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  1. Yes, and you can get grafted heirloom varieties so they won't lose any flavor like you often get with hybrids. It's really cool.
  2. You can find that data here: https://w2.weather.gov/climate/index.php?wfo=phi It's sort of hidden on the site but has some good info. If you choose "preliminary monthly climate data" and nearest location to you, you'll get the month so far to date. Philly is at +5.7, Allentown is at +7.4. Pretty warm month, for sure.
  3. My prediction of how the TonyFV3 snowmap will look for the Thanksgiving 2019 storm.
  4. I got about another month to go up here in central PA so sure, I'll bite.
  5. Also doesn't appear like we'll have the June-in-February like 2017 and July-in-March like 2016, which is good news for PA fruit growers. I used to do freelancing as editor of a local food blog and I know our orchard owners around here have had a marked increase in blossom loss since the mid-90s due to extended very early warm spells followed by cold outbreaks. So the weeklies are encouraging in that way as well.
  6. Appears to be a typical transition into spring forecasted, correct?
  7. Instead of needles and dendrites with computer model snow you get 1's and 0's. Very easy to shovel. This is probably more suited for the pattern thread, but I was wondering if given how this winter has mimicked a La Nina in many ways, if we have a long slog to spring this year like last year's La Nina. I really hope not. At least the weeklies don't seem to think so. Last April Happy Valley was Grumpy About the Weather Valley.
  8. I especially enjoyed it dumping 2 feet of snow in 12 hours on the southern Appalachians at the end of the run. Road trip to Grandfather Mountain.
  9. I am currently in Hallowell, the building right in the middle behind the tree. It put on quite a little show. The shelf cloud really surprised me when I saw it out the office window, and additional entertainment was provided by the poor bastard trying to ride his bike in the squall past our building.
  10. That might juice up the squall line down there. I see the sun's out, could also make things much worse on the roads given flash freezing.
  11. I thought you all would find this pretty interesting...winter shelf cloud:
  12. I don't think it matters for you all down that way but underestimated the snow in the I-99 corridor. I'm working from home today and it's snowing pretty hard with 1.5" new snow. It had us getting less than an inch. But then again that's just a microscale error so who knows (trying to help you guys...).
  13. Although 3 of the last 4 Marches have outperformed February, so you guys down there have that going for you.
  14. 03-04 was like that with threats showing up suddenly, although most of those storms were better cash-ins the further north you went. There's another more recent winter I recall like that but I can't remember the exact one, might be 14-15.
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