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  1. Very nice Bonito, enjoy! Great eating and fighting! Not sure where the 102 near KACY came from on that graphic posted above...the NWS hourlies had KACY (Pomona) at 98 at 1 pm, 100 at 2 pm and 99 at 3 pm...I suppose there could have been a 102 measurement somewhere in between?
  2. E of KACY...started snowing around 4pm with a temp of 35...had snow mixed with rain until 7ish, then snow with a temp of 31 to 32...tapering off now...def over 1/8" but shy of 3/16", will call it .15"...more than a trace, definitely an "accumulation", nice event 😆
  3. Climo winning...
  4. All rain Toms River, Brick, Lakewood and Jackson. Freehold getting snowed on good.
  5. Down to 34...but all rain E of KACY...holdin out hopes for my Northern Ocean County plow sites...
  6. HRRR Kuchera not far off from the TT 10:1 for 07Z on the 21Z run...right or wrong...
  7. 35 and sleet E of KACY...not expecting any accumulation of consequence here...
  8. 37 and rain E of KACY but there are some monster snow flakes mixed in...
  9. Certainly hasn't been the theme this year, but at least this applies to the current 96 hour period we are in, "Sometimes it just wants to snow."
  10. Would seem to me the teleconnections for this event don't support a 12"+ storm, so would have to think that any of the solutions that put the snow ceiling around 6" for PHL area are the most plausible.
  11. 11 am measurement of 1.8 in E of KACY...would have like to have measured at 8 am but was out with the plow, because definitely lost a bit to melting already. We take.
  12. E of KACY...2.5" @ 1:30 PM...30 deg, winds light, snowing moderately
  13. 0Z 3k NAM has busted bad for first couple hours with too much forecast dry air in my opinion over the forecast area...don't know what that will mean for the next 12 hours...
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