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  1. This is the year of rare! 4th major NE'ter in 2 weeks... Thunder snow being forecast again.....and no more bus posts!?
  2. What about lack of min 20 page thread snow algorithm hype banter ..... Seriously though this has a let down vibe all over it like the March sleet fest last year. I know the GFS is bad with thermals but seems like a white rain event unless rates can stay heavy for a extended period of time. Besides its grass season!!!! I want to put my f'n snow equip away!!!!
  3. Steady snow, 32.0 here in Chalfont. We r just on the outer edge of wrap around moisture. No plowing today....just give me two inches on the board and all is good.
  4. NWS max amounts went up for our region since this morning. Sounds like everyone is bailing on threat. Models have some wiggle room still IMO. Ill guarantee we get 2-3 inches in central bucks/mont zone..... this is the 20th page!!!!
  5. Hovering around 33.... 2" overnight and ready for whatever Mother Nature is serving up!!! ICON at 147hrs was pretty close with low placement
  6. It very disappointing
  7. Have about 3.5in on grassy areas. Steady at 32 past few hours. Guess ill have to post extra 20 page rule reminders for the wends/thur storm to ensure an A average! Im more disappointed in the lack of information the general public had about this storm. Knowing its going to be windy is one thing but add wet snow to the equation and proper prior planning is of greater importance.
  8. Mod to heavy snow in Chalfont, sitting at 32.0 with 1in on ground
  9. Nice little eye formed. Impressive storm!!
  10. Pretty sweet set up! Michiagn upper low has got plenty of cold to work with! Hr 120 is usually my cut off but this storm tonight/ tomorrow has got me hopeful.... lots of energy moving around.
  11. It was close!!!..... for me its the 20 pg plow rule. Possibly a better record then any model/algorithm for my area. Im looking forward to the '62ish blocking pattern idea. Timing is key cold air will be there given all the snow cover over the country and canada. My b-day march 14 would be traditional and looks do'able.
  12. Starting to worry about this storm... only at 18 pages for thread. The lack of bus posts is really hurting. I hopeful it breaks trend.
  13. Superbowl Snow Obs Fly Eagles Fly!

    changed to sleet... don't recall this forecast!?