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  1. FSU_Wxgirl

    Thanksgiving eve Storm obs:

    Sleet just started to mix in here in East Coventry
  2. FSU_Wxgirl

    2014 Fall Pic's Thread

    Saw my first wooly worm of the season!
  3. FSU_Wxgirl


    Nope never got anything. Just googled the green heron and I think you're right. I thought it looked like some kind of heron but never knew they could be that small. Thanks!
  4. FSU_Wxgirl

    Medium - long range tropics

    Ha! I think it's a super neat image. My dad actually went down to SC to help with recovery efforts after Hugo. He has lots of stories from that one.
  5. FSU_Wxgirl

    Medium - long range tropics

    Did you steal that from my Facebook?
  6. FSU_Wxgirl


    Anybody know what kind of bird this is? (Besides dead) found him outside our office. I think he flew into the window.
  7. Don't get sucked in to the hype Tom. Trust me...i really wish I didn't throw that time of my life away. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. FSU_Wxgirl


    Someone was nice enough to greet me when I got out of my car this morning.
  9. Making plans with some co-workers and my family to come for a visit. Hope to meet some guys to put names to faces!
  10. FSU_Wxgirl

    Severe threat - July 27th

    Had am amazing light show last night. Wish I didn't have that 5am wake up call or I would have stayed up longer. Saw one flash of lightning through my window that hung in the air so long the sky turned green. Don't know that I've ever seen that. Heard a couple of loud cracks as I dozed off and prayed the ning wouldn't hit any of my 10+ foot trees in the back yard. Glad to see we didn't have much damage.
  11. FSU_Wxgirl

    Severe threat - July 27th

    Lightning and thunder steadily increasing just south of Pottstown. Heaviest precipitation is to my west. Lights have already flickered so I'm hoping they hold out for the night. Radar indicates there could be some hail. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. FSU_Wxgirl


    Thanks guys. Wish y'all could have heard Adam and myself that day. I glanced up from my cube and all I could get out of my mouth was "Adam look! A bird! A big bird!"
  13. FSU_Wxgirl


    http://instagram.com/p/KxZKC9LWVj/ This guy hangs around our office. Not sure how to get the photo from my instagram but hopefully y'all can access it through the link.
  14. FSU_Wxgirl

    Thunderstorm Thread

    Ha I was about to post the same thing Tom. My lightning seems more impressive now than when that main line passed through.