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  1. We need hygge! I may try to plan a hygge party later in the winter... January or February... or maybe one each month!
  2. Coming down pretty good I Pike Creek, Delaware
  3. Large tree down across Skyline Drive in Pike Creek, DE
  4. That's only a challenge if you're drinking 40's... Edward 40 Hands... sorry for the OT but I had to.
  5. mforty

    Enhanced risk day 6/23

    Power still out here in pike creek Delaware. Went for a drive to get dinner... Roads closed all over.
  6. mforty

    Enhanced risk day 6/23

    Power out here in pike creek
  7. mforty

    June 23rd squall: Pre-obs disco

    Still only a Heat Advisory for northern Delaware...
  8. mforty

    OBS 03/20/2015 Welcome Spring White!

    Could have sworn I saw a distant flash of lightening around 6 AM on my drive to work.
  9. mforty

    Official winter of 2014-15 Flizzard thread

    Lot's of stuff making it to the ground in drive from Pike Creek to Wilmington this morning. It's more like ice pellets than snow.
  10. mforty

    Thunderstorm Thread

    Storm was nasty for us in Pike Creek/Hockessin, DE last night. Power went out around 9 PM and was restored after 1 AM or so. There was a road closed on my way to work this morning due to poles down in the road.