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  1. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    The US will still probably be favored b/c on paper they are the superior side. All the other factors favor the Euros (home crowd and a course they are all familiar with). I think the US wins in what should be an amazing Ryder Cup!
  2. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    I always wondered if bunker rakes floated. Thanks Tom. Looks like a lot of work is on the horizon for you and your staff. Good luck!
  3. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Yeah that's what I figured. I have pulled them before just not this many!
  4. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I try to avoid round-up since i have little children that sometimes walk into the landscaping. Thanks though.
  5. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    These have taken over my landscape. What can I use to kill them and not disturb plants?
  6. not a problem at all. I managed to squeeze in 16 holes
  7. what time you thinking it hits? 3 ish?
  8. Unfortunately approaching Tropical Storm Lee levels
  9. agree tomorrow the heaviest rains should be east of where they have been since Sunday. Hopefully the flooding can be avoided and the front can kick it east before too long. . What becomes of this as it spreads north is what worries me
  10. Have a feeling that the areas that have been spared so far are next in line so don't count your eggs before they hatch!
  11. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Kemp it like that for the Open in July!
  12. 5/16 Another Run @ 90F This Time With Possibly Severe Storms

    Have a bad feeling about flooding potential with this one. The Industrial park where my business is doesn't do well with really heavy downpours so just hope the training stays away from tinicum area!
  13. 2018 NFL Draft

    Probably going to trade the pick, that's my first thought. they have zero picks in the 2nd or 3rd round and by trading they could get an early 2nd and a 3rd potentially.