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  1. Some record low Western Chester County PA records are threatened this evening and tomorrow. Record low high elevation record is 24.0 (1995) all-time record is 15.0 (1912). for today - might beat the 1995 record by midnight - currently at 25.7. Tomorrow's record elevation record is 20.0 (1996) and all-time 17 (1920). Low max record 37 (1995) & 35 (1911)
  2. Just cloudy with virga here in NW Chesco but temp is now down to 34.8
  3. Light rain temp has fallen from 48.7 at 7am to now 42.2 at 7:30am - high gust 16 mph here in NW Chesco
  4. Our low this morning of 20.6 broke the old Western Chester County record of 22.0 set back in 1993. The all-time County record was just missed which is the 19.0 from 1976. We also set a new record low max yesterday of just 39.8 besting the old mark of 41.9 from 2007. Of note today is the last day in Chester County that does not have recorded snowfall until April 2nd
  5. Here in Western Chesco - WXSIM has a high of 30.0 and a low of 23.0 on the 13th - of note earliest 32F or lower max temp day was November 11, 1987 at 30.0 Nov 12th record low high elevation is 24.0 (1995) and all-time 15.0 (1926) record low max 36.0 (1995) all-time Nov 13th record low high elevation is 20.0 (1996) and all-time 17.0 (1920) record low max 37.0 (1995) and all-time 35.0 (1911)
  6. First snow flakes of the season here in NW Chester County PA with this squall - friends up the road in Birdsboro report steady snow
  7. This morning was just our 2nd below freezing reading of the season
  8. High spots in the County only made it down to 33.1 at 5am and then we started to rise. Most spots around me are down into the upper 20's - can see a lot of frost down in the valley. Still only 1 day below freezing this season.
  9. 1st freeze of season across the peaks of Western Chester County PA with an AM low of 30.7. Our 1st freezing temp since April 2nd. This ends our local growing season at 214 days making this our 6th longest growing season on record with the longest being the 233 days back in 2005. Average growing season is 188 days with the shortest being the 119 days in 1956 with a 1st freeze of September 20th
  10. High wind gust was 29mph - exactly 1.00" fell before midnight with heavy rain still falling at midnight. 1.57" since yesterday. Temp is down 20 degrees from a couple hours ago now at 52.9 with heavy rain still falling across Western Chesco
  11. Beautiful fall day temps already into the low 60's
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