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  1. From Simon Lee's twitter. The qbo is still on track. This is a snowy group locally (phl avg= 35.5) and the best winters are the closest matches. (1995+2002) Would like to see Dec below zero to stay with 95+02
  2. From Ben Noll:- ECMWFbot - euro ens hurricane plots updated at 3:42 am/pm. Below is last nights plot for Jerry. https://twitter.com/ECMWFbot
  3. September has come about halfway towards August since 1960 or roughly 2 weeks of season shifting. A warm September now is like a 1960s August.
  4. Hopefully the seasonal models perform as well as they did last year.
  5. NMME September 3.4 model progs. Uncertain but most are forecasting a slight warming. Weak nino is probably our best option.
  6. Land breeze torching Ocean City - this is the highest temp I've experienced this summer.
  7. A rare bust for the ACT forecasting method. Public Information Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 507 AM EDT Sat Sep 7 2019 ...HIGHEST WIND GUST REPORTS... Location Speed Time/Date Provider ...Delaware... ...Sussex County... Lewes 49 MPH 0218 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Dewey Beach 46 MPH 0111 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Lewes NOS 45 MPH 0212 PM 09/06 NOS-NWLON Indian River Bay Dewey Beach 42 MPH 0135 PM 09/06 DEOS Rehoboth Beach 41 MPH 1220 PM 09/06 DEDOT Bethany Beach, DE-Boardwalk 40 MPH 0200 PM 09/06 DEOS Georgetown 39 MPH 0202 PM 09/06 ASOS ...New Jersey... ...Atlantic County... Atlantic City Airport 40 MPH 0259 PM 09/06 ASOS ...Cape May County... Ludlam Bay 40 MPH 0445 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Ocean City 40 MPH 0947 AM 09/06 WXFLOW ...Monmouth County... 1 E Manasquan 42 MPH 0505 PM 09/06 Mesonet ...Ocean County... Rutgers 50 MPH 0428 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Barnegat Inlet Light 49 MPH 0651 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Tuckerton 48 MPH 0544 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Trixies 46 MPH 0413 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Kite Island 46 MPH 0343 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Long Beach Island 46 MPH 0607 PM 09/06 WXFLOW Harvey Cedars 44 MPH 0450 PM 09/06 Mesonet Seaside Park 43 MPH 0516 PM 09/06 CWOP South Seaside Park 42 MPH 0442 PM 09/06 CWOP Beach Haven 41 MPH 0721 PM 09/06 CWOP Seaside Heights 40 MPH 0630 PM 09/06 WXFLOW North Beach Haven 40 MPH 0629 PM 09/06 CWOP Mantoloking 39 MPH 0503 PM 09/06 WXFLOW ...Delaware... ...Maritime Stations... 18 E Fenwick Island 40 MPH 0850 PM 09/06 NDBC
  8. Per radar Cape Hatteras is in eye. Here is the 8AM obs. CITY SKY/WX TMP DP RH WIND PRES REMARKS CAPE HATTERAS LGT RAIN 78 78 100 SE48G66 28.37F VSB 1/2
  9. Heading to shore on friday PM weather permitting. Interestingly the highest AC tides are predicted for Saturday.
  10. Every other day on lasts nights euro. Could have 4 or 5 named storms in next 10 days.
  11. Back from the Azores. Tom may want to relocate. Temps in the 70s. A brief shower or two most days.Thick, weed-free Bermuda grass on lawns and golf course. Looked bullet-proof.
  12. Up early again in the Azores. Inner core has the classic buzzsaw look.
  13. Up early in the Azores. Euro just in. Looks like an active tracking week.
  14. In the Azores next week, so keep the charts coming.
  15. CPC NAO: Jan+Feb vs Jun+Jul. Looks like winter and summer NAO regimes can differ. Current regime favors winter positive and summer negative. This pattern was reversed in the 1960s. Tough to get a jan/feb NAO- since 1990. Exception was NAO- in last solar min, a repeat would show this year and next (peak?).
  16. Haven't had that much in weeks - grass is crunchy
  17. Zip today, nice sunset w/thunderheads like Andy's pic.
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