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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Did you get any flooding Tuesday afternoon/evening at the course before you left? My whole area was under water essentially lol. Side streets all off Lancaster were all flooded by those storms. Unreal.
  2. Just for s&g, we would have all been Named if the nam went out past 84 on its 00z run tonight.
  3. Potential Winter Storm Threats II

    Wow Ggem is gorgeous. 8-12. Sign me up.
  4. Beautiful thump on new Rgem. Thinking 3-5 just outside of Philly.
  5. About 10-11” in Wayne and still just pouring.
  6. Gotta hope that stuff down on Delaware really pivots through for immediate philly burbs.
  7. Since Heisy is not actually in that dark blue band, I'm gonna go with he's starting to worry now.
  8. Same dude. Reminds me very much of Jan 2011 just watching that batch form down there and come up towards us.
  9. New HRDPS is just drool worthy. Ugh.
  10. New wsw 11–15 isolated 17. Beautiful.
  11. And there is literally your NWS expected forecast map on the nam. Just absolutely beautifully incredible. Let’s go.
  12. Why is it the expected then?