what you really wanted!)
  7. "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my Plastic Jesus ... ridin' on the dashboard of my car!"
  8. Chapter 2 of Squallmageddon just came thru here. Winds very gusty, momentary loss of long-distance vision, swirling snow ... and then all gone in 3-4 minutes. No accumulation.
  9. Barely a coating, perhaps a scant 1/4 inch here, and only on the grass.
  10. And so it begins again ... Temp 34, wind nil, very light but constant snow.
  11. I'm happy for "those what got their wants" but around here it's another well-done Nuthin' Burger. Rain all day, one or two flakes around noon.
  12. Thank you -- that's about what I thought. My conversation partner put(s) way-more credence in the extended long range forecasts than they merit. I need to convince him that "sayin' don't make it so." Thanks again.
  13. This question arose from a casual conversation with a friend. A year or so ago, there was some consternation in the Met community about Accu-weather (and perhaps some other services) attempting to stretch detail forecasting well beyond the usual 7-10 day period; they now take it out to around 30 days. My question: has anybody tracked the accuracy of those very long-lead predictions? How often did they get it right from 3 or 4 weeks out? Thanks for any help provided. This is one of those "just wondering" questions but the answer might be interesting.
  14. Didn't get anything close to severe here but had good rainfall and a lot of flash-and-boom. Winds were average for a summer storm but not remarkable. My lawn is now much happier, too.
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