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  1. Baseball0618

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Guys been a really solid player for a long time on both European and PGA tours. Not surprising to finally see him real off some wins.
  2. By the time it verifies it'll be Memorial Day.
  3. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    3.5" in Chadds Ford. Was expecting closer to 6". Can't win them all. On to spring for me.
  4. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Ripping chadds ford
  5. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Driveway and walkways covered now. Should start piling up now chadds ford
  6. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Snowing at a good clip now. Grass almost covered (was generally bare prior to start) and starting to stick to driveway and walkways. Chadds Ford 33
  7. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Picking up in intensity
  8. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Moderate sn. 36f Starting to stick to grassy surfaces and deck. 500’ chadds ford
  9. Baseball0618

    Smarch 3rd-4th Obs

    Snizzle 39. Chadds Ford
  10. Baseball0618

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    I think that in many locales some qpf is going to get wasted before it starts accumulating.
  11. Baseball0618

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    Actually liking MBY for once this season. Let’s go out with a bang! I thought for awhile, as did others, the first week of March had a shot to deliver our first area wide warning criteria snow and it may actually happen.
  12. Baseball0618

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    U forgot Beauty. Truthfully though that run dropped a good bit of qpf. Might be a blip but the NAM is usually on the wetter end of the models so that could be alarming
  13. Baseball0618

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    definite tick north on these.