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  1. Wow that was intense. Straight line winds just came ripping through with no warning. Had to be around 70mph at my office in essington
  2. What's to talk about? More rain threatening everyone's first chance to play golf on Friday. Pretty much sums up the current state of affairs, which is layers of poo on top of poo! Snowless winter, pandemeic and crappy April weather. Next to come is closed beaches, fan-less sports and a May blizzard
  3. My home's exterior has never be more clean than it is right now! Spent all weekend power washing everything from gutters to windows to masonry walkways, decks and patios. I hope the weekends stay drying the next few weeks so we can enjoy the outdoors and get out of the house! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!
  4. The way this winter went and now we are dealing with a global pandemic, I am expecting a blizzard of epic proportions in late April or early May to just continue the stink that is like right now!
  5. It is extremely easy to golf and stay 6 feet from your playing partners. You can leave a glove on to remove the ball from the hole. It's no different than going to a state park and walking a trail w/others. At a public course you cannot do this, but a private club the members can police themselves as far as when to tee off etc. or you have one employee from the club doing tee times. He doesn't need to be closer than 6ft to anyone to do this either.
  6. We are in the same boat however since our club is member owned we cannot be kept from walking the course and playing. It's a we are closed/but situation. I have not played since we shutdown, but if it lasts too long I live 1 mile for the entrance to my club and I will be playing.
  7. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?x=293&y=57&site=buf&zmx=&zmy=&map_x=293&map_y=57#.XlkoJqhKiUl It's winter in other places.
  8. I guess this means my trip to Pinehurst the 3rd week of April the courses should be at nearly peak condition!
  9. Unless it's 6"+ I will save my breath for next winter.
  10. See you all next year! Not that we had much to discuss this winter. If it decides to snow I will consider it a bone thrown at us from the Snow Gods proving that they do actually care about weenies!
  11. It's just looks all too familiar. The 10-15 day shows glimpses of winter and then the can just keeps getting kicked backwards. All of our cold shots are frontal passages on the heels of lps sliding to out north and east and they have no staying power.
  12. We are experiencing a typical winter for Norfolk VA.
  13. yep. without anything to slow the progression down in the Atlantic and buckle the flow we need something to really pop the ridge or it's a fish storm.
  14. yep. the only reason there is any snow anywhere near I-95 on this run is b/c the low completely bombs out.
  15. I am sure we will have 6 of these in the spring with temps in the 40s!
  16. Post of the year. The models can’t predict weather accurately a week out so how can anyone be expected to give an accurate seasonal snowfall prediction? It’s all a racket anyway, all of the winter forecasts are just click bait.
  17. Agree. What’s funny is when the storm track is that far south we are usually in the freezer. While we will be below normal it’s not like we’re talking low 20s and single digit nights.
  18. it'll just be cold and dry for us the way this winter is going. I wonder when was the last winter (if any) that there wasn't at least (1) winter storm warning posted for the city?
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