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  1. Hey guys, I decided to record an example of how the WXSIM forecast program works. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if any questions. Thanks! Paul WXSIM Forecast Example.mp4
  2. .09" of rain with some briefly heavy hail with the front. No lighting - high wind gust was 23mph here in East Nantmeal with a high gust of 36 mph in Sea Isle City NJ
  3. Hi Jim - I did not know you worked in healthcare - I also do so working as a consultant to the pharma industry - plus like you I started as a finance guy before getting into the commercial side. Some good news continues to be that the modeling has been too aggressive with the healthcare capacity....with more available beds...hopefully with the signs we may indeed be peaking this week - we may have dodged a bigger bullet. Hopefully the good from this experience is we will be far better prepared for the next inevitable pandemic of this scale or greater that does not wait another 100 years to occur! stay safe!!
  4. Tony always important to keep in mind death is a result of what happened 2 weeks ago...so the expectation is deaths should also begin to decline steadily after next week (likely the week of the 20th) so great news there!
  5. Do you think the sea breeze front passed through Sea Isle City in the last 27 min? 1st column is wind direction - 4th column humidity (going up quick as temp falls) and last column Temp
  6. Some vivid lightning and rolling thunder during the 230am hour overnight with 0.47" of rain MTD now at 0.49" (0.45") below normal with YTD rainfall now at 12.59" or 0.57" above normal. More rain on the way with our active pattern over the next week or so - Good news for our Township farmers who are busy in the fields!
  7. Yes MLB considering opening season in AZ with teams playing with no fans in the stands just TV across all of the spring training spots...until they can get back to playing in their home parks later in the summer.....that would be great just to have some sports to watch on TV again!
  8. Another great link below with worldwide data that you can slice and dice. From this data some relative good news on how we have handled the pandemic compared to other countries We are 9th in Deaths per million people at 33 so far and 6th in new deaths per million in the last day at 4 deaths per million people - Spain/Italy/France/Netherlands/UK/Sweden/Iran and Ireland have experienced greater deaths per million than the US - maybe our early action has helped us turn the corner quicker than others?? https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/total-covid-deaths-per-million?tab=chart&country=
  9. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/coronavirus-has-ushered-in-an-economic-ice-age-when-can-we-expect-activity-to-heat-up-again-2020-04-06
  10. Great interactive Chester County Map below - that puts this in a bit better perspective....the one metric % of the population is showing that in the MOST infected township (Easttwown) there are still 99.85% of the population that never had it or if they did resolved before requiring treatment. This is why I am hoping we start to get some of the less impacted places in our country (assuming they stay low or level in case rates) back to work in May. My continuing fear is the resulting economic downturn of not having Americans working will result in an actual depression - which some experts have modeled to begin as early as mid to late summer if we can't get as much of the country as possible out working.. If that were to occur the devastation, suffering from that disaster would far outpace any impact of a pandemic for a much greater % of every township in this entire country. The problem we will face will be that when and if governors start to give the go ahead back to work order...without a vaccine till 2021 at the earliest - states that open will certainly continue to have people dying of this virus right through this year and into 2021. So if we can't afford to wait for a vaccine and we can't wait till the virus is eradicated....when is the right time to get us back to work? I can already see our network newscasts highlight the number of deaths in each state since their Governor's gave the go back to work order. They will be damned if they do and damned if they don't. I do not have the answer...just posing this most difficult question without an answer. Let's all hope the recent positive trends continue and that our early hints that the most dire models may have been too pessimistic come to fruition. Social distancing is working!! Stay strong!! https://chesco.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/975082d579454c3ca7877db0a44e61ca
  11. Sea breeze front showing up nicely on radar - temp has been falling steadily at the beach in Sea Isle City - while here in the soaring peaks of the Welsh Mountain anticline we are 13 degrees warmer....beauty of a day!
  12. Gin and club with big wedge of lime....a strong low cal option for those that care
  13. Below is another real world example of how hyroxychloroquine continues to see increasing successful usage among the physician community!! Again despite some misleading news reports - any physician may prescribe this...the attached gives them more support to use this on their sickest patients. The advice this doc gives is wise it is NOT meant for those with mild to moderate cases of the virus....only for the sickest. https://6abc.com/health/la-doctor-seeing-success-with-hydroxychloroquine-to-treat-covid-19/6079864/
  14. Some more good news from the models showing we may indeed have overestimated the health system impact (below is NY State)....good news - bad news is our worst couple weeks are ahead but the efforts of all seem to be working!
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