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  1. Well, this was about 20 minutes ago, so it's accumulating now. Giant flakes, still coming down. 0417201809.mp4
  2. 33 and snow here 10 miles west of State College, starting to get a dusting. I like snow and unusual weather, but these conditions at 2:45 pm on 4/17 are kind of lousy.
  3. The one year I was thinking of was 2012. Extremely warm Morch, as you may recall with a 15-day period of just crazy May-like warmth and then a very up and down April that included an IMBY coating on April 23 and an orchard-killing low in the 20s on April 28. That may have been the first time I became aware of the fruit growers' dilemma. I have no idea what the PV was like that year.
  4. Good on you for bumping. But to be fair to you, can we really say anyone nailed *this* particular winter? I don't recall any "Philadelphia will see a top 10 warmest winter and 0-5" of total snow" forecasts.
  5. Tony, on the fruit tree risk, when the PV finally begins to weaken, could that trigger an April cold shot? I was at the nearby orchard's store last weekend (Way Fruit Farm) and the owners asked me if I had heard anything regarding that. We talk about weather a fair amount and they had seen a meteorologist's Tweet about it and were definitely concerned. The tough thing for them is they have two separate orchards, both about 200 years old. One was put on top of the Bald Eagle Ridge. As the owners have mentioned, the orchard's founders were aware of radiational cooling back them. But one orchard, right across the road from their store, is in an area like where I live, great (or horrible for a fruit grower) radiational cooling. Both my weather station and the Wundermap stations in and around their one orchard can be 5-10 degrees colder than UNV on clear calm sunrises. Needless to say, they have had a very rough decade with blossom kill.
  6. The 12Z Euro took the wheel and won't stop backing over us
  7. I guess on the bright side we now know the answer to "what would the 72-73 winter be like if we had the Internet back then?"
  8. BTW that was a cold November that year, so the "weather in November the winter will remember" idea didn't work out. Winter must have fallen down the steps in early December and hit its head.
  9. If you go to the NWS Mt Holly's climate page, go to the NOWData tab, select Philadelphia, then Daily Data for a Month under Product, then the month/year, you can see it. I found 4 in Nov, 1 in Dec, 2 in Jan, 8 in Feb, 3 in March, 2 in April. Way more than I expected.
  10. I'll share photos of crying children in parkas at State College easter egg hunts being held in white rain slush.
  11. Yeah, that in and of itself eliminates it as an analog. UNV's departure for Dec was -12.5, then +8.5 for Jan. Going to be hard to top that sort of flip again. You mentioned April 1990 earlier, I went to college in Pittsburgh, and it snowed on the nights of three of our four spring dances each year I was there, and that was one of them. I recall April starting very cold for the first half or so and then bam, went full summer last week. 89-90 was crazy, man.
  12. https://news.psu.edu/story/455212/2017/03/10/warm-winter-has-put-state’s-apple-crop-risk-expert-warns A trend toward earlier blooming of fruit trees has become obvious to agricultural scientists. After at least five decades of apple tree bloom dates not varying by more than a few days, Marini believes something changed in the mid-1990s. Since then, blooming dates have become increasingly earlier and “erratic.”
  13. And really, the new winter is Jan-Mar after two months of November...
  14. I'm on year 21 of weather forums (starting with good ol' ne.weather) and this is so true.
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