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  1. Yes, no leftward modeling trend so far with Maria. Jose keeping the escape route open.
  2. Seems like we've been seeing leftward modeling trends this year until shear impinges and the trend flips to the right. If that holds expect some threatening model runs in the next couple of days.
  3. Lost a couple of feet of dune last night. Surfers back out today it was just too windy/rough yesterday.
  4. Look's increasingly possible, hopefully no closer than Jose, but 06 gefs has increasing number of landfalls from NJ to Cape Cod.
  5. Surf was the main interest this eve in OC. All-in-all dunes held up pretty well.
  6. yes, I am down here till friday.
  7. Maria down to 916 on last recon pass. Getting close to Irma.
  8. Yikes - The beaches are going to take a pounding
  9. Light rain and windy in OC. The tide is similar to last night but the surf is more powerful.
  10. Similar view to last night. Just before high tide as the light was failing.
  11. Yes need that second loop. This am's recon shows Maria continues to strengthen
  12. breezy w/drizzle in OC. Latest recon is near 71w a little east of the nhc track so the right-side lean continues.
  13. Ocean City high tide this evening
  14. Ugh - great weekend for surfers at OC. Wasn't bad fishing offshore yesterday with the swells widely spaced.