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  1. chescopawxman

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Temps have continued to slowly fall here in NW Chesco currently at 42.3 - temps will stay in the 40's here today after a midnight high of 46.5 .... While down the shore in Sea Isle City after a midnight high of 56.3 and an AM low of 47.7 - temps have bounced back to 49.2. High wind gust overnight down the shore was 26mph
  2. chescopawxman

    That 30s club

    AM Low 36.1 (lowest so far this fall season) in East Nantmeal with some frost scattered across the Township this AM...but no freeze so the growing season continues for local farmers as we are now up to 181 days which on average should end over the next 7 days based on local records since 1894. With 5 of the last 6 days averaging below normal we are still running at 6.1 degrees above normal through yesterday
  3. chescopawxman

    That 30s club

    This morning's low temp of 38.2 was our 1st temp in the 30's this fall season with our last reading in the 30's back on April 30th. Our high today in Chester County was only 49.2 (avg is 62.4) - this was our 1st day with the temp remaining in the 40's since April 19th. Currently down to 39.2 here with lower spots like Marsh Creek at 538ft and Glenmoore at 538 feet already down to 34 degrees....expect lower spots in the county to fall below freezing while those of us over 650 ft will stay above freezing overnight with only scattered frost
  4. chescopawxman

    That 30s club

    I do not think the higher spots of Chester County will see sub freezing readings tomorrow night or Sunday night. Spots below 500 feet have a good shot at least one of those nights....higher spots may need to wait for another week IMHO. The frozen tundra of East Nantmeal always lags a bit in both freezing lows and 90+ days - I expect a 33 to 34 is the lowest we will see.
  5. chescopawxman

    That 30s club

    And those of us over 650 asl....could see our 1st 30's by tomorrow AM
  6. chescopawxman

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Even with today's midnight high of 59.0 we had our 3rd of the last 4 days of below normal temps. Looking at the Euro over the next 10 days every day is below normal with some well below normal temps by the end of the period. In fact looking at long range models we might be below average right through Thanksgiving....weather does have a way of evening out.
  7. chescopawxman

    Growing (Freeze Free) Season in Chester County PA

    No doubt it is a combination of factors that allow the "microclimate" observed at both here and KMQS in Coatesville (also in a pretty wooded spot) to struggle to get to 90+ days
  8. chescopawxman

    Growing (Freeze Free) Season in Chester County PA

    Looking at data...while folks find it hard to believe that a few hundred feet can make a difference regarding the lack of 90+ days above 650 ft ASL....it is equally as clear that above 650ft you have many less freezing days....if you are a winter enthusiast...what do you want less freezing days or more snow? Certainly at higher elevations like mine you can average seasonal snowfall that is the same as Chicago IL...but you should also expect less freezing days etc......what do you want??
  9. chescopawxman

    Growing (Freeze Free) Season in Chester County PA

    Yep - 9" at my place to nada in Sea Isle City NJ with not even one flake of snow - not sure what PHL ended up with...
  10. Looking at the models both the EURO and GFS have Chester County reaching 34 next Friday morning. If that were to come to pass that would be 181 days since our last sub-freezing temperature back on April 21st. One of our many local farmers in the Township emailed me to ask if I knew or could calculate what was the length of the growing (freeze free) season in East Nantmeal. I surmised that with our modest increase in elevation we should expect less sub freezing readings than the lower valley locales due to less impact from radiational cooling on clear and calm nights. For perspective the latest sub freezing temperature was the 32 degree reading way back on May 28, 1927 and the earliest first freeze observed was on September 20, 1956. That growing season of 1956 was the shortest growing season in the county with the last freeze on May 24th resulting in a season of just 119 days. By contrast back in 2005 we had our longest growing season of 233 days. Which is almost 4 more months freeze free weather. The COOP data from 1894 to 1983 was observed at 340 feet above sea level (ASL) down in the Chester Valley; while readings from 1984 to Present have been observed at over 660 feet ASL on the north ridge of the valley that runs from SW to NE across the middle of Chester County. The number of average below freezing days was 127 at the lower elevations and has decreased to only 115 on average at the higher locales. At the lower elevations the growing season averaged 172 days. At the higher elevations it has averaged 188 days. Of interest for the 89 years from 1894 to 1983 there were only 2 seasons that exceeded 200 growing days (1912 and 1938) since 1984 there have been 13 such seasons...including 11 of the past 14 years and the last 4 years 2014-17.
  11. chescopawxman

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    We are now down to 49.5 here in Chester County PA....this is our 1st sub 50 (40's club) degree reading of the fall season. Of note this is the latest first 40's temp here in Chester County since NWS Coop records began back in 1894! All other 1st 40's temps were recorded in August or September
  12. chescopawxman

    Winter 2018/2019 Professional Met Forecasts

    Updated Winter Forecast from the folks at Weatherbell https://www.weatherbell.com/late-september-winter-forecast
  13. chescopawxman

    Winter 2018/2019 Professional Met Forecasts

    From Paul Dorian with Perspecta, Inc. "It looks like a cold and snowy winter for much of the eastern half of the nation" See their outlook and video on the attached. https://www.perspectaweather.com/blog/2018/10/11/2018-2019-winter-outlooklooks-like-a-cold-and-snowy-winter Meteorologist Paul Dorian with Perspecta, Inc.
  14. 0.92" storm total with temps continuing to fall slowly this AM now down to 56.3 and the DP at 49
  15. chescopawxman

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    How crappy is Eli....unfortunately I feel not one bit better about the birds....that team with the exception of Saquon is brutal....I am starting to think last season's Eagles Super Bowl was all about the planets alignment. On a weather note rain down to a drizzle with 0.78" here in NW Chesco...much more to our SE this evening....now autumnal weather begins!