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  1. SeanDL

    Meteorological Spring Banter Thread

    3 years ago, when spring went nuclear on us the first week of March.
  2. The Philadelphia Flower Show started today, so we got that going for this storm if you look at the last couple of years of their luck when it comes to big snow storms.
  3. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    I never thought I see a Seattle snowfall in my lifetime.
  4. SeanDL

    Lets cancel 1st half of Feb snow obs 2/10-2/12

    Sleetfest In NE philly.
  5. SeanDL

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    E erything is covered in center city
  6. SeanDL

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    Well in Philly, its more like a disaster film. Traffic and sidewalk conditions are bad if you didn't put a new batch of salt down right before it started.
  7. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    Follow up on the rails: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/weather/ct-met-transportation-cold-weather-20190131-story.html
  8. Finally here https://www.earthcam.com/usa/pennsylvania/philadelphia/?cam=philly
  9. SeanDL

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    And Everyone right now:
  10. It still snowing in Lancaster but the radar shows the line already past...
  11. Just leaving this here: https://www.earthcam.com/usa/pennsylvania/philadelphia/?cam=philly
  12. SeanDL

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    Emotional things will do that to many. A lot of these hobbies are attached to memories that are good, so when it doesn't go right, it will make someone a child.
  13. SeanDL

    Winter Banter thread

    The hottest thing I seen today; https://www.cnn.com/videos/weather/2019/01/30/chicago-train-tracks-fire-newsource-orig.cnn