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  1. 26 and light snow with a dusting in chalfont
  2. Haven't had a bust all season just overperformers. Lock it up 21 pages and counting!! 2+ for my area can we do 3!?....yes we can
  3. Canadian has been pretty solid of late...Even the GFS is showing 1-2 .Still leaning towards 2+.
  4. Winter Banter Thread

    With the sun headed into a sunspot minimum cycle it may materialize sooner. An interesting discussion non the less.
  5. Sure!!! I looked back at previous events over the past two seasons and 20 pages seems to be the bench mark for 2"+ storms for Bucks/Mont county area.
  6. Winter Banter Thread

    This volcano thought to be dead and is a game changer for our global climate. There is no record of an eruption prior to Jan 5th. We could have a year without summer if it blows. Kadovar island lies off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea
  7. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Yeah followed that thread. Was looking for total days below freezing, not consecutive, for winter months.
  8. I'm pretty confident this thread gets to 20 pages and manifests a 2" minimum event. My new fav model is short term thread!
  9. Currently 60 in chalfont....Looks like most stations will easily set new record warm minimums. If the sun was out the Forsythia prob would start blooming.
  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    A question for all you stat Guru's....What is the record # of days philly stayed below freezing for Jan, Feb and March?
  11. Im going with the 20 page rule... anything under 20 aint happening. Would b nice to cover up th brown again though
  12. Winter Banter Thread

    Glad its not just me. I use it alot to determine temps for salting.... granted some stations have a +or - bais. hope they figure it out. Any who.... guess ill have to search individual stations.
  13. Winter Banter Thread

    It is what i usually view as it is linked to it. Just "wondering" if anyone knew about an issue or conflict with the two. Its nice because it shows multiple station in a scrollable box.