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  1. It is like the Earth sneeze and its toupee fell into Chicago.
  2. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    Thanks guys. Just always found it interesting that these two things happen that year.
  3. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    So 1994, this came up in the model thread, but does anyone have reports from the ice storms that year? Also was that the same year the last time PHL went below zero?
  4. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    At least someone getting hit hard
  5. SeanDL

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Well that didn’t take long... https://www.weather.gov/ilm/raceto100
  6. Best place to be right now, all Regional Rail trains are 40 Mins + behind and Buses are getting stuck in areas. Still snowing/rain in Center city
  7. Even Broad Street, a street that is hard to get snow to lay on, is cover in slush, going to be a hell of a commute home.
  8. SeanDL

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Bite your tongue. Its a rain/snow mix in the city now....
  9. Wasn't expecting all this. lol Sticking to everything that it can in Center City.
  10. Snowing in Center City PHL, sticking to roofs, cars, grass, and now sidewalks and small streets.
  11. Thunderstorms reached Philly. Going to be a long soaking night.
  12. They will definitely revise Micheal to a Cat 5 in the future, similar to how they did so for Andrew.
  13. This is just the reverse of Florence a couple weeks ago. Would not be surprised if it landfall strength was near Cat V.