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  1. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    East Nantmeal Twp Chester County Pa 1.3" of snow since midnight 0.3" of snow early AM yesterday Still snowing lightly and 26.9 degrees
  2. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Steady light snow here in NW Chesco temp 32.4
  3. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Temp holding at 32.4 DP 29.9...still not a flake since this morning....but snow is creeping a bit closer maybe between this AM's snow (0.3") and overnight we will get over 1"
  4. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Snow now 13 miles to my NW....at this rate it might be here by late evening... High today was 39.6 now down to 38.9 DP 31.0
  5. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Snow about 18 miles to my NW here in NW Chesco....had not been making much progress to the SE Temp 38.6
  6. January 16th-17th, Miller B Goode

    Wxsim with 12z has no mixing issues....but very little qpf with only 0.13" - 1" to 1.5" should do it
  7. 1/16-1/17 OBS: Trying to bring back some snow to the area

    Light snow all surfaces coated Temp 27.0 here in NW Chesco
  8. January 16th-17th, Miller B Goode

    For NW Chester County with 18z data WXSIM program showing flurries starting tonight and off and on tomorrow...steadier snow holds off till after 8pm tomorrow with snow ending by 7am on Wednesday morning. Total snow accumulation 2" to 4"
  9. Private Professional MET Thoughts

    Agree Tom!! but good for web hits for WB!!
  10. Private Professional MET Thoughts

    Per Monsieur JB over at WB on the upcoming events... The snow event has 4 parts. part 1 is what we see now, but it falls apart tomorrow coming east Part 2 is the snow pushing south that goes into the deep south. Part 3 is sort of an offshoot of that The front pushes to the east coast and snow falls behind it and a piece of the energy coming out leads to enhanced snow Pa into New England The 4th part is the negative coming thru the slot. This looks to me to be a widespread 4-8 in the mid atlantic as we go 20-30 to 1, Its more a DC than NYC event though if the upper feature is stronger that second part will come north further, But I have no changes, and if you look at the euro ensembles, look where the axis of what is now just 2-4 ( at 10-1) is Of course, the subject of the Raging Weatherbull is over Arkansas, but why would I change a 4-8 inch idea from back on Wednesday for the I-95 corridor in the mid Atlantic to northeast given an ensemble that looks like this? I am mad cause I am not in it, but this is complex and I think the overall idea is pretty good. Bhind this its going to warm and air masses from the west will be modified. May be 10-15 days before there is an accumulating snow threat in the areas in blue south of I-90 over the east
  11. 1.21" of rain with .08" since midnight. Currently light Snow/IP Mix here in NW Chesco temp down to 27.8
  12. 1.13" here in East Nantmeal at 1159 obs - Temp still 60.9
  13. We recorded a record Chesco high today of 62.8 - rain so far 0.95" High wind gust was 24 mph out of the SSE
  14. Currently a new daily record High for Chesco with the current 62.4 reading. The cold front is 220 miles NW of here and just went through New Castle Airport. The temp went from 57.2 at 11:16a to 39.0 at 11:56a
  15. 59.7 here in East Nantmeal good shot of setting new record high for the date...set just last year of 61.8 Rain so far today 0.48" - record daily rain for the day was 1.82" set back in 1915