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  1. AM Low briefly made it to 32.0 between 6am-645am - we have now had 2x the amount (2) of freezing lows in May vs. April...that should be our last such morning till October or November - let the freeze free growing season begin!
  2. Couple snow flurries and squalls during the day - our high made it up to 46.5 here in East Nantmeal Township...this is the 6th lowest maximum daily May reading in Chester County history....freeze warning up again for tonight but suspect the higher spots like here may stay just above freezing as the Wxsim indicates.
  3. Some other chilly Chesco factoids to munch on. Today's freezing temperature marks the 15th latest freeze in 127 years of records back to 1894. The average final freeze in Chester County is April 18th. The latest freeze in County history was the 32 degree reading on May 28, 1927. This is also the latest freeze in the last 24 years with 1996 seeing it's final freeze on May 14th at 30 degrees....of interest just 5 days later Chesco began a 3 day heat wave from May 19 (91)- 20 (94) and 91 on the 21st of 1996
  4. New Western Chester County elevation record (1983 to Present) low 31.3 at 6:15am breaking the old mark of 34 set in 1985. Well off the all-time Chesco record of 25.0 set in 1947. Also storm total of 0.68" of rain and indeed some overnight snow showers and flurries on May 9th - amazing!! A chance of more flurries and snow showers later as we make a run at the coldest May high temp in Chester County history today!
  5. The main cold front is 93 mi NW of Chesco at 7pm when the front passes winds quickly go to the NNW at over 30mph with a change to snow within 30 minutes in the higher spots....the race will be on between the precip shut off and snow....might see a few mangled flakes in some of the philly NW burbs later this evening....before some potential snow squalls tomorrow
  6. Your family are in my prayers today!
  7. So far today here in Western Chester County Hi 55.3 at midnight low so far 45.3 with 0.27" of rain
  8. So again how incredibly rare are the cold temperatures tomorrow across Chester County PA? Tomorrow will be only the 14th May day since record keeping began way back in 1894 with a high temperature only in the 40's. It will be our 1st May day with a high in the 40's since May 12, 2008. If my WXSIM forecast high of 43 degrees were to verify that would tie for the coldest May max temperature EVER on record which was set on May 1, 1963! My NWS point and click is 44 degrees....that would tie for the 2nd coldest May day ever set back on May 5, 1917
  9. If I were a betting man I would bet on more than mood flakes tomorrow during the day with some moderate snow squalls...sort of the winter version of pop up t-storms....of course no accumulation but more than a few mood flakes...
  10. Welp! We are over 1.3 million virus cases and now per the link below over 33 million unemployed and rising....life is full of choices and trade offs. Unfortunately, as we are starting to find out many of these jobs will never be returning. We will likely long debate and of course never find the true answer to the question was the chosen path of closing down the economy worth however many lives it may have saved?....which can also never be quantified. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/07/economy/unemployment-benefits-coronavirus/index.html
  11. Coldest May 6th in Western Chester County PA in at least the last 38 years with today's high of only 51.7...also had 0.19" of rain to add to the March like chill....
  12. Tom with those lapse rates....I expect self destructive sunshine resulting in snow at the surface even with temps in some further south spots at or near 50 degrees....
  13. Here in East Nantmeal....Tom won't like this... or believe that Coatesville was colder than Mount Pocono (how can that happen?) according to the NWS Observer on May 9, 1947 at a record 25 degrees but only 27 degrees for the May 10th record of 27 in both 1947 and 1966....
