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  1. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Now that is pasty snow! We are a decimal point over, 0.44" as of 7 am.
  2. Unfortunately I can't get the run time time stamp to fit in the second image, but yet another example why the GFS cold bias has been so cold that all other cold biases are moving to Florida. This is the change in its forecast for Thursday 1/18 today (00z run 17th) vs six days ago (00z run on the 11th). 00z run 1/17/18 00z run 1/11/18 This is why as long as the MJO is going to warmer phases, I find it hard to believe any cold shots are going to be as cold as the op GFS keeps on pez dispensing for the rest of this month.
  3. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Wantage, NJ 5.3" as of 7 am.
  4. Lol, Tom feels like: To which Tom will post later, keep it up Tony....
  5. Good thing for Hawaii Philly Wx hasn't expanded to them just yet. The Trade Wind Weenies would have said not again the world ending. Speaking of Hawaii, it sounds like what happened: Sometimes with the NWS when e.g. test tornado warnings are issued, either they are misinterpreted or proper procedures are not followed when issuing them.
  6. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Well I got my pasty snow. I thought Monmouth County was getting snow blasted right now, until I realized that was the melting bright band.
  7. Winter Banter Thread

    Quakertown got snow?
  8. So who ran the Thunder Road model today and hacked it into Icon? Well every model doesn't have its day either. We'll see on the other side of the front tomorrow. Nick Stefano will tell me exactly what happens in Wantage, so I'll have a legit ob in that epicenter. I know this is snow depth vs fall. Actual model predicted snowfall: (It can't be right Monmouth is shut out. )
  9. You'd have to plywood the doors too.
  10. Lol. Astronomy is the great equalizer, there is nothing one can do to stop this progression thru June or reverse the progression from June to December.
  11. Its even wetter than the UKMET, so we are officially in Yikes Territory or the Twilight Zone.
  12. Wait til the 5 pm sunset pictures arrive at a theatre near you!
  13. Today's sunset in Mount Laurel: 5:00 pm.