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  1. Icon would be quite the solution if it verified. Whowzers.
  2. Quite a jump north compared to 18z. Gets VA into the heavy rains now.
  3. Looks like I spoke a little too soon. Winds up drifting back OTS after making landfall lol. Hatteras is just wiped off the map this run. This would be Harvey-esq rain for them.
  4. GFS folding to the Euro on 18z. Southern NC landfall now. Makes landfall instead of stalling offshore.
  5. Agreed Tony. Wow this one makes it look even worse. 33”.
  6. And the final map. Around 2 feet for Roanoke. Absolute disaster if this is correct.
  7. Absolutely horrifying for VA.
  8. Ggem much further north than yesterday’s run.
  9. Nam is very wet. All of this before Florence? Just an unreal week coming up.
  10. Odd 06z run. Stalls off Hatteras, then loops down and punts NE. Onto 12z for yet another solution.
  11. jrodd321

    Medium - long range tropics

    Close up of 12z gfs. Landfall as Cat 4 937 mb.
  12. jrodd321

    Medium - long range tropics

    06z gfs would be catastrophic. My God.
  13. jrodd321

    Eagles vs Falcons - Rematch - it starts tonight

    Sloppy game but a win is a win. Defense still looks very solid.
  14. jrodd321

    Medium - long range tropics

    Euro. Absolute disaster for the shore of correct. Wow.