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  1. Chubbs

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    State plots have more detail. Link below. http://www.nrcc.cornell.edu/regional/monthly/monthly.html
  2. Chubbs

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    Close to normal overall in the NE. Far north the winner. Interior a little better in this area.
  3. Chubbs

    4/19 slight risk

    finished at 2.39" - one deluge after the other this am.
  4. Chubbs

    4/19 slight risk

    Unfortunately rain and humidity are our best performance metrics
  5. Chubbs

    4/19 slight risk

    1.61", light rain.
  6. Chubbs

    4/19 slight risk

    Severe stayed south and west of our area. Possible weak tornado near DC.
  7. Chubbs

    4/19 slight risk

    Could get a tornado watch for Delmarva/SJ/Extreme SE Pa. Marginal instability but a strengthening low-level jet. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0413.html
  8. Chubbs

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    Several tornadoes added in NE Pa as well: 7 in Pa, 1 Md, 2 De
  9. Slight risk up to M/D line. Moderate in S Va/Carolinas
  10. Chubbs

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Biderman Golf Club from the edge of Winterthur. No waiting, only sees 8000 rounds per year.
  11. Just beyond the N edge on day 3 map, but expect some shifting N in later outlooks. Another limited instability strong shear threat.
  12. Chubbs

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    Updated. Not bad for mid-Atlantic. Several weak tornadoes in Pa and eastern shore.
  13. Chubbs

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

  14. Chubbs

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    Possible tornado in Dorchester, Md on the eastern shore
  15. Chubbs

    enhanced risk of severe storms 4/14-4/15

    0.36" - second column from left above is gust wind speed. Woke up briefly to heavy rain and wind at 3:22