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  1. The 90s Club June 17th-19th. Tom Cheering It On.

    At this point it’s going to be about who goes the longest...
  2. 10” of Rain in the last three hours.
  3. The 90s Club June 17th-19th. Tom Cheering It On.

    What’s 2 degrees between sweats?
  4. The 90s Club June 17th-19th. Tom Cheering It On.

    Philly hit 90 today, i don’t care what anyone says.
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    86 at noon, going to be 90 a day early lol
  6. That swirl tho... Still snowing and sticking to everything, around an 1" 1/2 now...
  7. Pinging stop, and the snow is coming down in NE Philly
  8. Big snow flakes back to sleet big snow flakes back to sleet. at least we got that sleet layer down in the city
  9. Yeah, just wet roads right now, we will see in two hours when the sun goes down.
  10. Big ass snow flakes in center city now such a pretty thing, shame I have to venture into it to get home.
  11. Got quiet in here, everyone went to get bread and milk? Snow/Rain/Sleet mix in Center City Philly...getting awfully slippery out there.
  12. March Heisy Madness 2.0 Storm Banter Thread

    Welp I think that is everything. 😂
  13. Bus service going down in Philly also just heard thunder in NEPhilly
  14. I got my snow day, so that all that matters. Everyone be safe out there especially the overnight and rush hour folk.