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  1. No luck on top of the hills of NW Chester County...current low is our 51.7 however many spots around me that are below 500 ft ASL have indeed hit the 40's...
  2. 1st early high level winter forecast from the folks at WeatherBell show a slow start to winter but averaging only slightly above normal temps with snowfall in our area at 125% of normal August 2019 Plenty of potential for a severe winter. East will have to overcome early warmth. SST analogs are amazingly close to a blend of 2013-14 and 2014-15. Warm northeastern Pacific and cooler Nino1+2 usually a great cold signal. Snowfall should be generous.
  3. So far today in Western Chesco Hi/Lo 77.1/65.0 (may drop lower before midnight) +7.8 above normal . Of note tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Floyd....I recorded the greatest single day rain event in Chester County since records began in 1894. On that day my station measured 8.28" of rain. It was a very chilly day for the date with the temp falling much of the afternoon as the rain bands intensified coming in off the ocean and up-sloped into Western Chester County....we bottomed out at 57.4 at 9:11pm. I remember watching water rescues taking place at Route 30 and 340 in Thorndale with boats in the intersection next to the McDonalds rescuing folks who tried to drive through the flooding.
  4. Climate Summary for Thursday September 12 - Western Chester County PA
  5. with my elevation I am just so close to those 850's....maybe that is why we chill on the hill here in East Nantmeal!!
  6. Hottest reading of the entire summer down in Sea Isle City NJ with a current reading of 91.8 . However, you can see the coastal sea breeze front making strong progress from the NE on the below radar image from KDIX. Only made it up to 81.6 here in East Nantmeal and just 82.0 so far at KPTW and 84.2 at KMQS
  7. Heat Index did reach 93.3 today in East Nantmeal but of course no sniff at 90 in Western Chester County although both KMQS and KPTW made it to almost 88 degrees
  8. Winds have gusted as high as 27mph so far today in Sea Isle City with the temp continuing to fall - now down to the low for the day. Light rain is falling now with quite a bit more incoming off the ocean.
  9. Of course no sniff of 90 in Western Chester County with a high of only 84.7 although down at lake level at Marsh Creek they did hit 87.7 We did have a nice brief shower that left 0.10" in the bucket within the last hour.
  10. The last 2 days here in Western Chester County PA have been the lowest daily max temps in the last 37 years for August 25th and August 26th. Yesterday's high was 71.5 breaking the previous record low max of 72.5 in 2010 and today's high of only 69.2 broke the old record of 71.1 set back in 2006, Today's AM low was 56.7 - nowhere near the record Western Chester County low of 49.0 back in 1987.
  11. Today's climate summary for the philly burbs of Western Chester County PA at East Nantmeal Hi/Lo 71.5/55.3 and at the KMQS Chester County Airport 73.4/57.2 our 3rd straight below normal day. We should make it to 6 straight days with highs in the 70's through Wednesday - how can you not love this weather in the philly burbs! Unfortunately for those of us down in Sea Isle City not as nice as winds have been howling here from the NNE all day with gusts as high as 28mph and a couple round of early AM rain....although we did top out here at 72.7
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