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  1. Intertesting to see what the euro does, looks similar to GEM at hr 48
  2. Thanks - going to repeat myself - doesn't inspire confidence in gfs or snow amounts
  3. Doesn't inspire confidence in gfs or snow amounts. Would be interesting to see euro or gem
  4. Sometimes we need a good rainstorm to get a snowstorm. In-any-case like the parade of southern stream storms.
  5. Last 4 gefs runs ending 00z. Different than EPS, trending to lower heights in east and faster cold push particularly into New England. Could favor a mid-Atlantic snow vs Apps for eps.
  6. EPS last three nights - trend to higher heights in east and weaker cold push
  7. Yup but its the gfs and we are getting chances
  8. Wave is trending stronger on gfs - looks like someone will get snow.
  9. Not bad, the odds of having snow in area or nearby are pretty high
  10. Found a site which had the coatesville 1 data. The early years are warm. Closer to the regional data in the latter years though never matches as well as Coatesville 2. Didn't draw a line due to missing data.
  11. Another site with free euro qpf plots. Easy to navigate.
  12. Per chart below - the recent coatesville/kqms/ENant. data is all very consistent with the SE Pa regional average. Note that PHL, coatesville, and all the other SE Pa stations are equally weighted in the regional average, so the impact of any one station is insignificant. The Se Pa data have just a slight upward trend until roughly 1970 when temps started to rise more rapidly. What happened in 1970? Greenhouse gases (GHG) began to increase more rapidly and air pollution was controlled in our area, which allowed the effect of GHG to be felt more fully. The effect of CO2, other greenhouse gases, air pollution and natural factors like the sun, volcanoes and ENSO is all well known. So barring better control of greenhouse gases, I'll take the over on your 2030s outlook.
  13. Updated chart - combining Coat 2W amd KQMS
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