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  1. While a February without a measurable snow event (more than a trace) is unusual it appears we have an excellent chance of finishing February 2020 with no snow in the Philly burbs of Chester County PA. This would mark our 7th time we have gone without a snow event outside of a trace in February since records began here in the County way back in 1894 our only day with a trace this month was on the 2nd. The other February months without measurable snow were 1950/1959/1973/1980/1981/1998/2020.
  2. 0.23" of rain since yesterday with today being our 4th straight day with measurable rain total over those days is 1.10" month to date at 2.22" and YTD 6.13" vs normal through today of 5.17". Normal snow for the season to date through today is 24.0" - snow so far this season just 5.8" just 24% of normal. If we are finished with snow this season this will be the 3rd least snow ever recorded in Chester County since 1894. Behind only 1972-3 - with no snow and 1949-50 with just 2.4" for snow less bragging rights!
  3. Some wet snow and sleet mixed with rain here in East Nantmeal temp at 41.9 DP 28 - in this non-winter every flake is sacred! Before the heavy rain!
  4. Snow mixing in with rain with the temp down to 38.4 here in NW Chester County PA
  5. Another 0.19" of rain so far today up to 0.46" with a 2 day storm total up to 1.01" of rain. The temp rose to 55.7 now down to 43.0. High wind gust here was 29mph while down the shore in Sea Isle City NJ we just had a gust to 42mph
  6. Temp up 5 degrees over last hour now 54.6 - high gust so far 15mph - transition to snow line 100 miles NW of here
  7. 0.27" of rain overnight and 0.82" storm total since yesterday so far. Some more rain this AM and might see a few flakes across NW Chesco before ending
  8. It's been a struggle today to get out of the LL NE flow and it continues at this hour temp pretty steady over last 3 hours with 0.55" of rain so far today. While not in my P&C would not be surprised to see a change to snow tomorrow here in NW Chesco before ending....
  9. 0.44" of rain overnight - low temps ranged from 31.9 to 33.8 across 3 thermometers (with my VP2 station as always the warmest) did not note any icing on any surfaces
  10. Latest NAM still shows some ice in NW Chesco like WXSIM....will it come to pass?? unlikely in this un-winter season!
  11. Temp has continued to slowly fall across NW Chesco today with WXSIM still seeing some potential ZR down into the county later this evening...
  12. WXSIM with 6z data for NW Chester County PA has rain tomorrow transitioning to ZR overnite into Thursday with some light icing - up to 3" of rain this week plus for now showing snow heavy at times overnight Saturday into Sunday late morning with 3" to 5" of snow....no fear it will be gone by 12z
  13. Moderate Snow in East Nantmeal.....if you believe Chris Sowers on 6 abc this could well be our last snow of the season!
  14. Light Snow here in East Nantmeal in NW Chester County PA with a temp at 38.8 DP 30.2
  15. Here in Chester County PA we finished January as the 10th warmest 1st month of a year at 36.5 degrees the top 10 including this year are: 1932 - 42.4 / 1913 - 39.5 / 1950 - 39.5 / 1998 - 38.7 / 1933 - 38.5 / 2006 - 38.4 / 1937 - 38.2 / 1990 - 37.3 / 1906 - 37.1 We also finished with the 44th least January snow at just 3.8". Of note this is also the 29th least snowy season to date with only 5.8" of snow so far. The 28 previous times with this little snow to date - only 4x did we finish w/above normal snowfall (36") for the season. The average ending snow totals for those 28 seasons is only 19.9" of snow. The biggest turn around season was 1913-14 when we only had 3.3" of snow through January but ended up with 54.1" - the worst winter non-turnaround of course is the only season without any recorded snowfall the infamous winter of 1972-3 with no snow accumulation at all.
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