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  1. Faint but full arc rainbow with the shower. Contrast messing to see the double. Always loved the physics of the color order flip in a double.
  2. Rushing start. Not going to amount to much but impressive rates. Like the multicolor warning list.
  3. Haha yes, Tiger has actually produced his own competition. And then beat them. Lol.
  4. I adore cold and snow, but gotta say today is prime!
  5. Congratulations! Enjoy the big day!
  6. B-. November and March snows overproduced IMBY, and March cold snap left me almost a week with snow cover in my yard. Couple cold snaps/mini snows in actual winter, but kinda blah overall. Not great, not terrible. Certainly seen much worse winters.
  7. I have inches of crunchy snow and solid frozen temps in March, after an amazing November hit. Yeah Dec Jan sucked. But Delmarva is not Montreal, in some ways that is what is interesting.
  8. Was C- but last night bumped a full grade to B-
  9. Got about 4 inches, managed to eek out mostly snow with only a couple brief sleety periods. I know only a mile or two away was the line.
  10. TTN 41f. Cloudy. Thinking 2-3 paste snow, happy if there's a band surprise to get above that!
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