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  1. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    2017/18 - Seasonal Snow to Date: 42.2" A little interesting coffee table conversation for those of you that live in Chester County Pa...do you know that the average seasonal snowfall in Chester County Pa (over 650ft) is 36.0" - exactly the same as Chicago IL - I was on a flight today from San Francisco and my row mate was stunned at this factoid....got to love stats! 12/9 (5.0") 12/13 (1.3") 12/15 (1.3") 12/25 (0.3") 12/30 (3.8") 1/4 (3.5") 1/16 (0.3") 1/17 (1.8") 1/30 (1.3") 2/4 (0.5") 2/7 (0.5") 2/17 (5.8") 3/2 (3.3") 3/7 (11.5") 3/13 (2.0")
  2. East Nantmeal Township Chester County PA Elevation FTW I was only expecting an inch or less ended up with 2.0" temp 31.4
  3. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    I am surprised same exact snow as Coatesville with less latitude and similar elevation....
  4. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    Tom you may be right...do you know what ABE's elevation? I thought they were similar in the 350-385 ft ASL which is the elevation of all of historical Coatesville obs were taken from 1894 to 1983 - surprised Coatesville is the same as ABE at 32"
  5. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    Not sure what New London averages but lower spots under 350ft at Coatesville averaged 32" from 1894 to 1983 based on co-op reports. Based on your distance/direction from Coatesville I would bet your average is in the upper 20's to near 30" annual.
  6. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    2017/18 - Seasonal Snow to Date: 40.2" 12/9 (5.0") 12/13 (1.3") 12/15 (1.3") 12/25 (0.3") 12/30 (3.8") 1/4 (3.5") 1/16 (0.3") 1/17 (1.8") 1/30 (1.3") 2/4 (0.5") 2/7 (0.5") 2/17 (5.8") 3/2 (3.3") 3/7 (11.5")
  7. My snowblower failed...kept getting blocked with wet snow/ice and switched to the old fashion way....you must have a more advanced model than I do!
  8. Some of us Northwest guys made out pretty darn well from a snow perspective (another example as how a Miller B can work out for the NW burbs) - An amazing event in my mind....I have never recorded a double digit snowfall event (11.5") and the temp on my main station never went below freezing!! The lowest I recorded was 32.5....now I have 2 other thermometers not fan aspirated /shielded that had most of the day below 32....but the one I use for my "official" obs never went below freezing and yet....as almost all day it was pretty much moderate to heavy snow....can't wait to see the w.e. when it melts down tonight...the heavy blue snow on my shovel as I shoveled my drive (after my snowblower failed with the wet snow) and my back tells me it was a wee bit of water in that snow
  9. Wow! this may be our biggest difference ever - elevation FTW!! But it is the wettest snow I can remember. My snow blower was not able to work after about 30 seconds!
  10. East Nantmeal Township - Chester County Pa Still snowing lightly but can see the sun shining through this should be my final snow totals for this storm - will melt down later for w.e. Storm total 11.5" Since midnight (10.3") Last 2.5 hours 2.0"
  11. Continues to just pound away here in East Nantmeal Twp in Chester County Pa 1230pm obs S+ temp 33.4 Snow total so far 9.5" 8.2" since midnight - trees and bushes are drooping but I still have power! Tried to use snow blower on driveway - no go! The snow is blue snow heavy lots of water content,
  12. Another 1.0" during the past 30 minutes here in NW Chester County snow has lightened a bit to no more than moderate - storm total snow now up to 7.5" - temp is 33.5 I think some of my trees and bushes may have some permanent damage if we get too much more - very very heavy wet snow. Expecting the heaviest snow should stay ENE of here moving forward but if some of those bands in SJ do make it back this far we might exceed a foot or more
  13. Just dumping here in NW Chesco (see attached video) Currently up to 6.5" of snow Temp 33.2 2018-03-07 09.53.04.mp4
  14. Heaviest snow of the day now plus looking at radar even heavier incoming S+ and 33.1
  15. Moderate to at times near heavy Snow continues here in NW Chester County Temp 33.1 Snow so far 4.6"