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  1. Yawning in West Deptford. Some minor wind when the shelf cloud passed overhead then brief heavy rain. No thunder or lightning until after the heaviest rain passed.
  2. Line fell apart as it crossed the river. All is well in the world. 😬
  3. Tombo - agreed. For me, at this point in the year either give me a major snowstorm or give me spring. Hate to see the snow threats disappear into the rear view, but hopefully next year is a bit better for the coastal plain.
  4. Just got dinner delivered and was surprised to see it snowing at a pretty good clip with huge flakes relatively low visibility when I answered the door. Looks like a quick passing burst on the radar - little bit of a coating on the grass and cars. Maybe my last flakes of the year over here on the wrong side of the Delaware River?
  5. Mix line is on the move again - just about all rain here now. Storm total snow/sleet : .8’’
  6. Sleet continues here - but roads look just wet - lots of dripping from the trees/ roof.
  7. Sleeting quite heavily here at the moment.
  8. Sounds like a good amount of sleet pinging off the windows here still - probably rain mixed in too - not sure.
  9. Not a flake in sight - not even five minutes after mixing.
  10. Sleet mixing here in West Deptford - that was quick. About .75’’ snow accumulation.
  11. Pavement caving here as mix line is creeping towards my personal space
  12. Puking snow - accumulating everywhere but the pavement so far. Keeping a very, very close eye on that mix line.
  13. Borderline dumping here now!
  14. Huge flakes now - visibility dropping quickly
  15. I’m not too far southwest from you and it took awhile for mixing to start here in northwestern Gloucester county after the first reports of mixing in Wilmington and Salem County. More and more snow is mixing in by the minute here finally.
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