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  1. How does Jim Schwartz keep his job?
  2. For hurricanes I'll always be glad when you get bored Tombo.
  3. True it could be. But after ten years of gagging on pumpkin beers I'm thinking it's not lack of trying lol. Forgive me, I'm just having a "you kids get off my lawn" moment lol. I like simple clean not-intentionally-over'hopped beers. This age of microbrews praised as amazing and seasonal beers with weird flavors is all very "emperor has no clothes".Like modern art, modern beers have mistaken being fashionable for being good. I.have taken to reviewing most (not all, but most) microbrews as "this beer will keep me honest", meaning I couldn't drink two of them if you put a gun to my head. So no DUIs from pumpkin beer or most micros! Unpopular opinion in the hipster beer age. You darn kids!! Lol
  4. I believe that would be Jim Perry of Card Sharks for the under, not Alex. I only know this because of a misspent youth.
  5. Just going to be rumbles and sploosh for now. But this is a worthy alert list lol.
  6. As tombo always emotes. If it's gitta be hot let's get some skin blistering f you barnburner weather going.
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