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  1. Saw that 2-14-72 was on the 6-10 and 8-14 day analog lists. the 2-18 to 2-20-72, KU storm has several things in common with this year/current: bad winter, NAO+, mild before storm. The storm itself was a strong coast hugger not unlike the 12z euro or several recent gfs runs. rain-to-snow along I95. Heaviest snow N+W. phl - 3.7"
  2. Wasn't sure whether to put this one in the weenie handbook or here - HM posting about March 1888 (last night) - means we will have a big storm in March, right?
  3. Like other models been kicking the can - we may have the same temps straight thru from November to April.
  4. If heisy posts in the middle of the night, check the euro
  5. yup, and if you only have a brief moment check phillywx after the euro comes out.
  6. Wonder if bad for early Feb is good. Again will need to see this expand on future runs.
  7. Organize your daily activities around model output cycles.
  8. Improvement last night in GEFS strat in lala land. Will have to see if it holds. Could improve things later in Feb
  9. Taking one out of the weenie handbook - my trip to Florida the first week of Feb may give us a window
  10. I am not big on this aspect either. Per plot below something is going on to increase upper level west winds in the tropics, consistent with tweet above. Can't hurt,, given recent pattern.
  11. Per this tweet, its the sudden weakening of the STJ we should be looking for.
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