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  1. TTNwatcher

    2018-2019 Snowfall Contests

    1st>1": 11/28 Biggest 9.5"
  2. TTNwatcher

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Snowwors2 I wasn't seeing it...but now....
  3. Hey I bought the special edition dried fig bound version. That being said...I'll be expecting mostly sleet+rain and enjoy hopefully a few flakes.
  4. TTNwatcher

    20s club, the destruction of the figs

    29 this early am.
  5. TTNwatcher

    Potential storm threats fall 2018

    Very nice writeup, concise and realistic. Thanks again for your tireless snowflake tracking!
  6. TTNwatcher

    (Banter) The TACT Winter Outlook (Banter)

    I like the way you think, and I'd subscribe to your newsletter. 😁
  7. TTNwatcher

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Officially, hooooo-eeee it is wet out there!
  8. That is not to scale, are you being sarcastic? The US is 5X the size of Greenland in sq miles. If you are making a joke, sorry, otherwise please lookup the square miles of the US and Greenland before posting this. Rounding: US 10 Msq miles, Greenland 2.2 Msq miles.
  9. TTNwatcher

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    He is, but not in the last year of a contract as a short term rental. I'm sure they're glad to have gotten more than compensation likely would have been for him...
  10. TTNwatcher

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    When I saw he could go for a 3rd or 4th, I thought it could happen. Welcome aboard, I think it's a pretty reasonable move...
  11. TTNwatcher

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Not much for Red sox/Dodgers series, but have to admit Kershaw pitching for survival is drama enough to draw me in...well til I fall asleep lol.
  12. TTNwatcher

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Flipped on Euro PGA. Anyone else getting the bizarre freeze frame broadcast they aren't fixing?
  13. TTNwatcher

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Fog, rain for the game. Joe Buck looks cadaverous......like really ill.
  14. TTNwatcher

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I'm bummed to after a loss, but I think it's waaay premature to write off Wentz! Bad ending, but I look more to a defense that blew a 4th and 19 and another 4th and long in OT.
  15. Meh here, but impressive how the razor thin line extends from Maine to Florida....