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  1. Fall Banter Thread

    Sorry that came out more directed at you, I more meant in general. Guess I shouldn't be so "get off my lawn you darn kids", lol!
  2. Fall Banter Thread

    And so you join the new age of fantasy. Rooting for players,not teams. Which is fine, ultimately who cares, welcome to the party, right? Me, though, I remain locked in the past of supporting my local team. Oh well, I've been a Luddite for some time lol...
  3. Fall Pics 2017

    Gorgeous, definitely peaking, and great colors this year.
  4. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    Just joshing, sorry for the OT.
  5. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    Tombo is a little salty. Fair enough after the last few seasons, haha. Steady heavy here, curious if the winds kick up enough for scattered power outages. Doubt widespread.
  6. 10/29 major coastal low

    Yeah, rains Sun, winds Mon. Only real question is 1 or 3 in. For TTN I'd bet 1.5in and 35 max gust. But then, that's betting the norm for these things....
  7. Fall Pics 2017

    Attercop, attercop...
  8. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

  9. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

  10. Major Hurricane Irma

    If not for the Cuba hit, some dry air and shear, Cat2 would've likely been Cat4. So glad it weakened as it did. Still a lot of damage, but less than might have been by a long shot.....
  11. Major Hurricane Irma

    Hope hope hope so!
  12. Major Hurricane Irma

    Sorry for this, but weakening?wtf. NWS should be more vague, lol. Well to correct myself they report what they see.
  13. Major Hurricane Irma

    Really hope NWS cat 3 is right for LF. I didn't think east was right. Don't think Cat3 is even close, but at this point I'll take any weakening. Wishcasting is battling Nowcasting.
  14. Major Hurricane Irma

    Western solution was always on the board. Wishcast this would blow way west and hit shear. Millions still affected, even with the Miami miss.
  15. Major Hurricane Irma

    Couldn't happen at a worse time, for societal reasons-meaning many people at high risk of being in RFQ landfall will now lose the last realistic window of evacuation as they decide it won't be that bad.