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  1. Tony - Do you know if this is a cold bias for just our region or is it more widespread.
  2. We have the pasty stuff in the trees, but also blowing off the roof with temp down to 28
  3. What are roads like up there. My son works in New Holland
  4. Radar to the west looks better than modeling, hopefully holds together.
  5. Light snow 30 - 0.6"
  6. Light snow 32 - a coating
  7. 40 high - 37 current. The good news it is only partly cloudy allowing cooling, the bad news it is partly cloudy
  8. This is new to me so am using as a learning experience. Per MV's video and paper posted upthread this is a two step process: 1) Phase 7--> Big WPac storm pushes mass into arctic setting up blocking/AO-, 2) MJO in 8/1 results in favorable jet stream pattern while AO- lingers. If pans out we should have a good pattern in early to mid Feb. Time will tell.
  9. Despite the mjo, looks like enhanced convection may reach the west Pac this week. If so will be well timed with E Asia cold air outbreak (see tweet above) to fuel jet stream/Wpac bomb that ultimately leads to arctic ridging.
  10. Get a place with a large guest room and bunk beds
  11. NAM not good for our area. The problem we are having is better seen at 700mb. The trough is splitting into a northern and southern section as wave 1 develops leaving philly in the middle.
  12. 0.3" - per my son, started snowing in SChesco around 1:30, heaviest between 3 and 4.
  13. From Sam Lillo twitter. Could be headed for a wintry period as Jan--> Feb similar to that outlined in the MVentrice video posted above. First step produces Arctic ridging.
  14. Turned on the light - surprised to see about a quarter inch here with just very light snow drifting down - 29
  15. Interesting. No model has snow in SE Pa this early.