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  1. not Expecting much imby on Delco chesco border. Will keep my eyes north and East on this one. Expecting the folks in Berks and northwest jersey Counties to cash in here.
  2. Some flakes mixing in at my home in Chadds Ford
  3. I live less than a half mile from here. You can see the path from Dilworthtown road/Oakland road across 202. I play at concord country club and went there today and there are over 40 trees that were uprooted or damaged along a line from 202 towards Brinton lake road.
  4. Lost power last night in Chadds Ford around 11:35. Had to be gusts in excess of 50mph, trees and branches down everywhere on my ride into work. Lights of power outages noticeable.
  5. Played Stonewall golf links yesterday. 18 at the old course and 9 at the north course. Golfers paradise there! The old course is a real challenge. Tough off the tees with heavy rough and very small greens.
  6. Guys been a really solid player for a long time on both European and PGA tours. Not surprising to finally see him real off some wins.
  7. 3.5" in Chadds Ford. Was expecting closer to 6". Can't win them all. On to spring for me.
  8. Ripping chadds ford
  9. Driveway and walkways covered now. Should start piling up now chadds ford
  10. Snowing at a good clip now. Grass almost covered (was generally bare prior to start) and starting to stick to driveway and walkways. Chadds Ford 33
  11. Picking up in intensity
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