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  1. Timing did become more like the GEM with a slower round 1.
  2. lol, big changes in timing between round 1+2. Main takaway expect further changes in the globals.
  3. NAM is slower and stronger with first wave vs 06z
  4. Round 2 gaining traction in GEFS with most falling at night.
  5. Last nights GEM had a slow and north round 1 which weakened in the right spot to get captured. Seems like a bit of a longshot, but the other guidance is trending to a slower first wave. Other factors in play as well. Miss to a big storm still possible.
  6. Yup, close call though. GFS/GEFS both edged north. 12z will be interesting.
  7. yup, stronger with the round 2 wave. Interesting to see what the globals have to say tonight. Increasing # of GEFS with nice round 2 storms in the past couple of cycles.
  8. Best case it comes in hard and fast before daybreak.
  9. Pretty good 12z suite (and Villanova win). Potential is there if we can hold the blocking.
  10. yup, just a little south of gfs @72
  11. ukie round 1 is a little better vs 00z, particularly from phl east, and round 2 is gone. phl qpf around 0.7"
  12. Other sites have it, but we will have to wait.