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  1. Starting to play together
  2. Baseball0618

    Private Professional MET Thoughts

    Well in that case consider the threat dead.
  3. Signal is still there without question. It's just an extremely fickle setup with all of the lps in the flow. It'd feel like a real waste of an energetic pattern if nothing were to materialize on the coast.
  4. Euro says no soup for you
  5. Baseball0618

    Winter Banter thread

    I call BS on that article. You’re telling me some no name from the philly voice gets this information above the true sports writers in this city?
  6. There is a clear signal that there is potential for a storm to form somewhere along the gulf states given the ridge positioning. Problem is there are so many vorts passing through that all the models are handling things slightly differently. Will definitely take a few more days until things at least start to become more clear. It's an active pattern and there is a certain window for east coast cylcogenesis. Hopefully we can time something up.
  7. This all smells familiar, but I am much more a fan of this threat than this past one simply because the ridge positioning that Tombo has been mentioning. It’s always better for us to see lows tracking through the Mississippi than from the plains
  8. From my cousin in Vermont near Stowe D4FCC905-01E4-4B95-AD05-0E74D1A7968A.mov
  9. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
  10. GFS is faster that’s the main difference I believe. The faster that shortwave ejects the sooner it can phase in with tpv.
  11. Obviously a shift south is good for most on this forum, but even a bump eastward would do a lot to change the overall outcome. If the low starts tracking up or east of the apps versus west of them in the TN valley that would bode very well for many in regards to remaining all frozen.
  12. had my propane tank topped off yesterday just in case something like this happens. I hope it goes south or north equally.
  13. This looks better than 0Z, More seperation