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  1. Snowing lightly but steadily, visibility down a bit in Egg Harbor Township where I am working. Kind of surprised.
  2. Some decent storms with much needed rain and a good amount of close lightning strikes last night in West Deptford. Looks like just to my north/ northeast in the cherry hill area there was quite a bit of wind damage.
  3. Nasty wind with the leading edge of that line. Looked like it was weakening on radar as it approached but it flared up a bit at the last second.
  4. Torrential torrential torrential rain here. We never really had flood issues before but the last few heavy rain events the water has risen very rapidly here in the yard and the streets. I guess the water just has nowhere to go these days
  5. Very impressive shelf cloud as this thing rolled in. Pretty darn impressive winds too.
  6. I have a fascination for bad weather (heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, etc) but this last event made prolonged or just extremely heavy rain lose its luster to me (I’m not sure it had much luster beforehand anyway). Floods suck, water damage sucks, bring on the cold and snow.
  7. This thread title is very fitting because water actually leaked from a spot on my ceiling into my kitchen sink. Hopefully nothing much happens today. There’s enough water where it shouldn’t be already.
  8. I stand by my comment on not liking flooding. Waking up @ 5am to a yard that looks like Lake Michigan and water in my family room is not how I saw today going. I’ve had some decent puddles develop in my yard from heavy rain events before, but nothing like this. Yikes.
  9. Monsoon, lots of lightning and loud, rolling thunder. I love a good nighttime thunderstorm - minus the flooding.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155910548652581&id=503097580&anchor_composer=false Mullica Hill
  11. That video form Bankbridge road looks legit for sure based on what I saw here (my video didn’t capture much because I was trying to keep the phone out of the rain). It wasn’t that quite that defined here but something was happening - could have very well just been updraft that i captured but it was nasty for sure.
  12. Yeah I didn’t think there was an actual tornado - but it got nasty out for a bit. Probably the best winds my local area has seen from a storm this season.
  13. sucky video - but best I could do on the fly with rain blowing at me E4DE4822-C90D-48DC-A80F-3FBC6652318D.MOV
  14. I’ll try and post a video shortly. Rotation and strong winds certainly came though the mantua, west Deptford area
  15. No, I remember seeing posts on other boards from the person you mention though.
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