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  1. I know you were all wondering could East Nantmeal hit 90 today....sorry only 83.7....
  2. Power finally back in East Nantmeal!! Great stretch of weather on the way! Beaches are again crowded down the shore in Sea Isle City (see video attached) although at 84 degrees and a DP at 73 too warm for me...cooler tomorrow but still a land breeze..... 2020-06-06_14-27-14.mp4
  3. A little late but below is the Climate Summary for May 2020 for Western Chester County PA along with some interesting weather factoids Average Temperature 58.6 (0.7 degrees below normal) ( Avg High 67.4 / Avg. Low 49.8) This was our 2nd consecutive below normal month following the April 49.4 avg (0.5 below normal) The 2 month average of April and May mark the 24th coldest first 2 months of Spring in the Chester County history (1894-Present) and coldest since April/May 2008 Rainfall = 2.88" (1.40" below normal) YTD Rainfall stands at 21.29" (2.02" above normal) Highest Temperature was the 81.3 on the 15th - this was our 1st 80 degree day of the year and represents the 7th latest initial 80+ day since records began in 1894. The latest was on 5/27/37 Lowest Temperature was the 31.3 reading on the 9th - our last 32 degree reading of the season occurred on the 10th - this was only our 78th sub freezing low in the 2019/20 winter season normal is 115 days The 46.5 maximum recorded on the 9th was the 6th lowest May max daily reading in the historical climate data set
  4. Just a beautiful day down at the Jersey Shore in Sea Isle City NJ....I don't think I have ever seen the beach so crowded on a weekday in June before! Wondering if the fact folks are not tied to their kids being in class in getting a lot more folks to show up on the beaches of NJ much earlier than normal....let's hope so!. It briefly touched 80 degrees around noon on the beaches but most of the PM was spent in the low 70's down to 70 degrees now while 6 miles inland they swelter at 86 degrees....back in East Nantmeal we are still without power.....would be a tough day without AC back there with temps topping out at 83.8 with high humidity.
  5. Here in the oxygen deprived peaks of the Welsh Mountain Anticline in the philly burbs of NW Chester County will we even touch 90+ this year?
  6. Nah....I heard the same exact argument in the late 90's (after the 94 strike) when the Phillies sucked and the WIP hosts like Glen Macnow and Howard Eskin were saying "no one is playing baseball anymore...young people don't play it like when I was a kid....baseball will never come back..every time I look at the obituary section another baseball fan dies" that was a Macnow classic." Of course just 10 years later the Phillies were the top TV attendance team in baseball with 3 straight years of selling our 45k seats every night at the park. Baseball is unique among the sports as it is kind of as one friend of mine calls it "male soap opera" apologies to the ladies for that one....but his point is well taken. As much as we all love football it is 1x a week....hockey and basketball a few times a week....baseball feeds our sports obsession almost every single night for 7 months! That is what distinguishes it from all other sports...there is a reason we call it our National Pastime!!....it has survived players throwing a series to gamblers in the 1919 Black Sox scandal....to the 1994 strike that ended a season....to the "steroid era".....it will not only survive the virus....it will continue to thrive!
  7. 0.62" in the VP station in East Nantmeal so far with 0.32" from this 2nd storm....I am not there to see what is in the CoCo bucket but no doubt more as the VP always under does the rainfall - will true up when I get back to Chesco. Down here in Sea Isle City NJ we had our hottest day of the year and only our 2nd day over 80 degrees with a high of 87.1 at 1:27pm. We did have that 1st line move through here in the 2pm hour with only .03" of rain...however after the 1st front went through the synoptic SW winds died down and allowed the Sea Breeze to kick in (as you can see in the obs below) as we dropped 11 degrees in 14 minutes making it a very cool evening with temps in the upper 60's and a light flow off the chilly waters
  8. Sun is out....but power still out - thankful for the generator....it has been getting a major workout this year....we pretty much lose power almost every month of the year....
  9. Lost power per the norm with almost every storm here in NW Chesco...top wind gust only 21mph - rain 0.30" - however just a few miles to my east my Brother In Law had his entire awning collapse in Chester Springs
  10. Beautiful day across the area and also on the beach in beautiful Sea Isle City NJ 2020-05-31_12-20-34.mp4
  11. 0.72" from the storm yesterday and overnight in NW Chester County PA...beautiful day across both NW Chester County and the Jersey Beaches. Back in Chester County the splits were 76.4/62.6 while down in Sea Isle City NJ we had our 1st 80 degree day here on the barrier islands since last September 23rd when we hit 81.7. The beach was mighty crowded today with little if any social distancing evident on the beach....as you can see in the pics. With high tide today being during the prime beach hours folks were crowded in.....the town of Sea Isle is really hopping as we start to move back to normal....restaurants are preparing for the upcoming opening of outdoor dining with tables being set up....should be a nice next few days down the shore!! Great to see how many people are here and getting back to normal!!
  12. No need to apologized we have continued to move the goal posts of what was needed to open up....1st not enough ventilators....then overwhelming the ERs now we need a vaccine....the good news is we will never go down this path again as while there will of course will be another variant of a virus we have never seen before...maybe a covid22...and despite folks that will again push to shut down the economy and move 20% plus of all US workers to unemployment....cooler heads will prevail. We are as prepared as is possible for the next pandemic. While our government leadership (neither Republican or Democratic - this is not a political issue as both left and right political leaders have failed all of us) for the last 100 years no administration was ever truly prepared (that includes Bush, Obama and Trump)....we finally have enough ventilators to stop the ERs from being overwhelmed. Now there is no way of course to have a test for a virus that has not yet reared it's ugly head....we at least will be ready to handle any potential ER rush.....this is the best thing coming out of this mess!
  13. Still chilly at the Jersey Shore with a SSE wind still off the water - mid 60's here while just 6 miles inland at Dennisville NJ up to 80 degrees. Back in East Nantmeal Chester County PA near 80 degrees with a 71 degree DP....
  14. Another day in the fog down at the Jersey Shore in Sea Isle City with a 66.3/61.3 split and no measurable rain...brutal weather on the beaches...however - back in NW Chesco wife is complaining about the humidity and urge to fire up the AC...splits today in Chesco were 73.9/67.0 with 0.21" of rain in the gauge. Through today NW Chesco is at 2.16" of rain here in May which is 1.74" below normal...however YTD we are at 20.57" which is 1.68" above normal through May 28th vs. 1983-2019 averages. Looking like a good shot an our 2nd consecutive below normal month with May running at exactly 1.0 degrees below normal through today in Chester County.
  15. Here in Beautiful Sea Isle City NJ the sun never did win out...although I did hit the beach for 1.5 hours as the sun tried to shine through the fog....see one of the pix below. When on the beach you could not see too far down the beach with the fog....we did manage to top out with a high temp of 62.4 this evening at 7:04pm - we cleared out nicely at around that time...but by 8pm we were of course once again socked in with the fog...and still are as you can see below. Meanwhile back in NW Chester County my wife tells me it is very warm and somewhat humid with a high today of 76.8 on the Western Chester County Weather Station
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