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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Thunder in Mount Laurel. Came back from golfing in Egg Harbor City, roads were wet in Hammonton and Medford. Saw that cell near National Park.?
  2. Memorial Day weekend weather

    NAM is going to bust by 10F to 15F, no onshore flow and 61 degrees at 2 pm, please, it is making the GFS look like a genius.
  3. Memorial Day weekend weather

    As long as the puke is not puking. Beside with the GFS having measurable in 51 of the first 54 hours of the 06z run (yeah that is working out well already), you wont be able to see the puke through all of the water droplets on your windows.
  4. Memorial Day weekend weather

    The GFS is dry for Monday which the way it pez dispenses measurable pcpn should be pretty much an iron clad guarantee.
  5. Looks like it should; barring a back door high's help it should be humid until Alberto's remnant low passes.
  6. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Getting back to today, while there should be some thunderstorms around, the areal coverage is not expected to be widespread (the greatest convective probabilities (in likely range) are southwest of us.
  7. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Well it would only be apropos since we had a throwback spring to have a throw it back Memorial Day Weekend Sunday. One of these is not going to be close:
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Rice paddy won't grow much, latest GFS has 240 consecutive hours of mainly overcast skies.
  9. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Same here, he (the one who's a/c kicked on in February) uses a lawn service that must be backed up big time.
  10. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I just did my third cut in six days. Good thing because I see the 18z GFS is predicting 207 consecutive hours of measurable rain.
  11. Memorial Day weekend weather

    There will be a 10F to 20F max temp bust zone on Sunday, just the way it goes this time of year.
  12. Memorial Day weekend weather

    The predicted 500mb flow is not the typical backdoor as it is weak zonal. So for Sunday temps may not be half bad. Of course the other half are the showers/thunderstorms around. New England/probably Long Island gets the congrats marine puke.
  13. Memorial Day weekend weather

    It is tough to say. Sunday looks wetter south and west of Philly. But, as thunderstorms go, they will be around. As much as it might be murkier, you'd be better with a stronger backdoor.