  14. So how unusual is this cold May in Western Chester County PA? very! On top of the potential of snow in the air on Friday and Saturday in May - an extremely rare event in the climate change era....or heck any era climate change or not! We are well on the way to the latest 80+ degree reading in at least the last 38 years here in Chester County. Already through today this is the 5th latest 80+ degree reading so late into May. In looking at the longer range models it looks increasingly possible that we will set a record for the latest 80+ day in County history. Below are the latest such readings #1 - 5/22/1988 / #2 - 5/20/1984 / #3 - 5/19/1997 - 5/19/1992 - 5/19/2019 / #4 - 5/10/1987 - #5 - TBD here in 2020
  15. In NW Chester County PA at East Nantmeal Township we made it up to 77.9 degrees our warmest high temperature since the 87.6 back on October 2nd....of course this was nowhere close to any records as as recently as 2 years ago we made it to 90.3 degrees here in East Nantmeal and you know how rare that ever happens even in the soaring hills of NW Chesco even in the middle of summer....with the all-time record high for Chester County being the 91.0 degree reading on the 3rd of May back in 1913.
  16. Slightly off topic.....but whenever I hear Long Live Rock....I think of the greatest band there ever was or will be....The Beatles..... or as Rolling Stone Magazine says the only band we can call the perfect band! A couple weeks back Howard Stern had Paul McCartney on and tried to get him to say the Beatles were better than the Rolling Stones...which Howard of course loves to state that the Beatles are the ultimate rock band...Paul tried to be diplomatic and gently mention the Beatles wrote the Stones 1st hit in England " I Wanna Be Your Man" a song John and Paul wrote for Ringo to sing....however, Mick Jagger happened to be in the studio the day they wrote it in about 30 minutes...and Mick asked the Beatles if they would be good with the Stones having a go at it....as they had not yet figured out how to write songs on their own. Paul went on to mention to Howard that the Stones always seemed to be just one step behind the Fabs....like the Beatles did Sgt. Pepper and the stones followed with the same kind of approach and imagery....Their Satanic Majesties Request. Interestingly a week or so later.... MIck Jagger came back and tried to make the claim that the Stones were bigger than the Beatles because the Fab Four stopped touring before the big stadium rock shows of the 70's....the only problem with this claim is the Beatles were indeed the 1st rock band,...and in the 60's the only rock band that could fill Baseball and Football stadiums.....The Beatles were selling out stadiums starting in 1965 with Shea Stadium and then in 1966 they were the 1st rock band to play JFK Stadium in Philly, Dodger Stadium in LA, Busch Stadium in St Louis, Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, RFK Stadium in Washington DC and Candlestick Park in San Francisco...of note the Stones in that summer of 1966 while the Beatles were playing JFK Stadium in Philly the Stones had to play the 4,500 Asbury Park Convention Center in NJ....as they could not even fill the Philadelphia Convention Center with it's 13,000 seats.
  17. 1.31" storm total with 0.08" since midnight
  18. Our warmest April Temperature so far this month is only 72 degrees....this is the lowest max reading in the month of April in the last 37 years. To put that in context in those 37 years we have see a max temp over 90 degrees 2 times....over 80 degrees 20 times and in the 70's 14 times. Here in Chester County while a below normal month and our 1st such month since November 2019... it was however only 0.4 degrees below normal
  19. May not be a great investment depending on where you live....I am deep in the woods and lose power very often and I need electricity for my water etc. as no public water so the $6k it costs pays me back big time.....
  20. No surprise but power is also out here...generator kicked on at 2pm so still up and running....it does pay for itself in my neck of the woods!
  21. I recorded my highest wind gust since 2003 at 41mph on my station at 1:13pm - I am surrounded by higher hills so no doubt close to 60mph gusts
  22. With today's 53.0/39.5 split this marks our 14th straight day with below normal temperatures....to put this in perspective the last time this happened was the 14 below normal days recorded between March 5th-18th in 2018. Couple of great shots attached of the sunset on the SJ Beaches of Sea Isle City and here across the soaring peaks along the Welsh Mountain Anticline in NW Chester County PA
  23. Indeed!! with this many warm months any month below normal is a stunner!
  24. For sure the best news in a long time and so great to see....with all the folks in Ventura County in Southern California back out at the beach and practicing strong social distancing!! Let's hope this is a harbinger of good days to come - let's keep this going!! Great news!!! Let's get the NJ Beaches open and practicing social distancing ASAP!!!
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