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  1. Can confirm similar here just up the road in West Deptford. I had to use the snow shovel to get some water away from one of my back doors this afternoon. Glad I decided to work from home today.
  2. Pretty long period of hail here in West Deptford, a few good wind gusts, and a boatload of rain. Some of the hail was larger than dime size - the picture of the hail in my hand is after the fact and partially melted. The video with the grill has some of the bigger stones here and there. Pretty awesome storm! Glad I mowed this morning. Video(1).mov Video_1.mov Video_1.mov Video.mov
  3. Some photos of damage in the cherry hill area not far from Woodcrest station where I ducked off 295 during the height of the winds.
  4. I intercepted that most recent storm on 295 near the Woodcrest Station area on my way home from work. I think that was the strongest wind I’ve personally witnessed and was the first time I’ve ever felt legitimately unsafe during a storm (more or less because I was in a tiny car with limbs and branches flying around). No shortage of tree and wire damage in the area around Woodcrest station.
  5. Just got woken up by what must have been a very close lightning strike. Almost jumped out of my skin lol - was not expecting that.
  6. Similar to PHL, I’ll call it .1 maybe .2 right across the river in West Deptford with a light glaze of ice before temps rose above freezing. First band dried up as it approached and snow was very brief when the main batch of precipitation arrived. I had no expectations with this one - there’s always next time?
  7. Just getting home - Rain/freezing rain -some light glazing on the trees, railings, cars, etc here in West Deptford. Roads seemed to be just wet in my local travels
  8. Out and about in the Glassboro area of south jersey and had a very quick transition from snow (maybe a tenth or two of accumulation) to mostly rain with a period of sleet in between that lasted about two minutes.
  9. Saw the SVR warning come out for my area so decided to watch from the porch as the line came through - was expecting to see some decent wind but just some quick very heavy rain. Wind was actually calmer just ahead of and during the line than it had been all night. Feels like a summer morning out there.
  10. Best we could do in West Deptford, Gloucester County. Grill is the only thing with any white. Grass, mulch, cars just wet. That band brought some huge flakes, but nothing beyond light snow.
  11. On the edge of that band near Philly here in West Deptford - so far the white rain is a little whiter but that’s it. We’ll see what happens as it swings through.
  12. So far just patches of a slushy coating on parts of the roofs and grass in West Deptford. That may even be generous.
  13. I was working in Ocean/ Monmouth counties today. There were periods of non accumulating snow/sleet/ slop during the day. My ride home was opposite of the norm - went through some areas of legitimate accumulating moderate snow with temps near freezing along coastal Monmouth/ ocean counties and the further inland I headed, the warmer/ wetter it got. Plain rain with an occasional half dead flake at home here in West Deptford. I never got too excited about this one - so I’m not terribly disappointed.
  14. Snowing lightly but steadily, visibility down a bit in Egg Harbor Township where I am working. Kind of surprised.
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