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  2. I wanted to link the WRF model output (that I maintain in my spare time) from the RUCOOL group at Rutgers. Focused on the Philly area: 9km (0-84 hrs) based on the 00Z GFS 3km (0-48 hrs) based on the 9km WRF + RAP initial conditions 1km (24-48 hrs, day 2) based on the 3km WRF + RAP initial conditions Grib files are also available on the site for the 9km and 3km simulations! The model used a state of the art cloud clearing SST algorithm that is applied to MODIS SSTs. The resulting SST resolution is 2km, which is far higher than is available in the operational models. Higher resolution SSTs = better sea breeze & offshore storm modeling! http://rucool.marine.rutgers.edu/COOL-Data/ruwrf-model-output and the primary lab website, filled with many COOL research and operational projects, is located at: http://rucool.marine.rutgers.edu/ ~Lou